View Full Version : Necromunda house rules

18-10-2006, 02:38
What kind of house rules do you use in your Necromunda games, and why? For example, we allow a leadership test to avoid pinning. It helps survivability, and makes the games a bit quicker if guys aren't laying on the ground all the time.

18-10-2006, 07:06
Meh, we still play with the Big Yellow Book(BYB) and its pretty solid. With a campaign arbitrator it becomes pretty easy to manage broken things(like Redemptionists and archeotech hordes, Scavvies with the 25 men, me with +BS specialist Van Saar plasmagunners sporting hidden handflamers!) as well as pump up underpowered gangs or break down the dominating/cheating gangs.

I've arbitrated two campaigns now. The first I was a bit too hands on and it wasn't quite as much fun as I'd've liked. The second I think I managed perfectly and went very well(the one guy with loaded dice got me so pissed off I brought half an Imperial Guard army down on his ****!). A good story, minor oversight, and some fun scripted games can make a Necro campaign incredibly fun.