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06-12-2006, 20:18
** High impact music plays, accompanied by images of Orcs crashing into Humans, Elves into other lves, and Halflings into the food cart. Station logo of 'WSTV' flashes up as voice over begins**

Introduction: "Here he is, the Iotola of Blood and Bowla, Here with the Highlight of the Night, the one, the only, thank god as his wages are astronomical, Anareth Belasnar!"

Anareth: "Yes, yes, thank you, thank you all. As you can see I, Anareth Belasnar, am outside the spike-laden, lava-filled homeground of the New Zaggarund Quakes. I'm here to conduct an interview with the Chairman of the Board Iscariot Painbringer, and Thor Thunderstorm, owner and financially backer of the team. Any other interviewer would of course been laughed out of the arena and told to never return but I, Anareth Belasnar, am interviewer to the stars and obviously no-one would ..."

Iscariot: "Do you want to get on with this or what 'elf'?"

Anareth: "Well, it would mean I could get out of here and back to my adoring fans ... Ok, we'll start this interview! First off, the rumours are already circulating that the NZQ are a one trick pony, being only able to beat their opponents into the ground before scoring. What's your take on this Iscariot?"

Iscariot: "Well that's complete and utter tosh. Of course we don't just beat people into the ground; we'll happily beat them up whilst they stand, or even beat them up whilst in mid air if they jump high enough. We're flexible like that."

Anareth: "Ok, and Thor what about the up and coming match against the current leaders, Xini Warseers? They're proving to be a hard act to topple."

Thor: "You think Thor cares about the Xini Warseers? You think Thor worries about the scaled freaks of the south? Well Thor says they best bring their A-game, because when all is said and done The NZQ is gonna lay the smacketh down on their candy ass!"

Anareth: "...Candy? what's candy?"

Thor: "Thor doesn't know, he saw it on the television once when the wires were crossed. Humans in lycra, long story. Besides, after extensive market research and theories, we have decided that both of my fellow brethren will NOT be shaved before this match after all."

Iscariot: "Quite right, and if this 'Titch' fellow has anything to say about it, he can say it to the two top blockers in the game today, if he gets my drift."

Anareth: "So, it's fair to say you're proud of the current progress of the NZQ?"

Iscariot: "Thor and I are very happy with the direction of the team. Albeit, second place was not entirely what we aimed for, but then it could of been worse. We could of been halflings."

Anareth: "Ah yes, those poor poor souls. Well, your time is almost up I have a pressing engagement with my stylist, so any last words to your opponents out there?"

Thor: "For the millions, and Thor means millions, of fans around the world,Xini Warseers - Just Bring It."

Anareth: "... Yes, ok."

07-12-2006, 19:04
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