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09-11-2006, 04:48
this is my fist time here at war seer, my first time with mordheim. me and some friends are going to start playing mordheim so i am posting my list here (this is the starting list)

[The outlaws of Stir wood] – 500 gold


[Bandit leader]- Long bow, sword, club, dagger.

[Cleric]- Long bow, 2 hammers, dagger.

[Champion]- Long bow, sword, dagger.

[Champion]- Long bow, 2 clubs, dagger.

[Petty thief]- Long bow, 2 daggers.


[Marksmen]- Long bow,dagger. X5

War band rating – 94

Gold left over – 3

ok so i havent mad the models yet just wont to kno what you guys think??

09-11-2006, 09:49
drop the sword and give all your henchies a csecond dagger or club..

otherwise it's pretty good.

10-11-2006, 04:53
welcome to the board

so you actually have the models? how about just build them how you see fit. i would rather be unhappy with my models than unhappy with my list. i think thats a lot of clubs and very boring...and im doubting you can convert all the models to have 2 clubs in the first place. try to have variety...no warband is an army of clones.

10-11-2006, 05:58
yer that was my fist list. i kinda like the robben hood warband its funny
"we steel from the rich and poor and tack it all."

yer just wondering what skills to get in the beginning
i was thinking the leader one +6" to the leadership range then some shooting skills

10-11-2006, 11:54

I'd rely more on shooting and drop all those h-t-h weapons that you won't need. Invest in hunting arrows instead (You want your enemies to stay down if you shoot them).

My band is equipped as the models I have:

Leader LBow, HArrows, Sword & Dagger
Champion LBow, HArrows, d-h-weapon & Dagger
Priest LBow, HArrows, Dagger
Champion, LBow, HArrows, Sword, Helmet (because he Model has one)
Petty Thief, LBow, HArrows, Dagger

2 (IIRC) Marksmen LBows, Daggers

10-11-2006, 19:52
it think more guys in the beginning is more important then have HArrow. I think i will get the HArrows later in the game ???

11-11-2006, 02:18
well, seeing as most of your army is pure shooting, then either way it will work out. you'll take people out of action at 30" for at least 2 turns, and even less if you make it into buildings or other forms of cover.

you will outshoot most warbands, so you can either go with lots of ok shooting or a some really good shooters. either way, youll do damage. it really just depends on what your style is. if you have some sort of story line, then go with the hunting arrows to show how good the heroes are at shooting. if you are just a warband, take more people, but maybe still give the leader hunting arrows. he is the leader after all.