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27-11-2006, 17:56
Winter B has begun and will be immediately followed (for the Premiership teams) by the WarSeer Cup tournament. This will be a simple KO and the winner will receive the coveted WarSeer Cup and a special rank (Ooooooh!). Please submit here (one post per user) your designs for the WarSeer cup itself and ideas for what the special forum rank should be - just 'cupholder' sounds a little boring.

Autobot HQ
27-11-2006, 20:12
Meanwhile, in a similar vein the Division One will be having its first quarterly tournament (being smaller than the Premiership It'll only happen every 3 months). See the assosiated thread for the names and styles.


29-11-2006, 08:11
Ha Autobot you used up your one post per user.
Doh! So have I.