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06-12-2006, 03:21
Heya guys!

I'm thinking of starting BFG, and since I play bugs on the ground I might as well play bugs in space. A friend of mine is thinking of playing as well, but we just gotta find time. Until we commit $$ and time to it we're going to proxy my Tau gun Drones and my converted gargoyles, as well as some Full Thrust models I bought last year.

1st Question: Escorts and Cruisers use standard flying bases, while Battleships use large flying bases, right?

2nd Question: How does this list look to you experienced fleet folk?

Hive Ship 1
Prow Pyro Acid
Thorax Launch Bay
3x P/S Launch Bays

Hive Ship 2
Pyro Acid in all weapon slots

Cruiser 1 and 2
Prow Pyro Acid
Thorax Torpedoes
P/S Pyro Acid

Cruiser 3
Prow Pyro Acid
Thorax Feeder Tentacles
P/S Pyro Acid

6 Kraken, none in squadrons
Pyro Acid in all

Remainder of points spent in fighters, as I'll launch torps and assault boats when I close.

Looking at the Imperial and Chaos potential lists, I'm afraid I'm just going to get clobbered at range. I'm so used to my bugs on the ground being lightning fast, that these slow a** capital ships kinda bug me. I know that I'll whup up in the ordinance department, and that's good (see Hive Ship 1). I've never played the game, but I have all the rules handy, and I'm pretty sure my likely opponent will field (float?) Imperial ships against me. It's also kinda light in numbers, but I think I read somewhere that Escorts are not the way to go for bug ships.

06-12-2006, 04:07
1st Question: Correct.

2nd Question: Here's a detalied analysis:

I like your hive ships. Good specialization here. If Hive Ship 1 is going to be close to the action, maybe give it Feeder tentacles & Massive Claws instead of Pyro Acid?

Same with the Cruisers. I like them, although you might consider giving one of them all torpedoes.

Kraken are typical, but look good.

All in all, a fairly solid, typical Tyranids list. What's the points total?

Zhai Morenn
06-12-2006, 09:52
Thats a 1230 pt fleet with the Hive ships at Ld 8, you can upgrade em to Ld 9 and your new cost would be 1310 pts.

Overall a good setup, though I'm inclined to say your hive ships are a little vulnerable- but then again Im used to the concept of 'Nid hive ships protected by swarms of Escorts. Then again if you wanted to round that fleet out to an even 1500 you could just as easily field a minimum of 9 escort drones even with the Ld upgrade for the hive ships and thats with Pyro-acid, more if you load them with bio-plasma or feeder tentacles. You could field 12 15pt drones. Then again if you dont grab the Ld upgrade you may field 13 Pyro-acid drones or 18 of the feeder/bioplasma drones- or some mixture in between with whatever weapons you want. Or you could just bring a minimum of 6 more Kraken.

Point is, that your fleet looks good, but if you are aiming for 1500 pts, you are looking at more escorts and one or two vanguard drones is good, but then you can either go quantity over quality (escort drones) or quality over quantity (kraken)

06-12-2006, 18:54
I'd squadron your kraken. You've got yourself a herd of cats there, and two Ld8 synapse control attempts per turn isn't going to be sufficient to keep them in line - you have about a one in four chance of your synapse control lasting through all those Ld checks. Once your synapse fails, there's a good chance your cruisers and kraken will be left puttering around aimlessly in the instinctive-behavior dead zone that exists between 90cm and 30cm away from the enemy.
If you squadron all the kraken together, you triple your chance of maintaining control. (I'm happy to go into the details, but won't clutter the thread unless asked.)

Also, are you aware that the Tyranid fleet is allowed to purchase upgrades from their refit list even in one-off games? Those extra spore cysts are a steal, especially for critical things like hive ships that are otherwise vulnerable to first-turn nova cannon fire.

(And FuriosoShadow - the list is either 1230 or 1275, depending on whether he's filled up one or both of his port/starboard slots on his cruisers.)

Zhai Morenn
06-12-2006, 20:37
Woops! Thanks for catching that mis-calc on my part ReDavide. Forgot to count the second set of broadside weapons on the cruisers.

06-12-2006, 20:46
I agree with ReDavide - squadroning the Kraken (I'd say two squads of 3) would be a very good idea. Also, putting two extra spore cysts on each hive ship might not be a terrible idea.