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07-10-2006, 17:03
my friends and i are going to start a new campaign this time it's Lustria... last time i played Skaven Clan Eshin.. this time i'm going With Clan Pestilens

Here's the army list

Plague Priest - 85gc
W/A: Club 3gc, Sling 2 gc, Dagger 5gc 90gc

Pestilens Sorcerer 45gc
W/A: Club 3gc, Sling 2gc, Dagger 5gc 50gc

Plague Monk1 45gc
W/A: Disease Dagger 15gc x2 30gc 75gc

Plague Monk2 45gc
W/A: Censer 40gc 85gc

Monk Initiate1 20gc
W/A: Sling 2gc, Club 3gc, Dagger - 5gc 25gc

Monk Initiate2 20gc
W/A: Sling 2gc, Club 3gc, Dagger - 5gc 25gc

Hero Total: 350gc

Plague Novices - 20gc x2 40gc
W/A: Sling 2gc x2, Club 3gc x2, Dagger x2 10gc 50gc
(25gc pr. unit)

Plague Novices 20gc x3 60gc
W/A: Spear 10gc x3, Sling 2gc x3 36gc 96gc
(32gc pr. unit)

Total: 496gc

Starting out with 11 units

Anyone got some ideas for sumthin' i should change? or is it all-good?.. lol

07-10-2006, 19:16
Skip spears, they're lame anymore since the rules review.

Otherwise not bad, but you might be spending a bit much on weapons initially. Try only 1 plague dagger per guy and then get some more henchies, bodies are really good.