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25-10-2006, 18:08
Well the campaign down where i am is gonna restart soon and i was wondering how to structure my warband? I figure there are two different ways i could go. I could one pick up a minotaur early and spend less on henchmen, or try to bulk up my force and get the minotaur later. I have bought the chaos cow early on before and done well but the group has grown and I'm expexcting to face Skaven, Undead, O&Gs, Lizardmen, and probually Dark Elves. So i am torn on how to do it. Any suggestions?

25-10-2006, 18:51
Generally speaking, I don't think the big guys are worth it. They're awfully expensive for a unit that dies 1/3 of the time it's taken OOA. The multiple wounds are nice early on, but crits can still make short work of them, and not having access to skills means they'll eventually get surpassed by the pumped-up heroes.

I assume you're using the updated Beastmen list (the one with Centigors and M5 W1 Gors)? If so, I think you can't go wrong with your henchmen choices. Warhounds, Ungors and Gors are all speedy, solid choices. Numbers are almost always the way to go anyway.

25-10-2006, 19:18
I assume you're using the updated Beastmen list (the one with Centigors and M5 W1 Gors)? If so, I think you can't go wrong with your henchmen choices. Warhounds, Ungors and Gors are all speedy, solid choices. Numbers are almost always the way to go anyway.

Yea i am using the updated list, the older one was pretty lobsided. I am having reservations about using too many ungors in my warband. They get killed way too easy. The points would probually be better spend on getting my 5 gor slot maxed out. Though the warhounds are a nice idea.

25-10-2006, 19:30
Actually, I think the new one is almost as nasty. All that speed really helps vs. shooty warbands. The old list, while tough, was kinda plodding.

I think the Ungors are good early on as long as you have enough good fighters mixed in. If I was starting a Beastmen warband, it'd probably look something like this:

Chieftain, Mace, Free Dagger
Shaman, Mace, Free Dagger
Bestigor, Mace, Free Dagger
Bestigor, Mace, Free Dagger
Centigor, Mace, Free Dagger
4 Ungor, Mace, Free Dagger
5 Warhounds
19 GCs left over

That's 14 members in total. The Chieftain and Bestigors are strong fighters from the get go, and they're supported by the 4 Ungors and the Shaman. The Centigor, another strong fighter, can be supported by the Warhounds to make a very fast group that'll hit pretty hard in the early stages of a campaign.

If I felt like I needed them, I'd work in some Gors as Warhounds or Ungors die. I think a critical early skill is Bellowing Roar. Close combat-focused warbands mean receiving some OOAs, which means passing some rout tests to win games. Sprint can also make the Chieftain really dangerous and make an already fast warband even faster. And of course, most of the Strength skills really rock.

That's just my take on them.

25-10-2006, 19:39
Thats not a bad way to go about it, but i see centigors as a liability. They are like orcs with animosity (except drunkeness). I would use those points to add a gor or two for more numbers and also for possible henchman to hero mobility. Overall its a good list. I didn't use warhounds in the last campaign, and i'm starting to wish i had.

25-10-2006, 19:54
you have to max out your hero slots when you start, it gets you more money.

The centigor is possibly a liability, but he stands an equal shot of going frenzied as stupid, so it's a null mix. He's also a BRUTAL fighter.

Ummm, ungors are stupid in this band. They're T3 and there's no reason to not take a WS4 T4 gor instead, now that they're not 0-5.

Hounds can be useful early, but if they die, don't buy more, get gors instead. (And the mino can be helpful later, too :)

25-10-2006, 20:02
I see your point on the Centigor. Personally, I always max on heroes for wyrdstone searching, and a 3-attack S4, M8 model is pretty good, even with drunkeness (maybe it's because I'm used to it playing Orcs). But a cost of a Centigor could net you two Gors, so it's certainly a consideration.

25-10-2006, 20:08
besides, even if he goes stupid, it'll leave him out of the fight, meaning he won't be a liability later for going OOA, so you'll get exploration dice for him.

25-10-2006, 20:19
There's nothing wrong with Ungor. They're a human with M5 and Ld6. All they need is a WS, S or A upgrade and they're solid. It's probably not a bad idea to trade 4 Ungor for 3 Gor, it's just that my first inclination is to always go with more numbers.

25-10-2006, 20:33
TKitch and gorgon, you both make a pretty good case for hiring the centigor. I am now definately considering it. I figure that having it will help with gaining more income faster so i can field the minotaur and building the wb.

Another question comes to mind. My opponents are gonna field creatures like trolls and kroxigors from the outset or close to the begining. Can numbers really effect the starting battles? I've tried out numbering a large creature before and it ain't that easy.

25-10-2006, 20:41
it depends on the large creature.

If it has T4, then ganging up at once is a REALLY good way to drop it, as you can still crit T4 with S3. If it's T5 or 6, then you'll have more trouble, since you can't crit that with S3.

If his big boys are T4, one thing you can do to really make him hate his life, is take the group of 5 doggies, and charge all 5 into it at once. WS4 is higher than most of the biggies have, so they hit on 3's, and then you wound on 4's. You'll likely hurt it plenty. If you tack on a gor or a S4 hero, you are almost guaranteed to take it down. Best part? 5 dogs cost a lot less than the big boy you'll be dropping. :)

25-10-2006, 21:43
not a bad strategy, even if they don't kill the large target in the first round they will tie it down. i double checked my beastmen rule print out and those wardogs are 15gc, good price makes' em expendable too. Shame they only have one attack.

Dark Apostle197
25-10-2006, 21:59
Dogs are great. If they die, they get switched for someone a little more expensive.

26-10-2006, 02:05
hey, y'know, I've learned some of my best tricks from powergamers over the years!

Being on the mordheim forum 24/7 had to do SOMETHING for me!