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27-10-2006, 00:41
I currently have sitting in the depths of my attic 7 uncompleted - practically unstarted armies. I shelved my minis quite a while ago in favor of TES IV: Oblivion and WoW, as well as guitar. My car is quickly becoming my new main hobby, and I can see no better way to fund it than eventually selling off the armies I no longer want. I have decided to keep my Wood Elves, some of my Space Marines, my Eldar, and my Tyranids, and sell my Chaos, Dark Eldar, and Tau.

A quick inventory off the top of my head leaves me with the following list to sell:

1 Defiler
~15 assorted CSMs
5 Chaos Termies
1 Chaos Rhino

^ The above plus my Eldar came at a grand total of $20 :D

1 old style Wraithlord
2 Warp Spiders
2 Warlocks (I have FOUR of the exact same pose :mad: )
Misc parts from a Warwalker and two Weapons Platforms

1 Landraider with too much spraypaint and a broken assault hatch
2 Rhinos I may or may not be keeping
1 Landspeeder
A few marines I won't be keeping for reasons listed below

7 Crisis suits in various states of disrepair
2 Broadsides, also in need of some epoxy work
9 old style Stealth Suits
Uncounted number of Fire Warriors
Some Kroot
1 Devilfish
Uncounted number of Drones

Uncounter number of Warriors, I would guess aorund 36
1 Raider
3 Jetbikes
1 Talos

Also a few 3rd ed Tyranids I want to get rid of

Next post = plans for the armies I am going to keep - Eldar, Tyranids, SM, and Wood Elves

27-10-2006, 01:05
I'll start with the Elves, and make it brief. All hooded / cloaked, autumn themed

Ahh, the Space Marines. This is going to be the largest project out of the four. I plan on using the ruleset for Grey Knights, or perhaps more appropriately Cursed Founding, or something of my own design - I don't plan on playing many games, and most will be casual among friends. Basically, think Blood Angels + Vampireness + LOTS of conversion work. And I mean, a LOT. I'm going to need to make molds for most of the body parts and whatnot. Scheme will be offwhite / goldish white, with black and crimson details. Prone to change. I am going to convert my Dread to look like one of those fancy FW ones. All will be armed with swords and shields. I have yet to purchase the swords (need to find a good fantasy sprue to mail order) but I have a crapload of shields to use, and pegasus wings for the commander. I believe I posted a WIP a LONG time ago, but never did get much farther. My currently dilema is what to do with the bolter if they are armed with a sword and board, one to each hand. I tried underslung on either arm, but it did not turn out well. Need to work on that. Also, I need a source for the swords. Cheapest preferably, something like the swords that come on the bretonian command sprues.

Eldar. These will be my second biggest project in terms of conversions. Lots of warlocks in neat poses. I love Warlocks, rule wise and model wise. Will they retain offensive powers like Destructor and whatnot in 4th? The picture of a Farseer in the 3rd ed. rulebook inspired me - the one shooting the arced lightning from his palm. Also, a good Warp Spider and Banshee squad. One, possibly two Wraithlords, because the new model is amazing. I wanted a squad of three War Walkers, not sure if that will pan out. Color scheme undecided, but for inspiration, see the attachted pictures. Mantis Shrimp, if anyone asks.


Tyranids - undecided. I have a lot of them laying around. Definately winged Tyrant.

Next post - plans for the rest - this thread is mainly going to be used to get my ideas on paper. Well, internet paper :p

27-10-2006, 01:16
For the Chaos, I am going to convert each of the Termies into Lords. Probably two Khorne, two Nurgle, and one Tzeench. The CSMs will be converted at random, perhaps some possessed. To get the most bang for my buck, so to speak, I am probably going to convert them extensively and sell separately or in a squad of five. Out of the four gods, I prefer Nurgle and Tzeench, Tzeench most of all, so expect all conversions to follow suite. :D The Defil is going to be a big undertaking. Nurgle would be easier to do, but I have yet to see a heavily converted Tzeench Defil. Is that possible with the rules? If not, I'll go Nurgle. I am definately going to do a Tzeench Rhino, with Warp Flame.

The Tau are going to be more simplistic. I'll take the few Kroot I have and pose them dynamically, or hiding in trees and such. If I can get my drawing skills up to par, expect a few sketches. I get bored at school often. The suits will all be dynamically posed, and I am going to try to make the Crisis suits a bit less stumpy. I am going to arm a few Firewarriors with dual pistols to count as carbines. Magnets are going to be a must for the Crisis suits.

The Dark Eldar are going to pose a problem. They are not the most popular army at the moment. I'll probably convert a few in to fantasy Dark Elves, the rest I will use the DE artwork (which I find fantastic) as inspiration. Some bits here might find a usage in my future Eldar army.

Now, please Warseer, do not let my lose my focus! I am prone to having short bursts of inspiration, and then allowing it to fade away.

27-10-2006, 02:19
Sounds like a wee bit of work there:D

My advice is dont let yourself stop ever. There are too many people(my self included) who start an army,buy all the stuff then leave in their something or other(basement for me).

Howeve it also sounds like this will be some quality stuff so i'll be watching!


27-10-2006, 23:01
I need to dig up a box 'o models. I have decided to work on a single Crisis suit for my first project. I just ran out to the local hobby store and picked up a proper razor knife, some Milliput yellow-grey to make molds, and some Plasticard. I found a place that sells the evergreen plasticard, and I am THRILLED. I thought I would have needed to go online. I also picked up two brushes to use as drybrushes for 49 cents each. Should have picked up some superglue, I'm not sure if we have any left.

29-10-2006, 01:19
An update, with pics!

This is my collection as it stands right now. One of the boxes contains my (mostly) assenbled SM force. The one with the packing peanuts has all my 'nids.

The third pic shows my battlesuits. As you can see, most are in need of repair. I managed to snag one I have yet to assemble, though.

The rest of the three show the progress on the 'suit. Don't worry, after the Miliput cures I am going to sand it down. One of the things I love about Miliput, easy to get a hard edge. The legs were cut below the knee, and pinned with a centimeter or so long gap which was filled with Miliput. The left arm was repositioned to allow for a more dynamic pose, when I get around to it. Might have it assembled tomorrow night, if I am lucky. Also, the Missle Launcher had a missle cut off and a small hole drilled where it was. Standard Multitracker / Plasma / Missle config. Perhaps I should magnetise them?

29-10-2006, 02:36
As i said just a wee bit of work.;)

Well this looks to be a good thread so i'll be paying attention but it seems i'm the first and only right now...

Well keep goin!


29-10-2006, 02:40
Still waiting on it to dry. Almost there. Package says two to three hours.

29-10-2006, 13:49
Awesome cant wait to see.


29-10-2006, 21:00
Inc crappy pic!


Pose prone to change, everything is just tacked on right now. I think I am going to add a banner behidn the head above the intake.

29-10-2006, 21:56
Looks like a bodyguard taking the bullet for his commander.

29-10-2006, 23:37
Looks pretty sweet. I like the pose and the banner idea sounds ace.


29-10-2006, 23:48

While I try and get my crappy paints to go on smooth, here is one of my previous efforts, last thing I painted to completion, long time ago.

29-10-2006, 23:50
sorry typical dumb struck reply:

Wow thats great, you got anymore to show off.