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Daemon king Mad Dog
08-10-2006, 20:08
I'm starting a blood bowl league at school, hope fully if me and my bro play a few games others will buy teams, and we can start the league properly, has anyone got any tips on how to set it up?

Deng Ham
20-01-2007, 22:42
Running a BB league is not all that much work. It is basicly just to update league standings and do other paperwork. It helps it you do stuff that inspire coaches to put in exstra effort. In the league I run, I award players for various stuff. Including best painted team.

I have made a fiew experiences.
* First off. Don't do a fixed settup (all coaches having to play everybody). It sound nice on paper. But it's close to imposible to compleet.
* Give points for loosing games as well as winning/draw. I give 1 point for loss, 3 for draw and 5 points for a win. This way a team that play mutch will get higher on the ranking. Even if it only loose it's games. And on top of the exstra cash a team get, it also have a change of wining.
* Try to avoid 2 player playing eachother repeatedly. Set a limit of times two teams can play eachother. I've also prevented two teams to play eachother back-to-back
* Lissen to what you coaches say. It's important that they enjoy playing in your league.
* Make some sort of limit the first season. Don't overwelm new gamers with every rule in the book. I banes star players, indulments and play cards for the first season.

I also found this great software many years back caled "Blood Bowl league manager". I have no idea if your able to find it now. But give it a search.

Feal free to look at my league. http://www.warcry.no. But the page is in Norwegian.

Good luck with your league. And if you have more questions feel free to ask.

PS: check out page 24 of the rulebook (5th)

21-01-2007, 08:54
You can do a fixed setup, but only if you have strict deadlines for when the games have to be played. Otherwise, you will not be able to complete the season.

A two week period worked well enough for us in our local league. If a game between two players has not been played within those two weeks, the players are allowed to present their cases to the league organizer. If it is clearly one player's fault (for not being available etc.), that player is considered to have surrendered the game. If the fault is no player's or both players', the game is considered a draw for simply not being played.

The way we set up the season score was so that you always earn points for playing (playing and losing is better than simply not playing). We gave zero points for not playing, one point for playing and losing, two points for playing a draw, and three points for playing and winning.

At the end of the season, the top four teams play semi finals. The top team faces the fourth team (so that winning the season provides an advantage), and the second and third face each other. The winners of those games go on to the final.

If two teams have equal scores at the end of the season, use their match result against each other as a tie-breaker. If that doesn't help, use team rating. After that, total touchdown difference (scored TDs minus TDs scored against). After that, casualties (in the same manner as TDs).

For game balance purposes, we assumed that there is some time before the next season, so that all injured players can recover. This allowed teams to recover from desperate and stupid moves trying to get into the semi finals or trying to win the semi final or final. Such daring moves should not overly handicap the team at the start of the next season.

Deng Ham
21-01-2007, 10:18
For game balance purposes, we assumed that there is some time before the next season, so that all injured players can recover. This allowed teams to recover from desperate and stupid moves trying to get into the semi finals or trying to win the semi final or final. Such daring moves should not overly handicap the team at the start of the next season.

What kind of injuries was recovered? I asume it was only miss next matches. But all niggling, and characteristic reducment remained.

21-01-2007, 10:28
Yes, only miss next game. Sorry, I should have been more clear.

Our reasoning was that since some time passes before the next season, there should be enough time to heal those injuries that can be healed (i.e.miss next game only).

That, and you get time to bury the dead :evilgrin:

Daemon king Mad Dog
21-01-2007, 10:54
Or sell the dead to an undead team...

Howabout, Theres the league (Or the Group stages) where players organise their own matches, and then it goes into you must play this person by this time?

Deng Ham
21-01-2007, 11:19
That is something I have tryed to avoid. And that is also a reason why I don't use fixed rounds. Where I decide who is going to play who. But talk it over with our coaches. And see what system they prefere. In my league we have many "grown ups" that have a lot of stuff to do beside gaming. And thus can't be guaranteed to play a game every week. But in a school leagu I coud imagine that this woud be no problem.

Daemon king Mad Dog
21-01-2007, 11:22
Good point. Well, when i grow-up I'll probably be quitting GW games, hard to play inside a tank..

Deng Ham
21-01-2007, 11:25
No you just need smaler minis. Make a travel blood bowl pitch and use warmaster minis. Then you can have your favorite game with you anywhere.

21-01-2007, 11:32
Our league ran with grown up players, which was the main reason for our two week deadline for each match. If you couldn't find time to play, the league went on while your team surrendered by default.

It was the only way we could make it work, with jobs and other boring stuff getting in the way ;)

No reason to quit gaming just because you reach a certain age. Some things (time) get worse, other (money) get better. You just need to change your gaming habits somewhat.

Daemon king Mad Dog
22-01-2007, 22:05
Did you read the last bit? Me = inside tank/being a medic.

Deng Ham
22-01-2007, 22:36
Yes I did. And henc the reason to use smal minis.

Daemon king Mad Dog
23-01-2007, 21:09
Oooh yeah... Sorry!

Anyway, My mates are very interested and I'll tell you what happens.

23-01-2007, 23:14
We have a league of 6... everyone plays each other twice, once home, once away.

Make sure EVERYONE starts with a fresh team. Nothing worse than starting and finding that the dark elf player has a team rating of 210 againt your begining gobbos!The extra cards and SPs make NO odds

We organised our like a proper league, 0 for a L, 1 for a D and 2 for a W.

Its up to you really.If you decide to make everyone play each other make sure its in a certain order.... so that everyone has to play their first game... then everyone plays their second... this stops say me.. playing 3 games... than playing someone who hasnt played any. Makes it fair. Finally, yea... set deadlines to play by. If 2 players havent played tell them they both get a L

Deng Ham
24-01-2007, 15:05
Be shure to state what version of the rules you use. I strongly recomend the 5th ed. It's also the one curently on the specialist games web site. The main reason that I like the 5th. Is that it is rather balanced when playing old vs new teams. But I agree. That it is best to start the league with only new teams. But there is no need to scrap all team after one season just becouse there is a new them in the league.

As TeddyC say. It's very posible to do a fixed number of games. But that depend on the coaches. I know that in my league. It's impossible. Becous the don't come regual enough. But if your group do meet every week and prioritate it (above footbal, partys, girls and other unimportant activiteis) then there is nothing better. I woud prefere a fixed league. As it is the best way of determining the best team/coach.

Daemon king Mad Dog
24-01-2007, 20:16
How about, so that regularity doesn't come into it, taking the average score? Take the amoutn of points and divide it by the amount of games played and you have the league! ties are worked out by taking how many points each player has!

Deng Ham
24-01-2007, 21:17
ofcourse you can do it. But I woud award players that to play many games.
And by using your formular. If I win the first game. I'd stop playing, since I have maximun score. You coud add a factor for just have played games.

I'd rather award the most active player than the "best". Unless all gamesr where eager to play and coud play games within a deadline.

Daemon king Mad Dog
24-01-2007, 21:45
Average system + a mininum number of games? like the winter war?

Deng Ham
25-01-2007, 09:51
Thats the "strict" way of doing it. And it can work. But if you have someone that have a high score. After having compleeted his minimum nr of games. Then there is a big chance of him loosing the lead if he play another game.

You can also award ekstra leagu points for games compleeted. Either by doing this flatt (ie 1 pont pr game) or at fixed intervalls (3 points pr 5 games) or pre sett intervals (2 point at game 3,6,9,14,18,22,27....).

Just think out a system that does not grant a favor to the smart gamer. Or a way of passing players that don't participate.

25-01-2007, 18:00
One way of avoiding this problem might be to divide each player's score with the number of games played by the most active player. I am too tired after work to think straight, but something like that might help you pass players that do not play.

25-01-2007, 23:54
We were really lazy in our league in college;
One guy set up a simple webpage that you could upload your current teamsheet to. He wrote an excel program so the teamsheets were in a standard format and did all the book keeping for you and all that stuff. Just enter how many TDs in the game and the like and it'd measure up the SPPs for you, and the team value, as well as the W-L-D ratios, and the deaths on the team.
We played whoever we wanted, usually only 1-2 games a week, with the only rule being you can't play the same person more than twice in a row.
At the end of every term, and at the end of the summer hols, the season ends (about to start season 3, with 25 odd players last season). When the season ends, you play a set of playoffs. At the end of the playoffs, someone has that cup and it's special rules (dungeonbowl final next week!) until that cup is done again.
While the system does give advantages to those players with time on their hands, the inducements rules mean that the games are usually fairly even. Mercs and Star Players are available as inducements during the league, but not the playoffs.

26-01-2007, 20:05
Here is another possibility. Only games in the last (month, 2 months, etc.) count towards the average. That way as a team becomes inactive, it starts to fall off the chart.

You could also use a formula like

(Average for Win loss)x(games played personally/total games played in League)

So you have a rating of between 0 and 1.

Lets say your w/loss average is 1 and you've layed 10 of 30 games.

(1) x (10/30) = .333 Score

If you played 3 games and won all it would look like this.
(2) x (3/30) = .2 Score

This would weight the average win loss record and incorperate the number of games.

Remember, this is just a first attempt at the formula and it seems to weigh a little heavy on the nuber of games, so take the idea and run with it.


Deng Ham
26-01-2007, 21:00
It's a good idea. But I think the trick is to keep it simlpe.

Daemon king Mad Dog
26-01-2007, 22:40
Could be made much easier if put into a Excel programme (Which i personaly happen to be good at) then the computer does all the hard work.