View Full Version : Getting back into mordheim, help!

16-11-2006, 07:08

Been gathering my old playgroup to play some mordheim during christmas, and having a lot of left-over beastmen from earlier projects, I thought I'd build me a warband without spending too much on it. Problem is it was years (literaly!) since I played mordheim, so some advice on the roster is needed.



Cheiftain, Axe, Mace 73 pts
Centigor, Sword, (free dagger), 90 pts
Shaman, Axe, (free dagger), 50 pts
Bestigor, Axe, Mace 48 pts
Bestigor, Mace, (free dagger), 53 pts


2 Warhounds
2 Ungors, Spears
Gor, Axe, Mace
Gor, Axe, Mace

500 pts on the dot. 11 models and 110 starting rating.

A few questions while we're at it;

* Is it wise or unwise to split the henchmen groups? My intent was that I'd like several groups to start gain experience in order to level more quickly, and then be able to expand the groups with more members later on.

* Anything special I should aim at after the first battles? Probably won't play more then five games with it but you never now... I recall Lucky Charms to be something you never could be without :cheese:

* What extra weaponoptions should I prepare? I plan to make the warband modular in terms of heads and arms, converting everything from the plastic gors means everyone will be able to switch arms with eachother if needed. (By simple dubble-pinning of each part, to keep them in place)

* Minotaurs? Good or bad?