View Full Version : Winter Conclave '06 (Inquisitor)

31-10-2006, 10:36
The on-line INQ community is organizing a meet-up for games, food and enthusiastic debate at Warhammer World on Saturday 9 Dec 06. If you are interested in joining us, please PM me so we can have an accurate idea of how many tables we will need to book.

To participate you will need:

1) At least one fully painted 54mm character (no tin-boyz at WHW!).

2) A complete character sheet for every character.

3) A sense of humour.

There will be a limited supply of "spare" models and character sheets, donated for the day by community members, which will be made available to those who need reinforcements. But participants must have at least one model of their own to join in.

Further details will be published as they are decided.



13-12-2006, 06:43
Well, sorry to resurrect an old thread, but we had the Winter Conclave at Warhammer World on 9 Dec 06. 12 Inquisitor players made it to the event and we took over three tables to play an intense and exciting tournament that tested our participants' skills not only as players but also as GMs and painters, and also their general knowledge of the INQ game and the 40k universe.

The day was hard-fought in excellent spirits and at the conclusion, overall victor Tim H was declared "Inquisitor Lord of the Ordos Terran". Next time, we might actually have a real trophy...

Next time? Oh yes, folks, the Spring Conclave is already in the planning stages, so if you're in the UK and want to play some Inquisitor, clear your diaries for 24 Mar 07 and book your ticket to Nottingham!