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03-12-2006, 20:35
using necrons, tau... for campaigns and stuff.

I've been reading a lot in the main rulebook(pdf) and I imagine I'm missing a few things.

I'm also aware about the armada book, since I down loaded some of the fleet lists off of the Specialist games site.

in armada, did they ever mention things like using Attack ratings or refits for the newer fleet lists?

Now I play dark eldar, so I can proboly get away with most of what the corsairs can use unless it affects solar sails.

But, what should my friends that play tau and necrons?

03-12-2006, 21:03
You're not missing anything, unfortunately. Several races are lacking promotion & refit tables.

The Campaign rules aren't a priority for the [game developers] really and they were only ever included to allow people to get started into campaigns straight away. Being that a lot of campaigns have GMs or somesuch it's pretty much expected that he'll sort out these sorts of issues as they crop up. Lacking a GM then you should, as a group, get together before the campaign and sort something out.

If you do a few searches over on the SG forums you'll also find a variety of suggested refit/promotion-table modifications to let alternative races participate in campaigns.

03-12-2006, 22:21
I'd say that the necrons wouldn't really use a refit table. The tau definately would though, and I'm sure some immagination and playtesting would help make some good tables to submit to SG Fanatic.

03-12-2006, 22:36
submit it to Firebase, first! :-)

SG is rather slow to post stuff, Firebase will get to it quicker!

03-12-2006, 23:50
Tyranid refits are listed...

As for the Necrons, they don't have refits for a reason. It's 60000000 year old technology. What on earth are you going to be able to add that's new?!!!!

As for Tau, the GM could ad-lib that.

04-12-2006, 02:06
submit it to Firebase, first! :-)

SG is rather slow to post stuff, Firebase will get to it quicker!

Well, since I'm the Specialist Games monkey and I was second to reply to this thread.

I've already said I'm happy to publish rules. However, I think Darwin is after official rules, which is Fanatic.

I'm sure there's oodles of fan rules on the web.

04-12-2006, 04:28
fan made stuff way too caveat-emptor for me. i think the simple solution is to simply re-roll innapropiate refits. like shields for eldar, and torpedoes for necrons.

23-12-2006, 08:32
fan made stuff way too caveat-emptor for me.

Though at times some of the fan made stuff is discussed, thoughtout and worked on for a lot longer than some official rules. Given that no deadline for publication has to be kept many are kept as a work in progress for much longer until they are nicely refined. So its often worth giving some of it a go especially if it has been well discussed on some of the forums frequented by lots of epic players.

Zhai Morenn
23-12-2006, 20:22
You can find some Tau refits in Warprift edition 3.
I know Ive seen a proposed refits table for the DE, but as far as weapon and crew upgrades go I see no problem with using what the Corsair eldar get, but the movement upgrades are too CE and CWE specific and not ideally suited for DE