View Full Version : New Zaggarund Quakes vs Tenpole tudor

20-11-2006, 12:17
The first half consisted of Tenpole Tudor holding back the Chaos Dwarf advancw which they did very well considering in a scrap, the chaos dwarf will come out on top.
I was able to bitz there hobgoblin ball carrier on my first turn but the ball bounced off down the pitch out of reach. His hobgoblin playing rear defence picked up the ball and passed it forward where again the ball carrier got blitz and possession of the ball was taken.
My Gutter Runner was then blitzed and for the remainder of the half the team fought in scrum around the ball.
Next half, after the fight my Skaven were down four men including my only Gutter Runner.
Dispite being outnumbered, the team were able to make a break through. Dr Scott managed to pass the ball to Janet and she was able to move clear of the slow moving dwarfs. I stalled the game for a turn as I wanted the dwarfs to have as little time as possible to score a equalizer.
I took the touchdown when I thought it was too risky to get Janet blitzed and that left the Quakes with four turns to equalize.
I did very well in stopping him dispite his numerical supremacy but in turn 7 he outwitted me by throwing the ball to an empty square on the opposite side of the field.
I was only able to get one linesman back to cover but the Quakes had two hobgoblins. I blitzed the one nearest the ball. It was his last turn. The hobgoblin stood up and the other hobgoblin came blitzing through kmnocked the skaven out of the way, picked up the ball, darn no fumble, and ran to the end zone on the last seconds of the game. Equalized 1-1

Autobot HQ
20-11-2006, 18:12
In a tough game against the insanely fast rats, the Quakers finally started to display the ability to hit opponents hard in the face that they lacked from the first game. Still, the rats unparrelled ability to dodge, failing all but a couple of rolls, meant that the New Zaggarund Quakes couldn't keep their numbers, superior as they were, on top of the rats, and frequently were out manouvered and to be honest out-performed.

The Hobgoblins were the real stars, consistently picking up the ball and moving it around the pitch under pressure and in essential moments. Rugg knocking the opposing clanrat and scoring the equalising touchdown saved me the points that keep me in the running for victory, but we aren't looking forward to the day they gain another gutter runner or two ...