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Autobot HQ
04-12-2006, 16:32
The WarSeer TeleVision Cast and Crew ... Well, for the Division One at least anyway. Premiership, please feel free to do your own version, but the Cast & Crew described here are for the Div One (I mean come on, we can't even afford two commentators, we have one with two heads!).

Grosh'n'George - The two-headed ogre star of WSTV. He calls the plays and reviews in the WSTV Match of the Month, he's the voice in the studio, and he's the Head of the WSTV Production team.
+++ With G'n'G I'll pick one match to do a match report in the style of them with, as if watching back the action - Think match of the day style. He'll also give the rundown of the season, the leaderboards, how the teams are developing, and his own views.

Nikkit - The 'Identity Confused' goblin recently has been promoted to On-Site interviewer, who spends his time interviewing the crowd and the fans of the first division, as well as providing useless facts that he's probably made up at the time. The main reason he's been moved out of the studio is Grosh keeps trying to eat him.
+++ Nikkit will be on hand to provide useless 'did you know?' facts, as well as interviews with fans and such.

Anareth & 'Da Crew' - Interviewer to the stars. His elven hair budget alone costs more than the entire salary of the rest of the team. Totally self centered, he is so 'important' that no-one refuses him entry to the back rooms and lockers to conduct his exclusive interviews, as long as his snotling camera crew have their magical Anti-Stealing Bracelets of Obsidian (ASBO's).
+++ Anareth will be the one interviewing coaches and players themselves, along with his snotling camera crew who will chip in with random comments, as they try to steal as much stuff as they can ebfore Anareth activates their bracelets and magically fries their head.

Lord of Div One