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05-07-2005, 10:32
G'day peoples. Since I first heard about the Deathwatch years ago, i've been obsessed with trying to find info on them.
To make a boring story shorter, I MUST have info on the Deathwatch! Please gimmy, gimmy, gimmy!!!
Ah-hem. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Looking for websites and fluff mainly. I know the basics, (best of the best, alien hunters, cool guns, different chapters.)
And any info on the Codex too.

05-07-2005, 11:18
Do you know the Deathwatch article from WD 306 (UK)? That's as much as there's officially on Deathwatch, as far as I know. If not, I could give you a short summary (I would edit this post).

He Who Laughs
05-07-2005, 13:44
Welcome back Gavmo,
As far as I'm aware - the Deathwatch are a relatively new invention, fluff-wise. From what I can remember, the idea of Deathwatch wasn't around back in 2nd ed (but that was a few years ago now, and we were much younger then - so it could be a memory thing) and I don't know if they were in Rogue Trader... so, from the info that I know you've gathered Gavmo, you've pretty much got all the official stuff! I'll lend you the BL novel "Kill-Team" on Saturday, a Deathwatch Marine makes an appearance in that; there was also a comic strip that ran for a awhile with a Deathwatch team as its focus (good luck finding that now though).

Apart from that, we'll have to wait til Codex AlienHunters...

05-07-2005, 13:54
What these two said sums it up.

You'll also want to check out Index Astartes Volume 2.There is a decent sized article inside loaded with fluff.

Codex:Necrons has some info about the Ordo Xenos(the branch of the =][= that the DW serves) and it's current use of Deathwatch Kill-Teams against the Necron threat.

The Inquisitor game also delves into them,and the Eisenhorn Trilogy by BL.

Rabid Bunny 666
05-07-2005, 14:43
don't forget the graphic novel by Warhammer Comic :D funkeh, theres also some other stuff in IA books as well as the same article in an old WD

06-07-2005, 01:43
Thanks for the info guys.
It just feels a little disheartening that I already have most of the info on them. I must have more! And I hate having to wait the 600 years till the Codex comes out.
But I guess they have been neglecting the other races. (When was the last time you even SAW a picture of an Ork or Eldar in White Dwarf.)
And =][=Danek=][=, your Deathwatch army rocks so hard it hurts! :evilgrin:

Son of Morkai
06-07-2005, 01:51
Didn't see anyone else mention this, so Deathwatch also show up in Warriors of Ultramar and play a pretty big part.