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Bravery exists
10-12-2006, 15:23
I just lost a ganger for the first time yesterday, samuel was shot in the face by a lasgun and the gang medic couldnt save him, it was quite a troubling experience and i think we should have a place to mourn lost gang members.

I shall remember samuel for his hipshooting ability, he once ran out from cover and used his grapnel luckily hitting, in the enemy gangs turn he managed to avoid all the incoming gangs turn and then swung up to the top of the building where he emptied sprayed his autogun at a ganger with a shotgun and missed. the preceeduing turn he was blasted down three stories and recieved horrible wounds. RIP Samuel.

Although i did make up for the loss in gang rating when i found a one in a million heavy stubber.

10-12-2006, 20:14
I have lost countless brave souls during my wars to claim the underhive, but none will be so sorely missed as Spree.

Spree was a raving lunatic, who after having suffered countless blows and shots to the head was left completely lobotomised and crazed. Now, he was a complete basket case to start with, but the blunt force trauma did NOT improve his mental health.

He moved on from being a knifing lunatic to becoming the gangs unstoppable Juggernaught. He was usually pumped full of combat drugs before any battle and then sent spinning and screaming straight into any opponent I'd face, and he always came out victorious. He once single-handedly took out an entire Enforcer squad which was sent to ambush him, and that he did in close combat. Spree was the terror of the entire underhive.

As befits a true unkillable monster, it was his own greatness which brought upon his demise. Spree was killed after an encounter in which he in usual fashion was so pumped up on drugs and icrotics that any who faced him ran away in sheer terror. It was afterwards that he died after a failed atempt to remove the Icrotic Slime from his brain stem, which was rather ironic yet befitting for him. Let that be a lesson kids: Steroids and drugs can make you truly great, but in the end you will pay for it with your life.

*edit* Ruleswise Spree usually (after the drugs had kicked in) had T5, 3 wounds, 4 attacks with power weapon and WS 8, he ignored any result except Out of Action and was completely fearless...

10-12-2006, 21:12
Indeed. The Bitter Fingers have a long and tragic history of losing members. The one I missed the most was Michelangelo, who was always a very modest soul and could never be described as special where others had ludicrous stats and a long list of skills, but he had the affections of many, even some of his sworn enemies, possibly on account of his name, I'm not sure.

He has made a comeback however as I am now replaying The Fingers "The Early Years" at the Oxford Street GW store. They've won their first ruck but true to form, Michelangelo did nothing all game. Looks like he'll remain well-liked but unexceptional....

11-12-2006, 19:48
Barran, the mighty leader of my gang died last Thursday, due to my terrible lack of attention. He was an excellent CC fighter, so I put him in tunnels to get close. He popped up behind a bulkhead, behind what I thought was one of the solid ladders, which would have blocked LOS, but which in fact wasn't. He was missed by the shotgun toting orlock, then took a bolt pistol round. Unfortunately, the medic couldn't help him.

11-12-2006, 20:01
Brave souls, probably notsop much. My Orlocks have an unerring ability to run away at the slightest sign of danger.

I recall one battle where bythe end of it after damage rolls I ended up with a gang consisting of six Juves and Vera, the heavy (Catachan GL model).

Having a Juve run the gang due to having mananged loads of 7s on the advance table... Yeah, that'll make you a laughing stock.

Still, today, with Bertram, Ernest, Cpt. Gral Ob'vious, Treggan 'Rotary Engine' Wankel and the new, meltagun-toting juve-become-leader Yagari Khan (Who I named after someone usign a ganger called 'Kirk' managed to roll bitter emnity on him. Now, whenever he's in line of sight... you get the picture. Amusingly, he's never killed him, but he keeps on hurting him), they're doing okay.

And yes, the gang was named for a non-serious campaign that became serious, so they all gained proper names thatfit with the silly ones they initially had.

bob syko
11-12-2006, 21:29
I've lost so many gangers and it never gets any easier! There was Henry from the camp crusaders, he was a cripple but a hell of a shot with his bolt shells. George, henry's 'special friend' in the camp crusaders. Got hacked up by a load of bitches with chainswords, I always say it was the fall that killed him though.

I have been playing since I was a boy. I remember I cried once when my favourite ganger died.:cries: I'm a man now though, now I just bottle it up inside and let it fester:D

12-12-2006, 11:48
Hey, I am a man too, and I still cry when they die :P

12-12-2006, 12:00
Ah, this reminds me of the legend (or leg-end) that was Hobbling Nick Nitro.

With only 2 fingers on one hand, 2 legs wounds, a chest wound and half a face, he 'ran' forward a whopping 4" per turn, carrying his flamer proudly...until yet another light gust of wind blew him down and he went out of action and acquired yet another old battle wound to add to his stack of 3.

They should have put him out of his misery, or left him to work territory...

lol :D

12-12-2006, 12:15
I'm being reminded now of one of my favourite gangers from 'Angelus Mortalis'

Rain was one of the deadliest gangers amongst my regular opponents, armed only with a shotgun (all shells) & a chain, he set about a reign of destruction that claimed a fair few scalps - I'll always remember the time he beat two spyrers to death & killed the arch-redemptionist guy in the same game

that was until he was felled by a 'fresh from the settlement' juve with an auto-pistol - never have I been so gutted in my life

Mad Makz
12-12-2006, 12:36
One of the saddest things I ever saw in Necromunda was a character who rolled the Multiple Injury result. And then proceeded to roll two more multiple injuries, which resulted in yet more multiple injuries when those injuries rolled more on the multiple injury chart. The thing being that you had to re-roll any results of death.

We eventually stopped rolling confirming the character was little more than a blind, deaf head in some Spryer's jar, cruelly and bizarrely kept alive with some form of illegal alien Nanotechnology.

I know in Mordheim they prevented such a fate by removing the multiple injuries result from the options for multiple injuries - but in Necromunda we just went with the rules as written and such things could happen.

Bravery exists
12-12-2006, 15:10
My leader put a juve down in one game and caused him to roll 9 times on the serious injury chart, he lost a leg and an eye and was captured and finally ended up mad with hatred.

12-12-2006, 15:51
hmmm.. all i ever seem to lose is the two juves i name 'meat shield' and 'bullet magnet',

ok, i do stick them out front and tell them to jump up and down shouting 'shoot me'.. and the be very very lucky with my recovery rolls, and then have no luck atall with xp and money rolls,

on the other hand, Rathgar managed to lose his entire original starting gang, by the end, it was led by te juve he purchased at the end of the first game,
he could never save someone who went down, then got very lucky on xp and money and became a rich guy [then had to buy all the dead peple back though]

13-12-2006, 10:18
on the other hand, Rathgar managed to lose his entire original starting gang, by the end, it was led by te juve he purchased at the end of the first game,
he could never save someone who went down, then got very lucky on xp and money and became a rich guy [then had to buy all the dead peple back though]

I am cursed by 11-15 :cries:

I certainly wouldn’t have joined my gang, I think the average survival time was three games…

13-12-2006, 16:49
Sounds like a girl who plays with us. Her Redemtionists have played about a dozen games and have had about five deaths. Not a good rate.

13-12-2006, 17:48
a dozen games with only loosing 5, thats not bad, i think i got through more juves than that...

you know its going bad when you loose over 1 per game...

13-12-2006, 18:06
Well, we must have really good luck, since the other three gangs that regularly turn up during that same span have lost a total of three.

Lord Humongous
13-12-2006, 21:14
One of my more annoying losses was when one of my Heavies finally got a BS advance and I gave him the gang's heavy bolter. He already had "weaponsmith", and had been packing a flamer, to very good effect- in one game he crossed 40+ inches of (densely covered) table to take out another heavy in HtH combat!
So naturally, given this wonderful new equipment, he gets shot the next game, falls off a 7 inch high ledge, and dies. :(

One of the worst case scenarios is when you loose a gangs leader in the first fight. It's happened to me twice, and I found it's best just to start over. If you can recruit some of the "1 fight wonder" gangs members into the new gang (the original game rules allowed this) its actually not so bad, but under the new rules, it would suck.

Loketh Latheliu
14-12-2006, 05:15
My gaming group is going to be starting a Necro campaign in January, so expect a post or two from from me regarding my Scavvies!

14-12-2006, 05:42
I too am starting a gang in the new year. I think Im going to do pit slaves. We shall see when and were death stalks in the underhive.

14-12-2006, 08:00
I always hated when someone died, either my guys or the opponents.

Your story about your heavy reminds me about my one. He ended up with a WS of 5 (after losing three fingers) but still had a BS of 3.

14-12-2006, 11:09
In my very last campaign, Remwar, my obligatory starting juve, ended up with Specialist & +3 BS. Over the course of the 50+ battles in the half-year campaign, he was the only original from my starting gang and sported a ton of injuries, including:

Blinded in one Eye(L)--bionic eye
Blinded in one Eye(L)-- yes, that's right, he busted the bionic eye!
Blinded in one eye(R)-- go go 2 bionic eyes
Partially Deafened
Partially Deafened
Hand Injury(R)
Hand Injury(R)--no more fingers
Hand Injury(L)
Hand Injury(L)
Hand Injury(L)--no more fingers
Arm Wound(R)--bionic arm which GM ruled replaces fingers as well, yippee
Arm Wound(L)--ILU Bionics
Shell Shock
Shell Shock
Shell Shock
Leg Wound(R)--bionic leg
Chest Wound
Chest Wound
Horrible Scars(multiple)
Impressive Scars(multiple)
Head Wound

I normally have a policy on immediately retiring OBW guys as they end up really hurting you in long term campaigns when they decide not to show up then don't work territory, all the while costing rating points. Remwar, though, as the Bionic Man, I model I had a friend make from scratch as green putty and painted quite well, was not retired. Going into the final battle, he lead(GM ruling due to veteranness, not LD characteristic) a 17-strong, decked out Van Saar gang at the head of a coalition of 9 outlaw gangs against 11 'arbites' friendly gangs, plus a few squads of arbites. Despite being outgunned and outnumbered, Remwar managed to gain control of the central tower and install the surviving 6 members of the gang in overwatch positions while the Redemptionists(my god man, sick, sick, sick gang) secured the bottom of the tower. We managed to hold the tower through to the next day(literally), when the Redemptionists were overran and Remwar fell to a crafty Delaque Leader sporting a sniper rifle. Remwar holds our club record for most injuries(no chain Multiple wounds), as well as most games played in. Its really, really hard to keep a guy with 1T walking, especially the ******* BIONIC MAN, who was literally target numero uno for 10+ games.

20-12-2006, 09:49
So many heavies end up with high WS... Kind of a shock to all the close combat nuts who try to take him/her on tho!
Um, Lord Humongous, 10 creds buys a clip harness.. Benefits of hindsight I guess. I have made the same mistake far too many times myself...