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08-11-2006, 03:06
Anyone ever end up with an unusualy Necromunda gang? I'm not talking about some oddball home made rule set, but as an example, I recently started a new campaign with my friends, and started a Ven Saar gang, which is usually a shooty type gang, but due to early rolls for weapon skill and attacks increases, they now are more close combat oriented. It's working well, with only one loss, but it is a bit odd.

08-11-2006, 07:50

It just happens that way what with random skill rolls.

The first campaign I took part in, oh, years ago, ended up with one gangs Heavy rolling nothing but skills that made him a monster in close combat, making him lugging around a heavy stubber rather pointless.

But when you don't have total control of what skills your guys gain (unlike in Mordheim) I think you'll always end up getting some skills and developments that seem out of character.

But that is what makes the game one of the best.

The best thing to do is just to evolve the gang around the skills you end up getting - if you get close combat skills, then work on that angle. If you get shooty skills, then obviously giving a BS6 guy with the crackshot skill 2 chainswords isn't the most beneficial combination.

Man, I love this game.


08-11-2006, 15:06
A friend in our current campaign has a heavy that is getting alot of close combat friendly skills, but he also has a BS 6, so he's keeping the heavy bolter.
I also love this game, which is part of why I started this thread, was just to get people talking about it.

Unki Skarga
08-11-2006, 15:51
My friend once had a gang made up converted Blood Bowl Skaven, I believed he used the delaque as a base. And I played a gang of Orks once using them as goliaths

09-11-2006, 00:05
I've not played it but the delaque i'm painting might just force me to break my 'no dice' rule and actually play, to develop their characters and so forth.. does anyone play necromunda in nottingham? such inspiring background and models... on topic, if i do get round to playing nec with my delaque i shall adopt my old-fashioned ork tactics and charge in to scrap! skin'eds with knives!

09-11-2006, 00:37
I highly reccomend that you give it a try. It's alot of fun. As far as tactics go, while close combat can be very effective, a balnce is neccesary for true success. That's my opinion at any rate.

09-11-2006, 06:45
I've had the all specialist Van Saar gang before and its quite a bit of fun(especially when you get OMGWTFBBQ luck and roll 2 snipers and actually have the credits). I've also had a pretty good Van Saar close combat gang that had combined some decent shooting(2 BS4 guys with a grenade launcher and a plasma gun) as well as a bunch of the good old hidden handflamers on overwatch to pin and then gang up on.