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26-10-2006, 15:51
Information from various PMs I got:

Blood Bowl:

Fanatic planned to release new teams for all races in BB, each consisting of 16 totally different models.
Orcs, Dwarfs and Skaven were complete and ready for casting.


the Epic Chaos release in Feb '07 will only be the plastic sprue, the metal chaos models will not be released at the same time, and probably will not be seen 'for a long time' if ever...


the Warmaster Arabyans are set for release early 2007.
new army; background, look of it developed by the Fanatic studio
This includes work along the lines of "How does Chaos manifest so far from the north?", "What is a Djinn? Is it a daemon prince or greater daemon?"...
The Warmaster army includes the obvious infantry and cavalry, elephants, camel riders, flying carpets and Djinns.
All models are designed by Colin Grayson.

Thanks to Reabe for the following picture and a link to the WIP WM Araby Army list (http://forums.specialist-games.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=796).

Warseer's " Warmaster Araby Army" Discussion can be found here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54108).

Another anonymous submission about Fanatic:

[...] the changing of Fanatic Online to a monthly publication may be the first step towards it returning to a paper based publication?

^according to another source that's not likely to happen cause of the current state of the studio (really small number of people working there).

16-12-2006, 17:43
A few prices of upcoming releases:

WM Araby characters £6
WM Araby spearmen £6
WM Araby archers £6
WM Araby guards £6
WM Araby knights £6
WM Araby camel riders £6
WM Araby desert raiders £6
WM Araby elephants £6
WM Araby flying carpets £6
WM Araby djinns £7
WM Araby hero on elephant £7

14-01-2007, 13:53
Thanks to Chaos and Evil for reminding me:

-The new BFG rulebook is now available to buy
-Araby are up on the online stores

-Chaos Epic is coming in Feb/March

If you have any news/rumours that are worth adding to this Roundup, please PM me with the relevant info. A link to thread where the info came from is always useful too. :)

15-01-2007, 17:50
Seems there'll be an IA Eldar Vampyre somewhat soonish...

I've got the a Vampyre and Thunderhawk sitting right here. They're both HUGE.

FW has done a fantastic job with AI.

Aren't the Vamps out yet? Ooops...:eek: I'll shut up then. Ahem.:o

Don't worry, we'll not tell anyone! :p

Thanks to rkunisch for forwarding this to me.

05-02-2007, 15:56
First of all there is the box cover (http://www.blackindustries.com/default.asp?template=TM&content=newslist&newsitem=218) revealed on the Black Industrie pages.

I found also this mock-up picture (http://www.boardgamenews.com/ckovac/talismanmockuplarge.jpg) in Chris Kovac's article (http://www.boardgamenews.com/index.php/boardgamenews/comments/chris_kovac_the_2007_toronto_toy_and_hobby_fair/) about the Toronto Toy and Hobby fair on Boardgamenews.

Finally there is the Talisman Herald (http://www.talismanisland.com/herald.htm). The second issue has a detailed description on what is to expeceted in the box.

Have fun,


31-05-2007, 19:31
Thanks to HeraldOfTheFree for this update:

Adeptus Mechanicus Battlefleet Gothic seems to be planned,
about 3 different classes ( cruisers, escorts and a battleship)
release date: 4th August (Direct Only)
It could very well be the rumoured 'Mars class' fleet

31-05-2007, 20:48
As a update to Sylass's previous post these are the three ships in question (apologies to wherever I got it from as I cannot remember)