View Full Version : Pig Iron Productions

15-10-2006, 21:54
I've been thinking about picking up some of their heavy infantry for my witch hunter's army. Does anybody have any experience with these models? Are they plastic or metal? Are they as good as they look on the web?

15-10-2006, 22:28
I picked up a couple of their droids a little while ago and some infantry. All Pig Iron stuff is metal. They were very fast getting the minis back to me, only taking a couple of days. The detail is very good - a little more rounded and a little less detail than GW, but good (single piece, so no assembly problems) casts and little flash. I recommend their stuff.

16-10-2006, 04:42
28mm scale all metal miniatures. We did a review of the War Droid and the upgrade pack on TGN. Very nice figs.


The multi-purpose APC/tank looks very good as well. There is also a new Heavy Infantry booster pack released today.

I'm going to be getting some of the infantry as well as one of the APCs from some sci-fi gaming. Damn nice looking models.