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Captain Kingfisher
23-10-2006, 04:27
After several different attempts at creating a viable fleet that possessed both mobility and immense firepower, I have arrived at this particular solution:

The fleet is split into two sections, although each group should act in tandem with the other and provide support:

The Assault Section - comprises a majority of the fleet acts as the fast-moving punch, it has

2 Devastation Cruisers w/ a Warmaster on one ship (as I am using the 13th Black Crusade fleet)
2 Slaughter Cruisers (codex)
5 Iconoclast destroyers

The Bombardment section is

3 Carnage class Cruisers

Now, the Bombardment section is just supposed to get broadside shots against the enemy and pound a hole in the enemy fleet for the assault section to wiggle themselves into. The Carnages - though powerful - are particularly weak against bombers and torps, so they will be staying as far away as possibe from any sources of ord.

As for the assault section - it has the very simplistic "crash and kill" mentality:

Use the Devastations to provide waves of cover and long range lances until the Ico.s and Slaughters can take over.

I've found that this combination seems - in theory - to work, yet I have also been debating the addition of several Idolator escorts at the cost of one of the Slaughters.

Any feedback on this particular fleet would be most beneficial.

Capt. Kingfisher

23-10-2006, 09:20
I've always thought of Devastations as more of a bombardment-style ship, but now that I see them in an assault section I like them there. The assaulters will need the cover way more than the bombarders.

I've never been a fan of the chaos escorts - they look too orky for my taste. But they'd probably work decently in the role you've given them, and the only ships that come to mind as replacements are all mid-range cruisers that don't really fit into this fleet.

23-10-2006, 13:37
it also works in practice

i field essentially the same fleet and it seems to work for me

however, i've had more success with the slaughteres as the spear tip and the devastation+carnage as follow through/mop up

23-10-2006, 18:38
Despite the short range of the Devastation's gun battery, I feel it is best used as a combination Carrier/lance boat alongside the Carnages.

Captain Kingfisher
24-10-2006, 04:19
I have considered using the Devastations in more of a defensive role, in the early prototypes of this list, but, I find that the distances that the bombers would have to travel would be ridiculous. I would only be able to cover 20cm in my own ord. phase, and, unless I'm bloody close with my bombardment group, I would be travelling in the open.

In my opinion, not the best of ideas.

In addition, the Slaughters would be left with no fighter screen - every last bloody torpedo/bomber combo would have no opposition and would just swoop down and kick the crap out of my ships, despite my speed in assaulting their lines.

However, I just recently - moments ago - thought of this:

What if I were to place one Devastation with the attack group and the other with the bombardment group? It would give fighter cover to both, and it would allow for me to transfer a Carnage (which would be an Slaughter after list rewrites) into the assault unit.



Captain Kingfisher