View Full Version : Redemptionists(necromunda)

Dark Apostle197
05-12-2006, 22:29
ANything I should know about them? The necromunda league is coming up, and they seem the perfect gang to represent a Word Bearers Chaos Cult :)

Most importantly, they are not like enforcers in which they do not advance right?

Dark Apostle197
06-12-2006, 23:23
Thirty+ views and not one reply :( Am I not loved enough around here?

07-12-2006, 15:12
They might work pretty well as a chaos cult, and yes they do advance normally. Remember to use the inspire hatred rule. Ld 10 is a huge help.

07-12-2006, 15:13
Check out the rules - free for download at the Specialist Games website.

07-12-2006, 16:51
Apart from the models bweing utter gash, then they're ok :)

Lord Humongous
07-12-2006, 19:54
Enforcers get advancements, but yes, Redemptionists work a bit more like a normal gang.
I played them under the original "Outlander" rules, and they were a lot of fun. Haven't tried the new rules, but they look OK.
I'm not sure they are the best option for a word bearers cult, however. While they work OK as an "evil" cult (which they are), they can't hire any helpers, which stops you from having Wyrds.
Fluff wise, A scavy gang might work better; their leadership is atrocious, but you get mutants, monsters, and canabalism! Plus you can hire whoever you can afford to work with you (except bounty hunters), AND you get access to the outlaw trading post, which lets you buy drugs that would allow for very "possession" like effects. Redemptionists don't get that, afaik.
If that doesn't float your boat, consider Ratskins, and just say all their special rules are the result of "gifts and guidance from chaos" rather than the hive spirits.

Dark Apostle197
07-12-2006, 21:01
ufortunately I cannot download the rules, but thanks for the replies. I like the models(the newer ones on the website, not the older ones you may be talking about). The thing I like about the redemptionists as a word bearer cult is they have the more religious feel, unlike the scavies(which I did look at). I am not that into the mutation deal either. No one is my word bearer army has modeled mutations. Oh well, I'll try to find a way to check out their rules and read more replies to figure it out. Thanks guys.

The models I like are:

I have seen the older ones which are like... wow... uh huh...*shoots self* but these I like, except for the klanish feel. I expecially like the leader(I hope he is the leader, he has a bolter!) but I heard a bolter sucks so yeah...

Lord Humongous
08-12-2006, 15:16
The old minis aren't that bad; then again, they were my first gang, and in fact my first ever painted minis, so I may have a soft spot for em.
The new ones are pretty nice, but with the same paint jobs, the old would look as good.

As for the weapon selection, I think the new models all use "detached hand" sculpts. All the models come with hands on a sprue, and you glue on the ones you like. It even looks like all the two-handed weapons are designed to interchange between models that use appropriate poses.
Also, the bolter isn't a bad weapon, as long as you have a backup weapon. My Goliath leader won many battles, and his only gun was a bolt pistol; if it ran out of ammo, he went in for HtH combat.