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25-11-2006, 07:04
Got any tips for a BFG newb?
My group took an interest in it recently and I just got my butt royally handed to me, so I'm looking for advice.

I like the traitor fleets, so any specialized advice on those would be appreciated as much as just general advice.


25-11-2006, 09:05
I'll see if I can get the ball rolling. Of course there's a whole load of advice specific to the individual fleets, but I'll try to keep it as general as possible :

- Against fleets with shields, its mostly a good idea to concentrate as much firepower as possible on one ship at a time, then move on to the next once you destroy the first. This is because the shields regenerate every turn, and you obviously don't want to have to knock them down more than once if possible. You also score a lot more victory points for destroying a ship than just for crippling it. That said, you may want to switch targets after the ship braces for impact.

- You'll have noticed that weapons batteries get various amounts of dice depending on how the target is facing. This is one of the pillars of the game in that it rewards players that can get their ships into the best firing positions, so try to get into a position where you can fire into the prows / afts of the enemy whilst presenting your broadsides to them. However, ships such as Imperial cruisers have 6+ armoured prows that pretty much negate this bonus for shooting at the prow.

- It's generally more effective to fire the weapons batteries on a vessel before the lances, since if you fire the lances first and generate blast markers for knocking down shields, then the weapons batteries will be less accurate due to firing through blast-markers.

- Try to anticipate where the enemy will be in the next turn. That way you can position your ships so that they won't have to alter course, and can go on lock-on for some general killage.

- If it looks like one of your ships if being lined up to take a pasting, brace for impact.

- If you have a low leadership capital ship, consider squadroning it with a better leadership capital ship - that way they can both use the higher leadership and only require one command check to go on special orders (although it has to be the same special order ).

- Just because escorts are faster than capital ships, don't be tempted to rush them forward ahead of your main line. They're too easily destroyed to do this. Instead, put them on the flanks or behind the line and try to keep them alive.

- Similarly, enemy escorts are an easy target at times when you can't bring that much firepower to bear on capital ships.

- On attack craft, bombers are pretty effective against standard cruisers but less so against those with 3 or more turrets. Send assault boats against enemy escorts. Use your fighters to guard against enemy torpedo attacks ( one fighter takes out a whole salvo! ), and reduce the size of enemy bomber wings.

- Once one of your capital ships is crippled, consider trying to disengage it. The enemy gets far less victory points that way.

- When rolling to go on special orders, you'll have to balance what you consider the most crucial orders with those that are more likely to succeed. These should be rolled for first, with the less important / likely to succeed ones being rolled afterwards, since failing one command check means you can't try for any further ones that turn ( notwithstanding re-rolls ).

That's all I can think of just now. Feel free to ask questions :-)

25-11-2006, 11:50
all great tips! i'll add just one for the traitors:

use a combo strategy: get a pair of slaughters to engage him up close while the rest of your fleet shoot from beyond 30cm.

for the imperial fleet:
combine bomber attacks with torpedo attacks. his turrets can only defend against one, not both.
as such, this will be something you need to look out for and consider fighter escorts on your base.

25-11-2006, 17:53
More advice - With the Chaos fleet especially, look at operating your cruisers in sysnergistic groups. Some Chaos Cruisers function best engaging the enemy on the beam, others by charging forwards and breaking the enemy line. Make sure you don't mix up the function of your cruiser squadrons...

25-11-2006, 21:03
What you always need to remember is have some bays at the ready, to stop bombers/torpedoes.

Also, against Eldar, long ranged batteries are your very good friend.