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12-12-2006, 18:27
Hi again, back with another battle report and it´s Tyranids vs Necrons (again).

This time we played with larger armies (1300 pts) and my buddy got a monolith to show off with.
The battle was a alpha level cleanse mission (but we used deep strike and infiltration to get to use these for the first time) and the lists were these:


Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs
6 Genestealers
Extended Carapace, Scything Talons

5 Warriors
Scything Talons, Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, Bio-plasma, 4 Deathspitters, 1 Barbed Strangler


16x2 Gaunts

24 Hormagaunts

Heavy Support:
3 Zoanthropes
Warp Blast, Synapse

2 Scything Talons, Extended Carapace, Reinforced Chitin, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands (I), Bio-plasma, Toxic Miasma


Necron Lord
Resurrection Orb, Veil of Darkness

8 Flayed Ones

14x2 Warriors

Fast Attack:
3 Destroyers

3x2 Scarab swarms

Heavy Support:

The terrain was fairly low, mostly made out of BFM pieces, a large area was in the upper left corner of the board. The two smallest were on each side in the middle and there was a barricade a bit away from the board edge.

Tyranid Deployment:
I set up the Carnifex first as close to the middle as possible, I hoped it along with the Zoanthropes would be able to bring down the monolith.
The three Zoanthropes were set up with two of them facing the quarters which we didn´t deploy in and the last one behind the Carnifex.
I placed one of the Gaunt broods in the corner of my deployment zone to keep it contested at least and the Tyranid Warriors to baby-sit them (I know this was a mistake but I didn´t have much of a choice). The other Gaunt brood tagged along the the upper Zoanthrope to contest that quarter.
The Hormagaunts went for the other quarter and the Broodlord and his retinue infiltrated into another corner of the map, close to the hormagaunts.

Necron Deployment:

Necrons didn´t have much to deploy as one Warrior squad, the Flayed Ones and the Monolith was deepstriking (I know the warrior squad shouldn´t have been able to do it but we didn´t realise it until we were finished with the game, stupid mistake). The Lord went with a warrior squad in the corner of his deployment zone. and the destroyers and a scarab swarm squad went on the upper edge while the last scarab squad went to the other edge.

The Tyranids got the first turn so started:

Tyranid turn 1:
The Broodlord surveyed the arid field. He licked his fanged mouth as he smelled the scent of prey, though this was quite unlike anything other he had felt. It was a hard smell, somewhat... rough. No matter, this would be an easy catch as the only things he could see was some small swarms and a lone group of prey. Via the synapse of the Zoanthropes he drove all of his minions out, scattering the across the entire field, the hovering shapes of three Zoanthropes looming above the tide of Gaunts, commanding them to do the will of the Broodlord. The massive shape of a Carnifex came into view as it started to sprint towards the tall shapes of the prey that stood there waiting, unmoving. This confused the Broodlord as most prey he had smelled had atleast swayed at the sight of his minions.

Necron turn 1:
The Necron Lord paitently stared at the living things before him. He hated them, oh, how he hated them. He calmed himself down, failing here would incur the wrath of the master, and that was something he couldn´t afford now. These beasts would never know what hit them. They clearly
underestimated his forces. With a silent gesture the Lord ordered his destroyer and scarabs to advance and harvest the enemy.
The mighty Gauss cannons of the destroyers opened fire on one of the strange floating things that seemed to control the lesser beasts but a strange green haze protected the creature from even the power of the gauss cannons. Then suddenly the Necron Lord felt something he had not felt since the elder times, before their masters turned upon eachother. The raw power of the Immaterium, which the most hated of all the living, the Eldar, had used against their masters and them! It had been such a long time since these powers had been used against him. These beasts could utilize it! The Lord could only watch as a green bolt shot out from the creature against the destroyers, but the speed of the destroyers saved them as the blast flew wide of its target.

Tyranid turn 2:
The Broodlord suddenly noticed a shadow on the ground before them, it was square-shaped and it was growing fast. He quickly threw his gaze upwards and saw a huge pyramid-like construct lower itself towards them, he could almost feel the power seeping from it. He quickly called upon the Carnifex the two of the Zoanthropes to intercept this new enemy as he was certain that it would take the mightiest of attacks to penetrate the strange material the thing seemed to be bio-engineered from. The pyramid didn´t go all the way down to the ground but stayed hovering above it, out of reach for most of his minions. Suddenly his keen senses picked out a familiar smell, that of dead minions. But there was something wrong, the scent was mixed with that of the prey. How could that be possible? Suddenly one of his hovering lackeys projected a vision to him that showed him the reason for the strange scent.
Strange warriors, apparently clad in the rotting carcasses of his minions had begun to claw their way out of the ground! The Zoanthope immediatly blasted them with a charged bolt of psychic but these creatures proved more resilient than the other ones as only three fell despite a direct hit. Almost in desperation the Zoanthrope ordered the closest minions to use their weapons against the remaining creatures and destroy them. Amazingly the borer beetles found many weak spots on the creatures, chewing through the cables in the bellies and burrowing into their eyes. All of the remaining creatures were destroyed in the mass of beetles that crawled on them.
But the great pyramid structure proved strong despite numerous attempts by the Zoanthropes to destroy it.

Necron turn 2:
The Lord would have smiled if he would´ve been able to, now these damned beasts would feel the futility in denying the masters of their price! His masters had been kind to him, despite his earlier mistakes and brought him a mighty Monolith. It had so far proved impervious to all their futile attempts to harm it and it would slowly but surely slaughter them all. The energies of the Monolith started to charge up as the crystal on top glowed intensly. It discharged an immense particle whip against the larger beasts who had been trying to creep up on it. the shot went wide though and completely missed its target. A Scarab Swarm engaged a large hovering creature and the other charged into combat with the largest concentration of the beasts.

Tyranid turn 3:
The pyramid-thing was under heavy assault from the Zoanthropes and the Carnifex but it withstood all their attempts to harm it. The Broodlord stared at the huge smoking crater next to him and his companions. It could have been them and the Broodlord knew when to respect a enemy. The thing started to reload for its next attack. The Broodlord knew they weren´t going to get a second chance and prepared for the worst.
The swarms that had engaged his minions were all but wiped out as hordes of scuttling gaunts swarmed them.

Necron turn 3:
The Monolith discharged another blast but this time against the beasts that had destroyed the swarms. This blast, however, also flew wide of its target and only managed to obliterate a few of the gaunts. the destroyers discharged a volley against one of the hovering things that bombarded the monolith with blasts of warp energy. But this time too the strange shield of the creature protected it from any harm.

Tyranid turn 4:
The Monolith started to recharge once more but this time a blast from one of the Zoanthropes hit the crystal while it was charging and shattered it. The massive energies that were released surrounded the Monolith, tearing it apart with its own energies. With a huge crash, the Monolith fell to the ground, silent, drained of all its mighty powers. The Tyranids now controlled most of the battlefield and huge swarms of beasts were closing in fast on the remaining enemies. The Broodlord flexed his powerful muscles as he started sprinting towards their enemies, he spotted one taller than the rest and focused on that one, but before any of his minions could reach their enemies they disappeared into thin air. The Broodlord howled out his rage at being denied a good hunt. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his head and then a familiar, friendly voice told him that he would find his prey and he would get his hunt...

Man, I was really lucky this game, not only did I kill five (!) Flayed Ones with a single volley from 16 fleshborers (thank the Hive Mind for living ammunition!), I also managed to bring down the Monolith before it brought the rest of the warriors into the game, effectively winning the game for me.
I got a single glancing hit on it in the entire game and rolled a six on the result! It also couldn´t hit at all with it´s particle whip, it completey missed the genestealers and only killed a few Hormagaunts. My buddy also learned not to underestimate the +2 saves of Zoanthropes, his destroyers couldn´t harm my Zoanthropes at all thanks to it. I think he´ll be getting heavy destroyers in the near future... It was a fun, but unfortunatley rather short game.
I a

Shadow Lord
12-12-2006, 18:58
Good report. Solid play, and hey...you need some luck from time to time!:D Did you kill his entire force or does his entire army fade out when you blow up his Monolith? I only played Necrons twice and never has this happened while I played, so maybe it's a good tactic to go Monolith-hunting the next time I play them!!

12-12-2006, 19:13
The army disappears when the number of models with the necron special rule goes below a certain number. We quit because there was only the destroyers and a warrior squad left and almost the entire tyranid army, so it wasn´t much point in contuining. But it is always a good idea to bring down monoliths as quickly as possible, because they can teleport troops that are in reserve and help the necrons with WBB.

Shadow Lord
12-12-2006, 19:19
Aha, I understand! Thx for the info. I think getting him below 75% get's them to fase out. Will there be a rematch or do you stop here. I would like to read some more Bat rep's with Necrons and Nids because does are the two armies I play the least. So, this gives me an excellent opportunity to leran more about them.

Tau Man
13-12-2006, 00:47
WOW! that was a good fight, by the way, GO TYRANIDS!!!!!

max the dog
13-12-2006, 03:32
I love the way you wrote the report. Battle reports shouldn't be dry but written with a bit of flair.

13-12-2006, 06:42
Good writing sytle, and very lucky, Necrons do suck against 2+ saves which may have been you saving grace.

13-12-2006, 15:41
I´ll keep writing battle reports as long as I play battles, so there will be more.
But writing from the view of Tyranids is quite hard but I try to give atleast the leader some individuality (as proved by the Broodlord I hope).