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20-10-2006, 15:46
As we now appear to have our own forum I though I would start a thread where Warseerererers (I don't quite know when to stop) can post their contact details for FUMBBL to facilitate finding games with the good folk of this site. Note that I don't intend limiting this threat to people who are taking part in Yorkiebar's Warseer League (Though I would encourage you to give it a go!), people who just want to play the odd game are welcome too. I'll start:

FUMBBL User name: Gres (http://fumbbl.com/~Gres)
Location/Timezone: UK (GMT+1)
Times available: Random weekday evenings/Weekends
Notes: I don't play ranked (At the moment) - Contact on IRC/MSN (Ask for address). If I'm not on IRC then I'm unavailable to play.

20-10-2006, 15:53
Excellent idea, Gres. Even if people don't want to join the league we're always open to having new WarSeers to play against.

FUMBBL username: Yorkiebar
Location: UK
Times available: All day on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. After 21:30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Notes: Usually available for contact on MSN.

20-10-2006, 16:58
FUMBBL User name: Fredox (http://fumbbl.com/%7EFredox)
Location/Timezone: UK (GMT+1)
Times available: Random weekday evenings/Weekends
Notes: email is your best bet to contact me as i work all over the place time wise

20-10-2006, 17:00
Fumbbl User Name: Keravin
Location: UK (GMT)
Times available: M, T, Th, Fri 7-10ish pm and various times at weekends
If I'm around to play I'll be on Fumbbl's irc channel.

20-10-2006, 19:03
FUMBBL User name: Tenpole
Location/Timezone: UK / 1970's
Times available: Weekday evenings mostly after 21:00/Some Weekends
Notes: PM me for my msn address. If you are new to fumbbl and want some help give me a shout.

20-10-2006, 19:06
FUMBBL username: Xavier306
Location: UK
Times available: Varies wildly depending on uni and work.
Notes: Usually available for contact on MSN.

Autobot HQ
22-10-2006, 23:51
FUMBBL username: Iscariot
Location: UK
Times available: Most weekdays after 20:00, weekends usually unavailable.
Notes: Usually available for contact on MSN and mIRC.

23-10-2006, 20:55
FUMBBL username: tauaircaste
Location: UK
Times available: Weekends and some evenings depending on work.

24-10-2006, 16:03
FUMBBL username - Riddy
Location - Scotland
Times Available - Erratic at best (too much to do, so little time), if i'm up for a game i'll be in the fumbbl irc channel
Note - Dont play ranked the now, in it for the fun not the glory.

19-11-2006, 22:20
What happened to the first of these threads? :)

Username: Benninstein
Location: UK
Available: Evenings except Weds & Thurs, others variable, Saturdays
Note:- My luck is very erratic, enjoy our games.

20-11-2006, 02:36
FUMBBL username: Heldane
Location: UK
Times available: Evenings from 9pm
Notes: Usually available for contact on MSN.

28-11-2006, 15:17
Hi everyone, mind if I join in?

Username: Crymson
Location: Australia
Available: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday all day; plus Sunday evenings.

Autobot HQ
28-11-2006, 19:19
Welcome abouard heldane and Crymson - I've pm'd you both inviting you into the Division One, and if you need anything let me know on there, I'm Iscariot.

A-HQ, Lord of Div One

30-11-2006, 21:51
Username: th0r
Location: Canada
Available: Whenever
Notes: PM for my MSN if interested in some gaming

01-12-2006, 20:33
FUMBBL username: Ixajin
Location: US (EST)
Times available:Varies greatly due to work.
Notes: Best way to contact me is through Warseer PM.

03-12-2006, 14:51
Just a quick statement from me - I've been away all weekend, but by tomorrow everyone who's asked to join the League will be invited and added to the group MSN list.

03-12-2006, 15:10
Hey Yorkie, can we have some feedback about how the big boys league is doing. Most of the fluff and comments are all from the Divs.

And can all new members either post Yorkie or Autobot their MSN address so you can all join in with our group.

28-12-2006, 13:36
Username: LordSnotball
Location: Croatia (Currently)
Game Times: Friday-Sunday, preferably after 20:00 bbtime. Can make other arrangements if needed.
Contact: PM on fumbbl (which i check every day religiously), or here (which i check 2-3 times a week)

Fav Race: Dark Elf
Age: 28ish
MSN: No msn for me, thx :)

28-12-2006, 13:41
Username: Cookiescrumble (http://fumbbl.com/~cookiescrumble)
Location: UK
Available: Whenever i'm available! Mostly weekends, maybe some evenings. I'm on MSN anyway, my address is under my avatar.

Daemon king Mad Dog
30-12-2006, 23:04
Name: Shinar (methinks)
Team: Bludgutz Bashaz!

30-12-2006, 23:09
Hey Yorkie, can we have some feedback about how the big boys league is doing. Most of the fluff and comments are all from the Divs.That's because the Premiership is officially on hold. If I have time I'll write a short piece on what the WarSeers are getting up to in all the free time they have now.

01-01-2007, 11:47
Username: PhrollikK (http://fumbbl.com/~PhrollikK)
Location: Sweden (GMT+1)
Game Times: Varies alot, can be any ungodly hours...
Contact: Message on msn/icq or irc for a game.

01-01-2007, 20:05
Username: Spoonie
Location: Minnesota (GMT-6)
Game Times: Varies
Contact: Check IRC, otherwise drop a FUMBBL PM

02-01-2007, 09:54
Username: RawMessiah
Location: Belgium (GMT+1)
Game Times: Varies (depending on my shift)
Contact: MSN, here or FUMBBL