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20-11-2006, 19:27
To avoid developing multiple threads for writing up your matches why not stick them in this thread.

Premiership Winter Season A - Round 2 Match
WarSeers 3 - Athletico Middenheim 4

The Middenheimers pull off a victory in their opening league match after a true roller-coaster of a match.

The WarSeers began by using their star Witch Elf to drive up the pitch, unable to attack the ball carrier the Middenheimers attempted to build on their main advantage - numbers - by stomping the elves. Seriously injuring one through a crowd push and badly hurting another through a foul the Middenheimers put a dent into the Dark Elf numbers and with another crowd push imminent the WarSeers decided against stalling.

Seeking retaliation for the foul the WarSeers set about kicking the snot out of a Middenheim catcher, spotting the foul the ref sent the offending Elf from the field and reduced the WarSeers to 8 players. In the ensuing play the WarSeers suffer a further two crowd pushes but these only result in stuns. With the St4 Witch Elf rampaging in the backfield the Middenheimers pass the ball to their St5 Blitzer who is then stunned to allow the Witch to run in another touchdown.

Things look even worse for the Middenheimers when they suffer a 'blitz' from the resulting kick off. However with the Witch over-eager to put pressure on the ball she catches is allowing the Middenheimers to quickly break down the other wing. With a quick WarSeer turnover the Middenheimers run in an easy TD to bring it back to 2-1.

With just one turn left for the WarSeers before the end of the half they aim to cause mayhem but in the end have a second player sent off whilst not been watched leaving them with 7 players for the rest of the game.

With plenty of gaps in the WarSeers line the Middenheimers flood potential receivers into the opposition's half of the pitch. A failed Witch Elf blitz leaves a simple pass to bring the game all square.

The WarSeers dodge through the Middenheimer lines on the return to set up a decent cage deep in Middenheimer territory despite much reduced numbers with only the ST5 Blitzer able to bring down the ball carrier KOing the ST4 Witch Elf. A plucky Dark Elf lineman is able to recover the ball and allow the WarSeers to take the lead again.

At the next kick off the crow take exception at the quick recovery of the Witch Elf by trying to brain her with a throw rock with only use of the apothecary preventing the removal of her from the game with a badly hurt. The Middenheimers then succeed in making good the reduction of the WarSeers to 6 with the badly hurting of a Lineman. The WarSeers come back at the Middenheimers knocking over the ball carrier but with a lack of players can do little to stop the Middenheimers recovering the ball, fouling the Witch off the pitch (KO), badly hurting another Lineman and tieing the game for the second time at 3-3.

With three turns each left the game was still in up for grabs, but with 5 remaining players the WarSeers were up against it. It got even worse when the Middenheimers 'Blitzed' from the kick off and raced into the WarSeers half after the ball. Things got terminal when the last WarSeer defender tripped and fell on a GFI whilst trying to clear the ball leaving the Middenheimers an easy task of running in the winner.

20-11-2006, 20:54
I prefer multiple threads, I hate wading through pages and pages on one single thread. And its not like we are flooded with threads is it.

22-11-2006, 16:17
Ok how about instead of all match reports go into one thread, divide up the match season and division into threads. So you would have thread titled "Match reports for Premiership Division season Winter B" and "Game scribbles for Divs 1 Winter B". That way all relevant matches are grouped together, and the forum will not get inundated with match reports.

23-11-2006, 22:36
New Zaggarund Quakes vs Xini Warseers
A typical clash match as two muscle teams squared up against each other. In the first half the Chaos Dwarf team received the ball but there advanced was halted and for the rest of the half it was just a struggle to move the ball forward a few squares at a time.
In the second half the skinks showed their speed in shot down the wing with the ball, safely guarded by saurus. 1 - 0.
With five turn left the Cds made a valiant effort, caused a few BH and one SI which enabled them to waltz across the end zone on the last turn to equalize.
The skills the chaos dwarf acquired makes them deadly for their next opponents.

Autobot HQ
24-11-2006, 12:47
Good game I thoroughly enjoyed, felt I had the first half in the bag at one point until a double skull stopped me making a space to free up my Bull Centuar who was carrying the ball. Subsiquent turn he got slapped in the face alot and cried. Well, ok not quite crying, but close.

Well played by the Xini's who were in control score-wise for most the match, as I just couldn't seem to neautralize the speed of those skinks. Game could of been very different had certain plays worked for either side, but great game none the less.

26-11-2006, 22:12
Cwmbran Cowboys V's New Zaggarund Quakes

What can I say except I was ANIALATED. I dont mind losing 3-0 but the way my team played you'd think I had a team of snotlings. 2 nigglers and another 4 flings missing the next game, 1 sent off and by the end of the game all I had left on the field was the 2 treemen.

Edit; Thanks for the kind words Autobot HQ. I knew what I was getting myself into when I chose the 'flings so you gotta roll with it. It was a bit silly setting all your ball carriers on the line of scrimmage for my 8th turn before the half ended.

Autobot HQ
26-11-2006, 22:15
Absolute destruction was rained upon the 'flings today, with essentially 14 players out of the game by full time, with only one of those 14 not in the injury boxes. The NZQ played at their best, whilst the Cowboys were certainly very very unlucky, bar one GREAT turn where he essentially crippled my ball running players in one go.

A great game for us, but an unlucky one for the 'flings. Major kudos for Fredox in taking it like a man and staying in good spirits. Great coach, great player.

26-11-2006, 23:21
I disagreed with putting ALL match reports into one thread. I will place mine in a separate for each season.

04-12-2006, 21:50
Premiership Winter Season B - Fifth Round
Athletico Middenheim 3 - Kharadrim Medics 1

With both teams going into this game level on points and with their earlier meeting ending in a draw this was always going to be a tight game.

Middenheim received the kick off and made a half-hearted dash down the field. This was quickly halted by 4 KOs and one career ending serious injury inflicted by the determined Medics (The Middenheim Medic however was held back in case of injury to a more important team member) and they took possession of the ball following a Middenheim trip. Luckily for the Middenheimers they managed to take back the ball in difficult circumstances and make a pass to a deep Nernst who then survived the frenzied attentions of a Slayer to take the Middenheimers into a 1-0 lead.

The Medics then set about their reply by rolling up the field confidently whilst the Middenheimers tried a desperate defence. This looked like it had paid off when they dis-possed a blodge ball carrier on a 2dice against block but the Dwarfs recovered and made a rare passing manoeuvre to a deep Slayer to equalise.

With one turn left and a newly MA9 catcher the Middenheimers fancied their chances at a one turn TD play. A Quick Snap result allowed them to get within just one block of the endzone. This and the required passing play were duly successful and the catcher waltzed up the pitch only to fail the final (re-rolled) GFI.

Stung from this failure Middenheim found themselves kicking to a confident Medics. However due to a rare lack of Guard near the ball carrier the Middenheimers managed to floor the ball carrier on a one dice blitz with a highly fortunate throw in landing well out of the Dwarf reach in the Middenheimers end zone. Making the most of their fortune the Middenheimer catchers raced into the Medic's half and the following turn the ball was passed to the free catcher and deep into Medic's territory. With almost all their players committed the Medics found it hard to respond and the Middenheimers managed to stall for a turn to make the Medics search for a second equaliser more difficult.

With a deep kick and only 3 turns remaining the Medics were up against it and an inaccurate pass meant the score was impossible and allowed the Middenheimers to steal the ball only for them to fumble their pass. With a troll slayer running into trouble the Middenheimers were allowed another go at scoring and this time made good.

The 3-1 scoreline flattered the Middenheimers with their blocking consistently appalling (except on one dice and two dice blocks against) but ball handling skills almost perfect (5 comp for 24 squares). Only a returning Foul Peak Frenzy lie between them and the title now...

05-12-2006, 07:55
Or as it's otherwise phrased only FPF or Warseers winning twice meaning we could have a three way tie at the top.

05-12-2006, 17:27
I thought the points for Seasons A&B were combined. Therefore if AM avoid defeat they can't be caught.

05-12-2006, 17:44
If you avoid defeat yes.

You're playing Skinny next.

08-12-2006, 18:57
Warseers vs. Foul Peak Frenzy

1st Half

WarSeers were receiving the kick-off and made a quick snap, mostly charging into the Skaven except for champion thrower Sylass who dashed towards the ball. They employed violent tactics on the rats but failed to make any injuries, with new blocker Brimstone knocking himself out with the shaft of his own banhammer. Sylass reached the ball only for it to slip from his talons. The rats retaliated by sprinting players right up the pitch, surrounding Sylass. He and a few nearby WarSeers slammed into the sneaks but they agiley dodged the blows and scored the next turn.

Brimstone regained conciousness and set himself up on the left flank, with Yorkie on the right, ready to smash two skaven gutter runners into the dirt. The Warseers again got a quick snap and acted in the same manner as before, a sound strategy. However, their attacks again failed to make an impact and Skaven rushed up the pitch to overwhelm Sylass and score.

Next the WarSeers got a THIRD quick snap and still not learning from the past rushed Sylass towards the ball and everyone else in to attack. This time however, Sylass succeeded in throwing the ball to the middle of the pitch, where it was utterly surrounded within seconds by both Dark Elves and rats. The clock was ticking and the WarSeers couldn't score before the half ended, but they were not going to allow the score to reach 3-0. They laid into the rats with more effect, knocking out their kicker. It looked like the ball would be safe, lord_blackfang simply had to make a decent roll with THREE block dice. Easy.

:mad: DAMN YOU BLACKFANG! DAMN YOU! See attached image. Needless to say, despite a truly legendary run by Yorkie, the rats scored a third time in the closing seconds of the half. Blackfang shall be cursed for the rest of his days. Which may be limited, considering the black looks the rest of the team are giving him.

08-12-2006, 19:30
2nd Half

The WarSeers edited their usual defence slightly to allow blackfang to stand next to Brimstone. At the first sign of cowardice Brimmy was to pulverise the bastard's head into the oblivion of a permament ban. The kick-off resulted in yet ANOTHER quick snap, this time for the rats, and the ball ended up right next to a gutter runner. The rest of the rats moved in and made just one injury. Yep, you guessed it, that weakling blackfang was stunned. Brimstone had no time to whack his brains out as he knocked over a storm vermin while the rest of the team moved to block potential catchers and attempt to intercept. They were then surprised as the fast rats imply moved to the other side of the pitch and formed a cage, ready to run for touchdown.

The WarSeers ran to surround as many rats as possible, two heading off the cage while Yorkie went to shred a gutter runner who yet again was only knocked down. The WarSeers had done all they could and waited to see what happened. The Skaven scum somehow managed to simply pass and score straight past the massed Dark Elves and that was that. 4-0 and well into the second half.

The next kick-off was a blitz to Foul Peak Frenzy and so of course a few rats managed to sprint to the destination of the ball even before it landed. The WarSeers acted well though, bringing well over half their opponents to the ground before Yorkie made one of his signature death-defying runs past the enemy to attack the ball-carrier. He was successful and planted the ball neatly between two team-mates, but they were immediately swarmed by rats who gained possession and took the ball off to the endzone.

However, they didn't count on tzeentchgiant. This mighty player, only a lineman but with true scottish strength, smashed into the ball-carrying gutter runner and took it from him, delaying the TD for at least one more turn. At the same time Yorkie stunned a skaven and the rest of the team knocked over many.

Foul Peak moved a couple of rats to cover TG but were largely ineffective as they stood back up, only to be demolished again including a Stunning 24-hour ban from Brimmy's hammer. TG fought on bravely, aided now by the heroes Yorkie and Sylass, but still foiled by the sidestepping rats.

Foul Peak again stood up and failed to do anything effective, but this time Yorkie, Sylass and Brim were truly deadly, knocking out and badly hurting their opponents. TG passed to Brimmy and failed, but the ball remained safe in starlight's capable hands. A cage was formed around it and the WarSeers began to make some serious endgame injuries and skilled passes, knowing that the rats would not score again.

End Score: 4-0 to Foul Peak Frenzy. Low winnings for the WarSeers but no drop in fan factor (except for the now-hated Blackfang) and yet ANOTHER skill roll for Star Player Yorkie, who gained the ever-useful Leap.

09-12-2006, 16:27
Ouch - AM again go down to the Frenzy leaving their title challenge in the balance.

In the first half AM seemed unable to handle the ball and the blasted thing always seemed to favour the frenzy taking every opportunity to bounce in their favour. The pre-match went badly with Morley's Revenge striking two valuable catchers, one of who niggled out anyway (The other one might as well have failing to come on in 6 out of 7 downs). The Hof tried to right things by SI a rat in the first block but the rest of the Middenheimers made little impression. The rest of the half is a blur with a mixture of poor ball handling by AM and impressive dodging, weaving passing and ball recovery by the Gutters leaving AM in deep trouble. With debutant Roentgen being sent off on a un-eyed foul on a gutter, the Apothecary failing Bosch, another lino going BH and Von Braun spending the entire game KOed (6 recovery rolls failed!) AM spent the game outnumbered and out gunned.

The only high points were a solo Fraunhofer TD with successive blocks leaving a hole and two BH rats and a blitz preventing a Frenzy 5th but AM were unable to convert due to much reduced numbers.

The luck as measured was pretty even but by the time it moved in that direction (Not that the Frenzy were ever particularly lucky) AM were 4-0 down and had a much reduced squad. End of season lethargy perhaps but their championship hopes are now in the hands of others.

15-12-2006, 20:32
Talons of Ulthuan TR/Str 100/98 High Elf vs Cwmbran Cowboys Utd TR/Str 122/70 Halfling

Tom- Welcome sportsfans to another addition of sportscenter! A lot of action going on tonight so we'll get right into it, the new Talons of Ulthuan led under prince Azreal vs the Cowboys.

Early on we see why the Talons belong in the WBBL, as they set up there blockers and get down field early on. The halflings try to get in position to stop the drive but due to some footing issues slip up allowing the easy score.

Harry- Maybe they shouldn't play bare feeted anymore Tom?

Tom- you may be right on that one...

Now check out this replay of a crushing hit by Maximus as he flattens the elven player.. Looked like the elf pinched a nerve on that play, but luckily the excellent training staff at the Ulthuan Dome were able to patch him up and send him back out there... Check out these comments from Azreal at the half...

Reporter- Coach how this first league game going for your team?

Azreal- Well were doing good ball movement and really giving the halflings some trouble on both sides of the ball but we gotta stay away from those trees..

Reporter- how?

Azreal- as in run away screaming...

Tom- The second half didn't get much better for the cowboys as they were stopped and the talons kept scoring. Few highlights in this half, with the lone exeption some good ol' 'fling tossing.

Harry- My god, it's raining cats and flings..head for the bunker Tom!!

Tom- Haha, eventually the game ended up 3-0 with the High Elves looking very stuck up afterwords, calling out the other teams in the league. Surely with only 11 players and no skill advances yet that can't be a smart move... After the break the alegged doping scandel involving Alissia from the Talons, all this comming up... (Alissia got +1 Strength, illegal drugs for handicap).

02-01-2007, 21:31
Me versus Gres = Nuffle hates me. :(

However, I did make an amazing last turn touch down and something weird happened - Damien the zombie was killed and raise dead used to add him to Gres' team. However, FUMBBL's birthday meant the death was ignored, so now we both have the same player.

02-01-2007, 22:36
Yes - truly Nuffle had a favourite tonight. Your Mummy bagged 4 CAS and became frenzied and Damien was hit so hard he split in two. Both halves promptly disagreed and started playing for opposing teams (We were hoping for a further split but that could have broken Fumbbl!). FUMBBLs birthday lead to rampant fouling but only Tomb had the required sharp footware and the Game finished 2-1 to the Tomb on the scoreboard and 6-0 in the CAS stakes.

03-01-2007, 00:33
WarSeers just pounded NZQ into the dirt with a variety of claws and spikes in an IMMENSELY fun game, even if it was very unbalanced. The Rippers will be taking challenges throughout most of tomorrow.

03-01-2007, 08:05
I have been very ill these past few days with flu, since new year eve morning and now I come back and am gladdened to hear NZQ got beaten.

03-01-2007, 08:48
Well, Marvel Zombies flattened the Ravenshead Rippers and gained a clone of Fido. However, the Rippers did earn enough cash to buy a Flesh Golem to provide a solid centre.

Score 3-0 to Marvel
Injuries 7-4 to Marvel

03-01-2007, 09:58
Ravenshead Rippers lose again to Badnagz Bad Boyz, though they did win on injuries. It was an enjoyable game but zombies just don't cope when half the opponents are ST4. Lassie the Werewolf FINALLY has Block.

10-01-2007, 21:36

Oh man, I am so tired and stupid. I lost to Th0r's elves despite outnumbering, out-TRing and out-lucking them. The only reason for it was my own moronic actions. AAARGH! :mad::cries::mad:

10-01-2007, 22:10
We come to play baby! ESPN just ran a special on the Ulthuan Talons star Allisia.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_cOcILhz_c

My game comments will be up later

10-01-2007, 22:53
"We go down to the sportsfield where Rod has "Prime Time" Allisia standing by for an interview.

Allisia, after all the talk you didn't score today whats up?

"Man, it's not always about prime time, this is a team sport as long as we keep winning thats all that matters baby."

Azreal really seemed to have an edge today didnt he?

"Oh man I tell you what, he comes to play. Usually he throws some big hits and lets number 85 do all the scoring but we switched it up for the fans"

Let me ask you, it seemed the Talons were in a lot of trouble early as player after player got sent off from some devestating hits by the Warseers

"I tell you, the league should look at a few of those hits cause if you saw what I did you would know there was alot of illegal activity that caused those injuries to our players"

One finial question, can anybody stop the Talons?

"Haha. They try to stop us week after week and for what? for what? No one can stop our offence. We have the total package man. Everyone was all scared of the chaos dwarves and we beat them and sent them home to there mommies. When the WBBL Cup starts up all your gonna see is highlight after highlight of number 85 leaving the defenders in the dust. Thats how we roll baby!!"

13-01-2007, 13:05
Disclaimer: I am NOWHERE NEAR as good as any of you at writing up fluffy articulate and funny reports so.......

Foul Peak Frenzy 6 Warseers 1
(Skaven- me) (D.Elves- Yorkie)

The Skaven got off to a flying start with a quick rush up the flank of the field with one of their gutters. With Line rats, Storm Vermin and other Gutters protecting the ball carrier their was no way they could be stopped. TD in turn 2.

However, this gave the D.Elves a lot of time to equalise and Sylass started kicking ass (even though he is a thrower!) and sent a line-rat into hospital! The Dark Elves attempted to put up a pocket with Brimstone the Blitzer ready to reiceve any pass and score. Unfortunatly for the D.Elves the ball carrier was decked in combination with a rather helpful Stormvermin named Scratch who has guard.

The ball lay on the ground amongst both Elves and rats and the Skaven (foolishly) attempted to pick up the ball... disaster!!! After about six bounces and failed attempts to grab the ball from both sides it landed neatly in the lap of a rather surprised Dark Elf lineman. One quick throw later and it was 1-1 as Brimstone scored!

The Skaven had two turns to score and one good quick kick later and the Skaven realsied they would have to change strategy. Several Skaven players broke through the Warseers line ready to try and recieve a pass in the last turn of the half. The Warseers put up a great defence but despite having no re-rolls the Fou Peak Frenzy luck came through (as usual) and it was 2-1 to the rats- this was (obviously) the turning point in the game.

The 2nd half was a blur of gutters and line rats galloping up the field and scoring after various, flukes dropped balls and crowd throws with a few good plays thrown in too.

The Dark ELves got so annoyed with the rats luck that they surrounded a Rat Ogre and held him down whilst a lineman took a run up and threw a flying elbow drop into his skull, taking him out for the rest of the game!!!

There is some bad news for the rats though- best gutter Sewers was decked and misses the next game of the cup!!! This means Foul Peak frenzy will only have 3 Gutters for the next match- at most! 2 have niggling inj's and the next team is guarenteed to get some handicap rolls. If a 'virus' rears its ugly head then the rats will be missing 5 players total and have only 9 players!!!!!!!

There are rumours that coach Skinnydookie is seriuously considering hiring a freebooter line-rat/thrower for the next game so that he at least have 10 players in the worst case scenario- but if no virus appears then this will have been a waste of gold!!!

Anyway 6-1 to the Frenzy.

14-01-2007, 18:32
Badnagz Bad Boys (Orc TR:125) 4 - 0 Waywyrd Warriors (WE TR:100)

The game started off with a handicap roll to my opponent (Ixajin playing th WE's). He got Virus which was unuseful coz of the lack of nigglers in my team. I got the toss and decided to receive. The game started off well I got in loads of blocks but it took 4 turns before I could really attempt a TD. A blitz from the WE's killed my gobbo (who was thankfully saved by the team surjin') and a blitzer took the dropped ball and scored.

The next kick-off saw me snatching the ball after my opponent rolled a skull on a block and a hand-off, throw and 2 gfi's saw a liner score my second TD. From then on I had got a grip on the game, scored a few CAS's (5 in total), snatched the ball and scored consequentially 2 more TD's.

In the words of the glorious coach Epsteiner of Badnagz Bad Boys: "We'z wupped dem panzees proppa' orky-style"!

15-01-2007, 14:51
And wupped we got!

Badnagz Bad Boys 4 - 0 Waywyrd Warriors

The game started slow, then the Orcs started to run, away with the ball that is. With a thrid of the team out of the game before the half, the Waywyrd Warriors were willing to try anything to slow the Orcs down. In the end, they failed.

When asked to comment on the outcome of the game the coach had this to say:
"After a showing like that, we deserve to be called 'panzees'"

15-01-2007, 18:27
Never Ahand, Always Afoot vs. Naggorite Nevermore

A great performance in a tense game in the first round had put the necros surprisingly through. Now though, they faced some pro elves, who had a comfortable 3-1 victory vs. Orcs in round 1, at a TR/TS deficit of 60/72 and with only 1 wolf and 1 ghoul.

The handicap reports came in: Palmed Coin, Smelling Salts and Illegal Drugs! So for the second game in a row, the lone werewolf kasparov became an M8 S4 blodger. The necros chose to receive after necessarily winning the toss. The elves came charging up in defence, spearheaded by the S4 blodge, SS, strip balling elf blitzer. One overexuberant elf catcher was frenzied into the crowd and knocked out, and the necros tried to sneak a cage back past the charging elves. The cage was attacked from the side, but the ball carrying wolf managed to get a free run down the wing, with no standing elves within sprinting distant of the monstrosity. Little pressure was applied, so Kasparov slow ran the ball in for a T8 td, making it 1-0 at half time.

Both teams started the second half with a full complement. The elves attacked as elves do, sprinting 3 catchers downfield and presented more problems than can be blitzed for the necro defence. Kasparov clawed one catcher back into the KO box, while the 2 others were surrounded. Elf catcher don't feel the pressure though; the ball was easily moved upfield and thrown to a catcher in 2 tz's, taking the ball easily. Within steps of the endzone, the catcher rolled 1,3,1 for his dodges and was floored! The necros swarmed a ball and had just enough players to form a cage, centred on a wight in their own backfield.

Soon enough the elves were coming in. Kasprov clawed a 2nd elf catcher into the BH box. The final elf catcher, Kindheart, responded by killing a zombie!(saved by regeneration). The super elf blitzer Boldheart made a small notch into the cage, but then tripped on a failed gfi! The necro werewolf, wight, ghouls and zombies could hardly contain their blood lust and reformed their cage around Boldheart's prone body, preparing to put the boot in. Disaster struck as in centre field a zombie rolled quadruple skulls on an innocuous looking block, leaving the ball carrier helplessly standing next to Boldheart's stripballing skills.

A pushback was chosen, leaving the ball in 3 necro tz's and 1 elf tz. The elf thrower reached the melée and niftily picked up the ball, dodged out, and aimed the pass for a free elf lineman on the far wing, who would have had a stroll in to the line. Moral: never throw over the head of a wolf. Kasparov plucked the ball out of the air amazingly. Seconds later he was in a cage on the half way line, with most of the elf defence behind him! The elves were down to 8 players and couldn't get near the wolf yet again.

A 10 spp performance for Kasparov (I wish I could keep him at S4), the MVP oddly for the new flesh golem Fischer Price who spent most the game just standing firm, sends the Necromantics shockingly through to the semi-finals.

15-01-2007, 18:50
Wow go Benny.

That definitely sounds a game to watch in replay.

15-01-2007, 19:51
This makes me feel a little better about losing lol. I watched the game and it was another great performance (being way under in TR, and missing positional players) by the Necro's. Will be a hard next match for them but how can you not cheer these guys on?

15-01-2007, 19:58
I can't realy add much more to the match report so I wont even try. It was a great game with both sides suffering from the ficklness of Nuffel at times with important dice rolls. All I can say Is I hates facing the 3 str 4 guys and thank god nobody has ogres in the league.

15-01-2007, 20:54
There is no shame Thor in loosing to Benny, he is a brilliant coach.

16-01-2007, 22:02
Foul Peak Frenzy 4 Waywyrd Warriors 1

The frenzy went for their 'usual' blitz up a wing upon receiving only to find stiff opposistion amongs Blitzers and Black orcs. The Orcs closed the gaps on the ball carrier but after some nifty blocking and dodging a gutter ran through a (tiny) gap to score in the 2nd turn.

This left (as usual) their opponents with a lot of time to equalise. A pitch invasion by rowdy orcs decimated the frenzy's defence but as is usual with the orc kind they bashed a few of their ladz too! Seeing the gaps the green skins moved up but the frenzy stood firm. After a few turns of tactical jostling the Warriors thower went for an important throw, but rat dung on the ball made it slippery and it landed next to the bewildered (and now smelly) player. One quick blitz and a gutter had made it two by half time.

An unlcuky mishap caused Td no.3 early in the 2nd half as the Orcs were disstracted by news that the ref had been 'got at' by warpstone in his half time tea. The 2nd half would see a number of fouls by the rats.

The Orc coach swore that they would score three quick td's to level the match and how the rats laughed... until a blitzer ran passed them and scored!!

Game on- could the orcs do it??? No. The rats scored again.

NEXT! (just kidding.....honest!:angel: )

16-01-2007, 22:07
Badnagz Bad Boys (Orc TR:138) 1 - 4 Foul Peak Frnzy (Skaven TR:188)

I got two handicaps to start with, just 1 TR short of three! I got smelling salt (pretty useless) and Extra Training (extra reroll should come in handy). Was hoping to roll virus so I could get rid of two opponents right from the start. Coin toss was won and i elected to kick(!)

... and it took 2 turns before the skaven scored! Well I pretty much tried to make a passive defence where I countered any attempt by a gutter to sneak by and did, but the dice came a rollin' and showed alot of arrows, meaning I pushed the GR's only closer to my goalline. Right, set up again and off we go: Pitch invasion, left half of my and my opponents teams stunned. Well I try to form up a good offensive, pick up the ball charge towards my blitzer running upfield and throw, and fumble... well didn't take long before the skaven took advantage, snatched the ball from under my throwers nose and a turn later another TD. The 1st half ended with my blitzer getting the ball and charging towards the goalline, only to be blitzed down by that monstrosity of a Rat Ogre, 'nuff said.

Second half started and I got a good offensive going and again my thrower fumbls the ball (picking it up). And again the GR's are on the case, hassle my thrower and snatch the ball for a third TD. Set up again and i start my offensive with running deep with two blitzer... Pick up the ball and surprisingly find my mark and the blitzer does a one dice blitz, 2 gfi's and scores! Oh well, 2 more to go... Only the skaven mount a good defence and ultimately work their way towards their 4th TD...

In the end I was outplayed by skinnydookie although he had some good dicerolling at times.. a fair result and until next time...

24-01-2007, 22:49
After their first round opponents had difficulty reaching their stadium AM were still short of their target Ogre and therefore lacked some bash against a tough Lizard team. However with star blitzer Von Fraunhofer fit and a recent friendly victory over the Xini Warseers AM's spirits were high.

With a disastrous opening block from the Kroxigor, AM tried to seize the advantage, Von Fraunhofer SI a Skink on the way. The speedy skinks tried a full length of the pitch break but botched a pass leaving a contested ball. AM recovered it and passed to a deep Fraunhofer who was then brought down by a Saurus and his Skink buddies and then taken out of the game a turn later. Not trusting passing again a Skink Bitzy made good progress and survived a re-rolled 2D block against a block player and then another re-rolled 2D block against a block+tackle player to put XW in the lead.

AM had two turns to equalise before half-time and flooded the opposition half with receivers but the AM Thrower miserably fumbled his pass.

Three blitzers down for the second half AM were worried as their Guard skills had been instrumental in AMs previous win over the Xinis. AM passed to a deep catcher who dropped it at his feet but then survived a frenzied Saurus blitz to keep a TZ on the ball. A Skink recovered the ball but BH himself when dodging out to leave the ball free for AM to pick up and pass to catcher in the endzone.

A tense drive then followed with misfortune and lucky streaks abound. With a touchback XW made a strong opening push up the field but a failed bonehead left a potential blitz on the ball carrying Skink but Von Ardenne managed to kill himself on the 3+ dodge required (apothecaried !) letting the Xinis off the hook. Streaming up the pitch the Xinis then had another opportunity for a Skink break but their ball handling let them down again. AM however decided them to let them have a go and fumbled the pickup into Skink hands again. With XW re-rolls exhausted the Skink failed its second GFI and KO himself over the line. AM recovered and worked the ball down field with a pass to a free catcher (thanks to another Skink KOing itself). The last man Skink managed a heroic one dice pow to seeming take the game into overtime but after taking time to crowdpush a Saurus in an attempt to even out numbers AM then managed a manoeuvre requiring numerous dodges and a lineman GFI, pick up and short pass to snatch victory in the dying seconds - all without requiring a RR! (I calculated the odds of success at slightly over 2.5%). The stunned Xinis seemed disheartened and could not manage a consolation CAS (Although they had done well prior to this!)

AM were thankful as they would have been 10 - 11 in terms of players but AMs 4 RR for overtime compared to XWs 0 RRs would have made things interesting.

A very enjoyable and tense game throughout but things will surely only get more tense as AM move into a semifinal clash with the giant killing Never Ahand, Always Afoot .

01-02-2007, 20:49
Semi Final:

Foul Peak Frenzy vs Quakes

Well I need to come up with a diplomatic and concise way of describing this match, so i thought I would do it from my players point of view:



Suffice to say we get smashed and Iscariot played very well and deserves his place in the final.

01-02-2007, 21:16
...and Yorkie loses his bets.

Hats off to NZQ and Iscariot, can he go all the way to become Champion as well as owner of the league?

Autobot HQ
01-02-2007, 21:19
Thank you Skinny, he also played his socks off and even drew me into overtime with a lone 2DB in my favour against one of my bulls, dragging him down and preventing me from scoring. 3-1 doesn't give him credit for the fight he put up and the game he played, with some excellent chain pushing and dashes for the line. Great coach, unlucky not to be in the final.

With that said ... WOAH! NZQ in the final baby!