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02-04-2005, 01:32
Mitch Hedberg died of a heart attack in a hotel room yesterday. He was pretty funny. It is a shame that a lot of young entertainers have to die because of their habits.

Some quotes--

I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.

I was at this casino minding my own business, and this guy came up to me and said, "You're gonna have to move, you're blocking a fire exit." As though if there was a fire, I wasn't gonna run. If you're flammible and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit.

An escalator can never break. It can only become stairs. You would never see an "Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order" sign, just "Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience."

If you had a friend who was a tightrope walker, and you were walking down a sidewalk, and he fell, that would be completely unacceptible...

I have a cheese-shredder at home, which is its positive name. They don't call it by its negative name, which is sponge-ruiner. Because I wanted to clean it, and now I have little bits of sponge that would melt easily over tortilla chips...

I type a 101 words a minute. But it's in my own language.

02-04-2005, 05:24
My god, how has no one responded to this yet. Mitch Hedberg was quite possibly the funniest man alive. I worshiped him. I still do. It truly is a sad day to see such a brilliant man pass away, especially when he was in the prime of life.

Comedy Central had one of his shows today, and put up a small mesaage at the end. My friends and I decided to have a moment of silence for Mitch. As I said, a very sad day.

02-04-2005, 06:37
Well, I've never heard of him.

Respects, Mr. Hedberg.