View Full Version : Calling all new teams

11-12-2006, 22:24
Edit 2: Should have thought about this beforehand. With the talk at the moment aboout the future direction of the league these games might be inapropriate. But the offer still stands when everythig is finnalised unless Yorkiebar or Autobot HQ decide it's inapropriate.

If any of you new guys want to play my old 'flings you quite welcome. I'll double check with Yorkiebar but I'm fairly sure this is OK as they have only ever played in WBBL games. For those of you that are interested here they are in all thier glory.


They've yet to win a game or even score a touchdown but he two trees might be a problem. even so you should be able to stay out of thier way fairly easily. Edit1: If they get out of hand I should be able to save enough to replace them

11-12-2006, 22:36
Argh, the whole league is falling apart and I want to go to bed... in the spirit of trying to be more fun, as people seem to want, I'll allow this. But we REALLY need to sort out a system that works.

14-12-2006, 21:50
I see one game got played, thors high elf team against the halflings. Any game comments?