View Full Version : Xini Warriors vs Tenpole Tudor

05-11-2006, 20:48
A dissapointing opening game for tenpole tudor. I had high expectations of a win but the lizards denied. The opening started well with an early turn over and the skaven rushed to place players around the ball in the oppositions end. But the skinks held the ball and slipped through to score a touchdown.
Ok my turn to receive and the kick off result. A blitz.
From this I could not get into position and was skirmishing the rest of the first hal, no fun against str 4 saurus.
Ok 2nd half. I get the ball. Passed to gutter runner, he pegs it. Gets blitz but still standing. The rest of the team turn up to back up and blitz the opposition suarus but for some reason i was not happy with pushback and elected to go for a reroll. This lost me the game because the reult was all fall over and the turn meant my GR got beaten off the field. If I had just gone along with the pushback the gutter runner would have easily dodged out of his tackle zone into the end zone.
Any way the ball went out of play and came back straight into the hands of a saurus. He bashed his way through toward the end zone. Got succesful blitz but a skink came along picked up the dropped ball and waltz to the end zone 2-0.
Oh well after this I was able to get a stormvermin Eddie though with the ball to make it 2-1.
Tenpole made more SPP than the Xini as they made three completions, one td, and two casulaties.