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Necro Angelo
16-10-2006, 21:04
I just joined the Warseer forums, and I only just realised today that there was a specialist games forum. So anyway, you may be seeing me post around here occasionally.

Anyway my one question now is that, as I already said I've just started a Gothic fleet; Eldar Corsairs, and I was wondering if there were any experienced players here who could help me start writing my fleet list. I've already found out that they can pretty tough to use against other fleets (especially Necrons...), though I did beat my friend who is an Ork player in a small cruiser class with my Shadow class cruiser against his kill kroozer and escort (narrowly; it lost 2 hull points).

Anyway... so far I only have my Shadow class Cruiser which I just mentioned, and I'm planning on buying some escorts. I did consider buying the eclipse class because I realise that Eldar ordnance is pretty tough, though I thought that with their movement and holofields they would'nt have to worry so much about enemy ordnance, so maybe fighters aren't so important. As for escorts which I'm planning on buying next, I'm mainly looking at Nightshades since they're the cheapest (in points, not money obviously...), and they give a good torpedo output when in squadrons of three. Aconites I was considering since even though thry are expensive, they can outgun quite a few capital ships in squadrons. Hemlocks I was also looking into, as pulsar lances are pretty tough and I can easily make walls out of them since they're at the cheaper end. Hellebores I'll leave aside for now; they're too expensive for any scale game I'll be palying in the near future. And Voidstalkers? Hah hah, well same applies.

Any ideas? I was also considering the forge world light cruisers, though they're hard to get hold of...

Any oppinions gratefully heard; I think I know roughly what I'm doing, but I wanted to see if I could just check with some experienced players first.

16-10-2006, 23:10
Heh, I have to admit that I actually stopped playing Corsair Eldar as I found them too easy to win with. As long as you have terrain features to hide behind you're in for an easy victory. I also prefer the more restricted movement rules of the conventional fleets - the ease with which the Eldar can manoeuvre takes something away from BFG I feel - since it is in essence a game of manoeuvre.

They still can't beat the over-powered might of the Necron fleet though :rolleyes:.

On ship selection, I'm definately liking the Nightshades for hit-and-run attacks and Hemlocks to finish ships off - both these escorts have very focussed weaponry which makes it easy to get the most out of them.

I'd certainly buy an eclipse - those fighters are going to be vital to remove any enemy fighters on CAP to clear the way for your missiles. Needless to say, Eldar Bombers are excellent too.

I love the Aurora Light Cruiser model - and it comes with my two favourite Eldar weapons - torps and Pulsars :).

17-10-2006, 03:35
i think your assessments on escorts are dead on.
an eldar corsair fleet should run with lots of escort squadrons.

and yes, consider the light cruiser aurora from Forgeworld as well