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01-10-2006, 13:34
Hey all,

I'm very intrieged by ACTA, and I already play gothic. I'm just wondering, out of you who play ACTA, how similar the games mechanics are? Are they massively different? Is one a superior system to the other?

01-10-2006, 23:55
I love ACTA, because I like B5.

I havent played Gothic in a while, but from what I remember, gothic doesnt have "damage boxes" like ACTA nor as many special rules.

ACTA has shorter range weapons too

10-10-2006, 07:16
They're very similar, I tell people that ACTA is almost a BFG 2nd edition. You can tell by looking through the rulebook that Mongoose used BFG as the core, and changed it just enough to keep GW lawyers off their backs, and what they did change they changed for the better.

Movement works almost exactly like BFG (icludng the half movement before a turn) and some smaller ships will sometimes have more than turn. The big change is that the turns aren't you-go-I-go, you alternate moving ships until both players have moved their whole fleet. Fighters in ACTA move like fighters in BFG, although they play a role more similar to escorts in BFG. There are no torpedos on board, all missiles are direct fire like weapons batteries in BFG.

Shooting is very similar as well, the big differance being that (as with movement) you alternate firing ships until everyone has fired. Also you generally have lower Hull values (the exact same thing as armor in BFG) and weapons throw out more dice, while ships have MUCH more hits than in BFG. The net result is the ships can take about the same, but less frustrating than BFG where you typically have very few dice and need to rol high to damage. There is no weapons battery table, each weapon has a set number of dice and it always has that amount of dice to shoot. Weapon arcs work just like BFG, with the addition of Boresight (straight line in front or rear). Most weapons have some special rules like twin linked (re-roll hits) or AP/Super AP (+1 or +2 to hit) or Beams (think Lances in BFG) or anti-fighter which ignore dodge saves. Dodge works like eldar holofields, but usually on a 5+/4+ for some of the light ships that have dodge saves and all fighters have a 2+ or a 3+. Theres some other special weapon rules, some of them negative, but you get the idea. As I said, fighters operate more like escorts do in BFG, with standard weapon systems (typically very short range). Acta also has something completely differant from BFG, you have hull damage and crew damage. If you lose all hull points, you become basically a blazing hulk, if you lose all crew points, you become a drifting hulk (and it's easier to repair such a ship in campeign games). Every hit you score you roll a D6 for, on a 1 you do nothing, on a 2~5 you score 1 point of hull and 1 point of crew damage, and on a 6 you roll on the critical hit chart.

Overall, the game is awesome, I haven't played BFG since it came out a few years back (although I did convert all the BFG ships to ACTA, which is pretty easy to do). The fact that you alternate movement and firing makes all the differance in the game and it suddenly becomes EXTREMELY tactical, especially for shooting where you must decide if you want to shoot with a damaged ship before it is killed, or try to destroy an enemies damaged ship before it can fire, since shooting is NOT simultaneous. All in all it's a great system, loads better than BFG (and I used to love BFG). Plus it's Babylon 5.

10-10-2006, 13:52
I am a big BFG player, and picked up a copy of ACTA earlier in the year. I can only agree with Kalamadea. The very first thing that struck me was the similarity between the two games. Movement is almost identical, orders are given, and weapons are classified into beam, etc.

In fact, the biggest difference is the 'interesting' way in which the 'points values' work out.

ACTA is picking up a lot of BFG players right now.

10-10-2006, 16:34

I would have said that they aren't even remotely similar but I think I'm focusing on the play experience and not the surface similarities of the rules.

The fire mechanics are quite different, movement is ostensibly the same but the number of orders in the game and their effects are quite different.

The abilities that are added to weapon systems mean that there are a lot more weapon combinations possible in the game.

I think that the games do have some basic similarities and if you know BFG then you'll be able to handle this game easily enough but there is also a lot of significant differences once you get past those surface details and this makes ACTA a much better game

17-10-2006, 21:17
I've been keeping an eye on ACTA for a bit as I am a huge Baylon 5 fan. Its encourgaing to hear that its being compared so favourably with BFG. Might have to see if anyone else in my gaming group is interested in it...

One question I have - what are the models like to paint? One thing I dislike about the BFG models is that whilst some look quite cool, there isn't much room for fun little details and creative touches. Babylon 5 ships have much longer smoother hulls so is it relatively easy to paint on some decals and such?

17-10-2006, 21:34
There is a lot of room for detailing on most of the BFG ships. Some of them are actually quite large.

11-11-2006, 11:02
I was wondering how the ACTA ships compare to BFG ships size wise

11-11-2006, 16:31
All over the place depending some are slightly larger than a Strike Crusier and then there are ships that are twice as wide as a Battle Barge.

Its one of the things that actually annoys me about the game. I can see that they want to stay true to the actual scale of the ships but I play the game with the cardboard counters instead specifically because I don't like to wide size range of the minis.

11-11-2006, 16:39
okay excuse my ignorance but what's ACTA?

11-11-2006, 19:01
ACTA is a call to arms, if you know what BFG is, think of that but B5 universe, ships and that.

if you don't know its a space naval warfare game.

11-11-2006, 19:16
ahh the mongoose space battle game.