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22-10-2006, 19:50
So after wanting a change of pace from playing large games of Warhammer, I have decided to play Mordheim. These are the ones that have caught my eye: Sisters Of Sigmar, Amazon Warband, Pit Fighter Warband and Skaven Warp Hunters. Please could you tell me what are the strenghs and weakness's of them, and how you have fared with them. Thanks.

22-10-2006, 22:11
I can't help you with the first three but I've played with and against skaven a few times and they're harsh.

The main bonus is that you can get absolute shed-loads of them to start with. You can fill up all your hero slots in a starting gang, and still have room for tons of henchmen. they may not be the best fighters but you can usually get two or three of your guys on one of your opponents at any one time.

after a few games get a rat ogre and they'll be really good.

they're also really fast but lack good leadership, but thats not usually a problem seeing as you usually have to take more than usual casualties before you're on a rout check.

also an added bonus is you just need to buy 1 box of night runners and you've got a warband, as opposed to all metal models for the other ones.

23-10-2006, 01:36
not true
you can buy a box of chaos marauders and bam, theres a pit fighter warband
but lets not go into prices just yet.

so you want to start mordheim, yes?
well, ive played against all of these armies besides amazons. theres a hit right there if youre going for uniqueness.
sisters:load up on slings and sigmarite warhammers, and you have tons of wild and crazy women with big ass hammers that will generally hurt things...badly
skaven: same thing, take slings out the ass. id also suggest buying all your heroes at the start, take as many henchman as you need, and throw in a few giant rats to tie up things for the rest of your ratmen. these are fast people who need numbers to survive, so dont worry about an occasional sacrifice. or five.
pit fighters:they lack numbers...but theyre all s4, mostly, and that hurts a ton. they also lack ranged weapons, so if you attack them as such, they will be cornered until they reach combat. also, they have this nasty thing where if youre captured or something like that on the injury chart...then you have to fight the whole warband with one hero...really cheesy.

i suggest just picking the ones that feel right to you. do you wish to cleanse mordheim of filth and help the afflicted? go sisters.
do you want to enslave and kill all who enter mordheim, which is rightfully your town? go skaven.
do you uh...want to amazon it up? sorry im at a loss here.
or do you want to seek fame and fortune while freeing slaves and winning women? pit fighting is fun i hear.

see...i play pirates and ogres (custom warband), so i cannot really help TOO much. but just play the game a bit and see what tactics you like to take. you can figure it out.

23-10-2006, 03:17
Welcome to the fun world of Mordheim, allow me to Introduce myself! I'm Thrasher Kitch, and I'll be your guide on theis fun little adventure. *grins*

Mordheim is cool, It's my primary GW game. I'm also entirely too into it, to be fair ;)

So, yyou're new. For a starting band off of your list, go either Sisters or Skaven. The other two have issues, in general.

Skaven's problem: They're overpowered. period. Out of the gate they are the single most powerful band, and it's VERY hard to get caught up to them frequently. But as mentioned, to win out the door: 6 heroes with Free Dagger, Second Dagger and SLings. Then get all the vermkin you can with the same loadout.

For Sisters, there's a couple thoughts. First option: Load out on gals. Like, seriously. Most bands can't start with max fighters out the door. Sisters can. 5 Heroes, and 10 henchwomen. 2 Daggers and slings, and you're golden.

Option 2: Get some fancy gear. With the Rules Review (Look it up on the website, it makes life easier for you) The optimal loadout for most sisters is Steel Whip & Siggy Warhammer. Whips get +1A in the first round of combat, and strike first, and siggy hammers are +1S and +1 to wound against evil thingies. You can VERY easily squish vampies with siggy hammers.

Pit Fighters: They're fun! They really are! But, they're not that powerful, and with their ONLY shooting being a 50GC henchie, you're SOL there. Your main problem will be making it to CC, otherwise you're in good shape. Save them till you're better familiar with the play of the game. Otherwise you're going to be in trouble.

Amazons: They're the lamest excuse to have in mordheim. If you look at their list they have Las Guns, Las Pistols and Power Weapons from 40K. (No, really, they do.) It's kinda lame, honestly. Interesting models, and kinda fun, but the review SERIOUSLY nerfed them, and the fell is messed up, honestly.

23-10-2006, 05:00
Whatever warband you choose, keep in mind that shooting is very powerful, armor is more than not often a money pit, and blackpowder blows up. :eek: :skull:

23-10-2006, 09:59
Wow. So much advice. Thanks all for that. It seems that I have a choice between Skaven and Sisters Of Sigmar. Amazons and Pitfighters could be in the future. But, I think I will opt for the Sisters of Sigmar. Thanks once again for helping me make my decision. I will be getting some later today, hopefully.