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27-10-2006, 02:26
Class Battleship, that is. I'm interested to see what everyone has to say about this particular Codex Armagaeddon ship. Personally, I like it, even with the limited range on the lances. It's an excellent support Battleship that can absorb stupid amounts of fire, or so I've seen in the games I've played with one so far. But I hear mixed reviews from the people I play BFG with.

What do y'all think?

27-10-2006, 04:01
Generally, like all but the Emperor of Imperial Battleships, it's a bit underperforming for it's points.

Not so much so that it's unusable in games, not by a longshot. It's just not very efficient. Fun, yes, but you can do better than it. I'd advise fun over better than any day of the week.

My only gaming experience with it was that it provided a hefty and solid Nova Cannon mount. Where normally I find Nova Cannons underused through the enemy making roads to avoid/neuter them ASAP, with the rest of the fleet I was running (A Strict Cruiser/BC/BB fleet), there just wasn't an opportunity to really try'n take out the Apocalypse.

That said, assuming you don't want it for the NC and are looking for absolute 'bang for buck', you're far better simply taking two Gothic Class Cruisers...

S8 Lances per broadside, no chance of firing over 30cm, 4 Shields, 16 Hits, S12 Torps, Potentially 2 H&R Attacks, no Nova Cannons, better chance of a decent Ld.

Overall the Gothic overperform the Apocalypse.

However, the Apocalypse itself is still a fun ship, and is not that bad when it comes down to it.


27-10-2006, 09:09
I haven't ever used it, but it's going to be my next Imperial purchase.

When it comes to long-range weapons, I think lances would be much more useful than batteries. My preferred role for long-range weapons is to finish off the job started by my frontline ships. All too often the frontliners just manage to take down the enemy's shields without inflicting any structural damage, leaving an enemy ship that is perfectly healthy but covered in blast markers. It's in those scenarios that I think the Apocalypse would come in handy. Long range for good table coverage, and weaponry that won't be impeded by the clouds of debris from prior shots.

And let's face it, the model is one of the best-looking battleships out there.

27-10-2006, 13:37
The Apocalypse is a superb battleship. I find, whenever I use mine that its best deployed as a fire support ship for my cruisers. My Apocalypse went one on one with a SM battlebarge once and held its own, my ship lost but it was a close run thing.

02-11-2006, 21:03
For starters the model is superb.

That said I don't think I'd take it for the NC, the potential for those lances is huge, you don't have to fire long range too many times, thus detroying yourself, just fire long range until you can go in for closer shots with supporting ships. The only unfortunate thing about the ship is that it cannot use lock on without suffering damage so it's best left to shoot normally up close. Another bonus, certainly for the points cost, is that its one of the few imperial battleships with 6+ armour on the prow.

02-11-2006, 22:12
Hmm, I believe that the Apocalypse only incurs the thruster critical if it goes onto lock-on and chooses to extend the range of the lances. Admitedly it's not entirely clear but the rule does say if the "option" is used which I take to mean the option of the range extension rather than the lock-on special ( note that these are separate since it says it may increase the lance range when on lock-on - it doesn't have to ).

On the Apocalypse itself, I really don't believe the author of its rules intended it to suffer a point of damage for the thruster critical - just the potential loss of speed. Of course, this wasn't stipulated and so consequent HA rulings have nerfed the ship somewhat.

03-11-2006, 01:53
It can lock on without taking the hit. Also, do not that the thrusters critical hit doesn't put damage on it, just the speed reduction. I think. I haven't read the new rules, but if they put damage on it now I'll be sad.

Either way, I already have it and intend to use it =P.

04-11-2006, 09:16
Depends on who you're fighting. Against Space Marines, it's perfect. Yes, a couple of Gothic class cruisers would be better at close range, but when fighting Space Marine fleets you really want to keep your enemy at a distance. Also nice against other Imperial fleets, to blast away the armoured prows of incoming ships, whilst still potentially being able to avoid their torpedoes.

Put it this way; I always curse inwardly when my friend fields this ship.