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05-10-2006, 21:52
I recently got into necromunda and have made a simple background story to fit my heavily converted models, i decided not to go with a standard gang, but i will probably be using the rules of one of the gangs that fits these fellows best.

english is not my native language so any criticism is welcome. Be warned it is quite a long post.

Gang: The chosen of khorne, slaanesh, nurgle and tzeentch
Gang Leader: Gradd “The Chosen” Bendley

Gradd is a nasty piece of work. Apparently the chosen of chaos (at least he says so). He claims to be an Ex-colonel of the Imperial Guard, when asked wich regiment he served in, he simply says: “Not important, the only important thing is that they will pay”. He was accused of murdering several worshippers at an imperial temple in cold blood. But got off on lack of evidence. Gradd was eventually discharged from service after extremely violent behavior towards his junior officers after being beaten in a game of spacerisk. The official reports stated that the three victims were punched and kicked to the ground before being stepped and spitted on repeatedly.

After his discharge Gradd managed to smuggle a large amount of imperial weapons into necromunda, shortly after being dropped off by his commanders, but planetary authorities caught on to his business and confiscated almost his entire collection before kicking him out of hive city into the underhive.
He then realized he hit rock bottom. But Gradd is not one to despair. He is one to hate and grudge. That is why he made plans to work his way back up again and repay those that had betrayed him.

He realized he needed supporters and money to get back at the imperium. It was then that he met “Liddul Willy”, a discontented and dangerous- but small ganger. Willy was a fervent supporter of the Chaos god Khorne. Willy often goes in a mad frenzy when he is called “small” or “short” and because of that Gradd Realised he could use the midget to his own advantage. He only needed to point Willy in the general direction of his enemies and say they called him a “small lunatic” or “raging dwarf”. Even though Gradd often jokes about Willy’s unfortunate size as well, he makes damn sure the “short rager” isn’t there to see it.

Thanks to his small companion, Gradd came into contact with several chaos worshippers, and noticed these often crazed men would be powerful minions indeed. He then made plans to elect himself “Chosen Of The Gods”. After 43 days, 13 “visions from the gods” and 4 “Deamonic Gifts” later, he had recruited enough cultists to form himself a gang.

(The Deamonic Gifts being his “Green Grenades of Nurgle, Red Sword of Khorne, Robe of Foreseeing and the Slaanesh Spitter)

After filtering out the toughest and meanest looking cultists he made up a story about the gods wanting him to take over the underhive in the name of chaos! His loyal followers then proceeded to spread the news about “the chosen” having arrived.

As long as Grad would tell Liddul Willy his vision that “Khorne is proud of the Brave Normally sized man that kills in his name”, Willy would be more then willing to butcher anyone denying the fact that his leader is the gifted champion of chaos.
Grad was amused to think that Khorne probably didn’t even notice such a small guy.

Grad is now plotting for a change to get his hands on a space ship to take revenge on his much hated ex-commander, and after that using his (soon to be) accumulated riches to buy an entire planet with 50 women for himself.

Gang members:

Leader: Gradd “The Chosen” Bendley

Personal Record: Believed by his subordinates to be the “chosen of chaos” in reality he is just vengeful and power hungry. Well knows for being a sore loser at all kinds of underhive games. He made his own gang to get a lot of money fast. He is a brave fighter however and very skilled with both sword and gun.

Weapons: Green Grenades of Nurgle (krak grenades), Red Sword of Khorne(chainsword), Robe of Foreseeing(mesh armour), Slaanesh Spitter(plasma pistol)

Motto: “the only good money, is blood money”

Ganger: Liddul Willy

Personal record: Self proclaimed “Champion of Khorne”, Bad Temper, Approximately half the size of a tall man. No one is really sure if he is actually a Squat or just a very small man. Noone has called him short in his face and lived to tell the tale. He is not known for his intelligence but his skill in battle and bloodlust more then make up for this.

Weapons: Two blades strapped to his right-hand knuckles (sword) and a wearied down lasgun

Motto: “Bones for the blood throne!!!!!” -(yes this is mixed up on purpose as willy is not too bright)

Ganger: Kraz-Go

Personal record: Was one of the first to join Gradd to fight for the chaos gods, recruited by Willy and even though he does not know who Khorne is, he fights vigorously for Liddul Willy. His features more then slightly resembles that of an orc, and some wonder if he is either a mutant or a half-breed. Gradd doesn’t care though, as long as Kraz fights for him.

Weapons: laspistol and sword, Frag Grenades

Motto: “me smash”

Ganger: ‘Nate

Personal record: Nate is a capable demolishion expert and often carries around a large amount of grenades. He is the one that maintains most of the gang’s weapons and concludes the deals with the trading posts. He is a devoted cultist as well, and is constantly talking about suicide bombing imperial temples. But after 4 years his fellow cultists have started taking him less serious in the matter.

Weapons: Frag Grenades, Sword, Autopistol

Motto: “If you cant use it, blow it”

Heavy: Rob Redhead

Personal Record: Rob is a lunatic. Rob doesn’t laugh, he cackles. Rob doesn’t cry, he whines. Rob doesn’t get mad, he rages in blind Fury. Most gang members wisely keep their distance from this messed up wacko. Despite being one of the heavy’s in the “team” he is actually very thin, and not very strong, but his natural talent for pyromancy has earned him promotion to special weapons duty. He is often accompanied by his only friend: the emperor. The emperor is a fairly large-sized rat that follows Rob everywhere.

Weapons: Flamer, Frag Grenades, AutoPistol

Motto: “Flee! Flee!!! The roof is on fireeeeee”

Ganger: Holy Romanius

Personal Record: Romanius is perhaps the only true heretic of the bunch, he has actually succeeded to summon a nurgling!! The nurgling is his willing servant and is often seen scutting around in his wake. Because of this the the nurgling has received the nickname “Horus” from Redhead Rob, because he always gets into a fight with the emperor.
Romanius is by far the oldest of the gang but Gradd keeps him around anyway because the cultists think that if Romanius follows Gradd he must be the chosen one! Despite the silent fact that Romanius pretty much says yes to anything, due to his amnesia.

Weapons: Large spear mounted Choas Icon (massive club), Autopistol

Heavy: Mutie

Personal Record: This huge mutant is the fire support solution for the gang, but he is more then capable of handling himself in close quarters. He is nicknamed “mutie” obviously because he ‘is’ a mutant, but also because he never speaks. It’s why fellow gangers assume he is mute, and also the reason he has no real name. He has tried to eat Liddul Willy multiple times but the little bugger is just too fast for him. He is only armed with a heavy bolter, modified to have only a fire trigger. Other weapons are either too small or too complicated for him to use.

Weapons: Heavy Bolter, and dual sharp scissor blades grow from his underarms which he uses as a sword.

Motto: “.... .... . ... ?...!.”

Juve: Berndz

Personal Record: Berndz doesn’t talk much, which is a good thing, because when he does, it doesn’t make any sense. He is a reasonable shot, not as good as the rest of the gang, but competition wasn’t exactly fabulous anyway. He practices everyday though and that’s why Gradd decided to get him in the team.

Weapons: Lasgun

Motto: “Whats the difference between an ork?”

Juve: Arktok

Personal Record: Arktork is an offworlder and Gradd’s latest addition to the cult, he is not at all used to violence in any way, and tends to panick when the fighting starts, but he makes people laugh, and that was a welcome addition to the band of lunatics and nutters Gradd found himself in.

Weapons: Lasgun

Motto: “Let’s retreat!!!!”

The models described here have already been modelled (wysiwyg ofc.) but not painted yet.

edit: added the juves and 2nd heavy

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