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Bad monkey
12-12-2006, 19:34

Me and a couple of my mates are planning a node based campain (max of 6 players) (yeah I know bad spelling) anyhoo, This is going to take place on a world that has been quarantined since the heresy, the quarintine having been lifted by order of the inquistion for some reason we've yet to work out.


What kind of things should we find. Due to the hersy era Im thinking not too many huge Imperial Cult temples, but possibly little shires here and there. also thiking about burt out city-scapes and other such things, but If anybody else has any other ideas please free free to venture tghem forth, we're still at the planning stage and would like as many suggestions as possible.

oooh its near the Eastern Fringe so there might be some Ultramarine influence there too.


Bad monkey

12-12-2006, 20:37
I too am planning a campaign to run in the near future and I have been trying to include some environmental effects. I got the idea from this old GW article: http://us.games-workshop.com/games/40k/gaming/hazards/default.htm the rules are bit old and inbalenced, but the ideas are good.

Bad monkey
13-12-2006, 07:33
thnaks for the link there, its gonna be a great help. might hve a couple of test games just to see how well they run.


13-12-2006, 11:11
I have run quite a few campaigns set on various worlds. To integrate some environmental effects, I based one on an ex ad mech world that had been used for weapons testing. It had got so out of hand that it had to be abandoned and quaranteened. This gave me carte blanche to do pretty much what I wanted. We had clouds of poo floating about (memo to self - stop referring to just about everything as poo), glowing terrain in night fight conditions, hazardous areas etc. It was quite characterfull and worked well. There are quite a lot of campaign ideas on my site below. A word of warning however. Some people will be happy with dangerous environments, but, if they are poorly handled, some will not like losing people in an arbitrary way. So be carefull and balanced with how you handle it.

Bad monkey
13-12-2006, 18:55
Thanks fo thepionters, I dont hav emuch time to read over your sight just now, but I'll give it a look later on, and pass it on to my mates if you dont mind so they can cast thier eye over it.

Cheers for the help.

A very happy badmonkey