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11-11-2006, 06:14
My FLGS owner has both the books for Mordheim and Inquisitor and allowed me to borrow both. Now the downside is there's not too many players intrested in picking it up, as Privateer Press has about cornered the market in Southwest Virginia as far as I can tell ( can't argue much that's my mainstream wargame ;) ). BUT with some luck he's got enough dwarves minis left over ( heavily converted might I add ) and enough Skaven sprues ( loves me Skaven <3 ) that we can get some warbands going.

I haven't read Inquisitor yet but the 54mm scale is a big turn on for me. Love the detail on the models and the amount of customizing involved in both games. Can anyone tell me how they play out? Rules depth is not a problem and I've played 40k before and i've read and proxied WHFB enough times to grasp it's rules as well but these two spin off games seem a lot more indepth and 'funky', so to speak. Just the idea of a small skirmish scale game where experience, etc, carries over from game to game and there's customization options out the ASS really appeals. The only thing I find useful of my left over 40k minis is the idea of building up Killteams. Now if I could only get someone to do that with me as well...

11-11-2006, 22:40
I'm startin Inquisitor myself, the rules look complicated but i've been told that once you get used to them they're really not that much of a hinderance.
If not many are interested in the specialist games side of warhammer, why dont u offer your mates a game and c if their interested,
hope thats a help.

13-06-2007, 20:07
inquisitor is quite easy once you get used to it you just have to keep trying.
start with one model (even a 40k model) and learn the basic rules.

hope you go all the way.

17-06-2007, 19:55
Well, funnily enough - being a regular on the INQ forum - I think that it's one of the best games ever designed by Games Workshop.

However, unlike their other games, I don't think that because of the rules-set. In terms of clarity and consistency, the rules for INQ are beaten hands-down by just about any other wargame you care to mention and by some RPGs, too.

What makes INQ special is that - unlike every other wargame you care to mention - it doesn't matter! Because in many respects, the rules are just a starting point for the players. Improvisation, adaptation and evolution are the keywords when playing INQ. If the theory and design of wargames and RPGs is something that interests you and your friends, then you'll love INQ because it gives your imagination free-rein.

On the other hand, if you like your wargames finished off and ready to play out of the box, then you might find elements of the game frustrating.


The Anarchist
17-06-2007, 22:42
I'am a massive Inquisitor fan andhave to say the rules can seem a tad daunting but they all seem to make sense when you start playing a bit. also the sheer level of adaptibility and do as you wish in Inquisitor makes it far more fun that any other game in my mind.

however priceintcomega has highlighted the one weakness of Inq. its a campagin game, need to build it up as u progress, it can't (or is far weakerif done so) play right out of the box.