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26-11-2006, 09:26
I've heard rumors that you can download fleet list for free... I was only able to find Necron and Tyranid list on the GW website... am I right in guessing that all other lists are in the BFG big book? Or do I need to look else where. just wondering.

I'm looking to get started in BFG... I just need to know what i need... a simple run down of available fleet and ther str/ weaknesses would also be handy in choosing a fleet.

26-11-2006, 09:32
What you want is this page:


Imperial & Chaos Gothic fleet lists are in the "Ships of the Gothic Sector" file.
Alternate Imperial & Chaos lists are in "To Cleanse the Stars" and "Traitor Fleets"
Fleet lists for all the other races are farther down the page & labeled as such.

And simple rundown:

Imperial Navy: Wide variety of vessels, good all-rounders. Armored Prows make them more tactically forgiving.

Chaos: Powerful & plentiful long-range batteries. Faster than imperials but worse armor.

Space Marines: Widely viewed as a weaker list. Excellent armor and speed, but low shield values. Good in boarding actions.

Eldar Corsairs: Fast as hell. Turn the normal movement rules of BFG on their head. Holofield offer excellent "invulnerable" saves against most enemy weapons, though below the holofield they're incredibly fragile. Tend to get shredded by enemy weapon batteries. Most Eldar weapon systems are like imperial ones, but better. Have a slight reputation for cheesiness among the uneducated. Biggest strength is their escort vessels.

Craftworld Eldar: Same as Eldar Corsairs, only tougher. Strength is also in their capital ships rather than their escort vessels.

Dark Eldar: Similar to Eldar Corsairs, but better armored, slyer, & tougher. Fast & assault-oriented. Poor ship model selection, but excellent converting opportunities with 40k bitz.

Orks: The weakest list, broken IMHO. Poor armor, poor maneuverability, and poor weapons which aren't sufficiently compensated for by points reductions. The models are great, and the fleet I suppose would be fun for a laugh once in a while (ramships are especially fun!).

Necrons: FAST and excellently armored - toughest ships in the game by far. This is balanced by their complete lack of ordnance, and by special rules that make them give you extra VP's for actually taking out one of their capital ships.

Tyranids: The best fleet in BFG. :p Slow-moving, but can field vast numbers of escorts accompanied by the biggest battleships (hive ships) in the game. Excellent ordnance by virtue of volume, and great in boarding actions or with other weapons designed to eat enemy ships. Fleet list lets you create your own ships VDR-style. Ship model quality is lackluster, but like Dark Eldar have great 40k-bitz-converting opportunities.

Tau: Slow but powerful. The only race that can really compete with 'nids in an ordnance race. Best torpedoes in the game (incredibly fast and guided). Fire arcs tend to favor frontal assaults rather than broadsides. Regular line of ship models isn't what you'd expect from looking at their 40k-models - they've got a definite "this is our first venture into space" feel to them. An alternate line of models is available from FW and is absolutely gorgeous.

Hope that helps.

26-11-2006, 09:48
My many thanks.... just what I wanted to know.

26-11-2006, 18:47
actually, if you can get around the shipping(possibly the warstore), the Forgeworld Tau is a bit cheaper than the Specialist games stuff.

26-11-2006, 19:29
Another point worth mentioning about the Imperial fleet is their unique weapon, the Nova Cannon. It has the single longest range in the game (150 cm), but can scatter. However, if it hits, it can be devastating.

Also worth noting about the Tau is that, with one of their ships, the Monitor, they can easily have the best turret coverage of any fleet.

26-11-2006, 23:56
Also worth noting about the Tau is that, with one of their ships, the Monitor, they can easily have the best turret coverage of any fleet.

The only Monitor I know of is an imperial system defense ship. Where can I find this Tau one?

Zhai Morenn
27-11-2006, 06:59
I believe FuriosoShadow was referring to the Tau "Messenger" ship, basically all ships within 10cm of it get to reroll the first miss with each turret per wave and all railgun armed ships (still within 10 cm) dont suffer a shift on the gunnery table for firing beyond 30 cm. Imo the best support ship in the game. Combine that with the fact that all of their ships tend to have more turrets than their enemy's equivelants and you have brutal turret coverage.

Also it should be noted that barring the Necron lightning arcs, Eldar weapons are superior to every other race's equivelant. Tau missiles are somewhat comparable in being able to actually chase ships but Eldar torps are only shot down on rolls of 6 and reroll their misses.

Not only are the Tau FW models cheaper but in some cases, namely the cruisers, you can buy 2 for every one that GW sells. Granted some GW ships are tactically unique and viewed by many as worth having- like the cheapest 8 bay carrier in the game, the Messenger, and the Hero

27-11-2006, 17:12
Right, I did indeed mean the Messenger >_< Tau are not my specialty, and no one in my group plays them, so I don't know too much about them.