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Captain Jeffrey
13-12-2006, 02:43
I thought I should share this with you all, these were two moments of ensuing hilarity for both me and my opponent on Sunday's get together for Warhammer 40,000.

In the blue and purple corner were my Nasty 'Nids, the Tyranids, and in the red corner were Tim's "red shirt" Space Marines.

***Moment One-

I win the roll-off for the first turn, and decide it is best that Tim go first from the layout of the table's set up. Upon going into his shooting phase, most of my units are either out of range or are out of sight.

The only thing that really can be accurately damaged is the Carnifex from two Tactical Squads with Lascannons and a Devastator Squad with 3 Missile Launchers and a Plasma Cannon.

One Lascannon misses, but one wounds, and all three Krak Missiles fail to damage.

The Plasma Cannon overheats and the Space Marine with it accidentally kills himself.

Turn One Casualties, and only the Space Marines have had their turn-

Tyranids- 0 (one Mortal Wound on a 5-wound Carnifex)
Space Marines- 1

Caused insane hilarity for us watching. Shaun was watching, and Tim tells several others that he managed to damage himself in his own first turn more than the enemy.

Wow. I have... never experienced or seen that before in 40K. :)

***Moment Two-

This was around the third turn. I had 11 Genestealers nearing Tim's Devastators, and to counter attack that threat, he moves up his Venerable Dreadnought (with Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter, and Power Glove) to stop them.

I went, "Aww damn." as I saw it coming at me. Assault Cannon rips into the Genestealers and kills 3, they pass their Morale Check, and are then assaulted by the Dreadnought.

Genestealers get lucky and score a penetrating hit from their attacks. Unfortunately, I got a vehicle destroyed and had to re-roll it because it was "Venerable".

Result is a Weapon Destroyed. Okay, the Dread has its Power Glove ripped off. I'd rather not get my lights automatically punched out, and that Assault Cannon probably wouldn't be firing anytime soon.

For the next EIGHT close combat rounds in a row, the Dreadnought cannot kill a Genestealer (each time a Stealer was wounded it passed its armor save), and the Genestealers cannot manage anything better to either fail to get through its armor or to only Crew Shake it. Drawn Combats ahoy!

Eight Genestealers and a Dreadnought end up standing there, slugging it out, for the rest of the game.

Then the inevitable, stupid, and funny thing happens on the bottom of turn 6, in the last close combat phase of the match on my turn.

Genestealers score a penetrating hit and roll a 4. Vehicle Destroyed. Okay, out of good sense, Tim has me re-roll it.

The inevitable Murphy's Law Result- a 6. The Dreadnought detonates in a spectacular pyrotechnic fashion, rolling a 6 for the inches in the blast radius.

It covers my entire unit of Genestealers, and two of them are promptly incinerated in the explosion, causing much joy and laughter for Tim, myself, and anyone watching.

Shaun in particular commented in a robotic voice for the Dreadnought, "SITUATION.... HOPELESS... ACTIVATE SELF-DESTRUCT SEQUENCE!"

What a good way to end a game.

Moments like these in 40K make social gaming a lot of fun. Hope you enjoyed all that. ;)

13-12-2006, 02:49
Nice...nothing better then a long drawn out combat that ends with a BANG!!:D

Seth the Dark
13-12-2006, 03:04
Its these moments that make it all worth while.

13-12-2006, 03:07
Thats one for the ages, I once blow up a monlith with a storm squad equiped with heywire gerenades. i lost the game but all my guardians lived...whih couldnt be said for the rest of my army.

Any chance of you telling us the full army list of both lists?

S.T.A.R.S. Myn
13-12-2006, 03:32
A couple of weeks ago i was playing my Black Templars against my friends Necrons. First turn I blew up his monolith with my Predators Lascannons. Pretty much all his necrons' heavy destroyers manage to do nothing but stun my rhino with a squad of marines in it. The whole time it would be downgraded by the extra armour. It drove him nuts.

13-12-2006, 03:35
Yesterday in a big city of death battle, My ally's Daemon prince failed his Daemonic mastery test for his weapons and died. He got one wound left.

13-12-2006, 04:04
reminds me of the time my tau comander with shield and a necron lord duked it out.... for 14 rounds of combat....

lord black adder is know for his inability to do anything,

and the worrying thing was i got the lord down to 1 wound iirc...

13-12-2006, 04:08
HAHAHAHAHHA, sounds like it was a good game. i love when something goes bang and everything around it ends up dead, ala night bringer going bang

13-12-2006, 04:55
Priceless - good stuff!

13-12-2006, 06:05
very good very good
very bangy
i like it

13-12-2006, 10:05
Nice! A few years ago, I wrote a campaign for some mates, ig vs ba. One game took place in an industrial landscape which was belching out clouds of smoke and steam. These were represented by markers that scattered, random direction 2d6 every turn. All they were for was to interfere with los. Now, the big bad brave termies approached one of the refineries and promptly out came a smoke marker that moved directly towards them. Blood angel chris didn't like the look of that at all and the terms ran away from it! Next turn the smoke followed them like a faithfull dog and the termies ran again! For three turns they ran, the smoke cloud catching up all the time. On the forth turn the termies decided to brave the scary thing that was following them and, of course this time the scatter roll took the smoke directly away. It just goes to show how bad for you smoking really is.

Captain Jeffrey
13-12-2006, 19:16
The game was a very good match, and Tim fought pretty well back despite an absolutely miserable first turn where he caused one solitary wound on a Carnifex.

Here's what we were fielding from my memory, a "quick list" as you will (not all wargear/weapons are shown)-

***Tyranid Tiamat Brood of Hive Fleet Grendel- (me)

HQ 1- Hive Tyrant and 3 Tyrant Guardians-

-Hive Tyrant with Venom Cannon, Scything Talons, Flesh Hooks, and Catalyst psychic power.
-Tyrant Guards with Flesh Hooks, Scything Talons, Rending Claws.

Elites 1- Tyranid Warriors- (x3)

-Two Deathspitters, one Venom Cannon. All have Rending Claws and Extended Carapace and Enhanced Senses.

Elites 2- Lictor- (x1)

Troops 1,2,3- Genestealer Broods- (x12 each brood)

-Extended Carapace.

Troops 4,5- Hormagaunt Broods- (x12 each brood)

-Toxin Sacs.

Troops 6,7 (nobody cared there was a 7th Troop choice)- Termagant Broods- (x12 each brood) -Fleshborers.

Heavy 1,2- Carnifexes-

-One with Venom Cannon and Scything Talons, one with Barbed Strangler and Scything Talons.

Heavy 3- Zoanthropes- (x2)

-Both with Warp Blast and Synapse Creature.

***Redshirt Space Marines- (Tim's army)

HQ 1- Chaplain- Master of Sanctity-

-Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol, Terminator Honors, Artificer Armor.

+ Fast Attack 1- 10-man Assault Squad- (Jump Packs)

-Veteran Sergeant with Power Glove, squad has two Plasma Pistols.

HQ 2- High Command Group-

Space Marine Captain- Terminator Armor, Storm Bolter, Power Sword
Codicier Librarian- Terminator Armor, Force Weapon, Storm Bolter
Reclusiarch Chaplain- Terminator Armor, Storm Bolter

+ 7-man Terminator Command Squad- (Storm Bolters and Power Gloves)

-One upgraded to Sergeant with Power Sword.
-One Assault Cannon, one Cyclone Launcher.

Troops 1- 10-man Tactical Squad-

-Veteran Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Power Glove. Squad has Melta Gun.

Troops 2- 10-man Tactical Squad-

-Veteran Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Power Glove. Squad has Melta Gun.

Troops 3 and 4- 5-man Tactical Squad- (x2)

-Each squad has a Lascannon.

Elites 1- Venerable Dreadnought-

-Assault Cannon, Power Glove, Storm Bolter, Extra Armor.

Elites 2- Dreadnought-

-Multi-Melta, Power Glove, Storm Bolter.

Heavy Support 1- 7-man Devastator Squad-

-Three Missile Launchers, one Plasma Cannon.

I think that was everything in the game.

The mission was Seize and Secure (the D3+2 Loot Counters mission), and all in all, it was hard fought. That Assault Squad and their Chaplain were a major pain all game until they were finally stopped by the Tyrant and his Tyrant Guards.

The Terminator unit was extremely hard-hitting as well, and lasted in close combat for an insanely long time before finally getting swamped by Genestealers late in the game. The Hormagaunts and the Carnifex didn't do very well against them, and it was only thankfully that the Carnifex lived as long as it did (it eventually did die via Power Gloves in CC) to buy the rest of the Tyranid swarm some time.

The end result was 3-0, Tyranids holding three counters and contesting the last one from the Genestealers that were at 50% strength (enough to contest) and it was the same unit that was covered in ashes after the Venerable Dreadnought blew up in their faces.

Still though, I still laugh when I think of those Genestealers growling and vainly hissing and trying to land hits on that damned Dreadnought. :D All in all, though, that worked out for Tim better than it did for me, as it tied up that unit of Genestealers for the entire match. They would have gone bananas on that Devastator Squad in the ruins had Brother Red Jersey not stopped them from doing it.

Redshirt Marines is a bit of an inside joke with us and the guys. He doesn't really have a specific chapter of Marines (he plays them "Vanilla Style"), and I think some of the figures are Space Wolves and Blood Angels, and some of them were painted by a previous owner, so the guys just call them "Redshirts" in the sense that they hire their services out for the worst jobs in the Imperium.

Shaun's best line, talking like a Redshirt Marine- "I hate my goddamned job..." :D

I had a helluva time against that Terminator Squad.

"Oh balls! There's three of 'em in there!? That'll be a tough nut to crack in close combat." -me, upon seeing three HQ characters in the unit (apparently with the new Marine rules you can do this with a Command Squad.)

It was a great, fun game. Can't wait to play Tim again!

13-12-2006, 19:52
Reminds me of the time my buddy charged one of my rhinos with 5 raptors and lost all of them to it...Mmm...did we all get a laugh out of that one! Though my league is known for the most ridiculous things happening...

One of my favorites was the one showdown my 3 longfangs had against a warboss in CC, he failed the one wound I caused him and won me the game! Never underestimate old men with heavy blunt objects (missile launchers)!

Captain Jeffrey
13-12-2006, 23:29
Yep, I won a Meat Grinder once as an attacker because 3-wound Space Marine Captain was down to 1 wound, and he was the last surviving model in the enemy army.

All I had left that could possibly kill him was a Storm Bolter on my Blood Angels' Rhino.

Hit, wound, my buddy needed to pass one 2+ save to win the game because he was wearing Artificer Armor. Rolls a 1.

Shot through the eyeballs. We all went crazy.

John Vaughan
14-12-2006, 01:00
I had a fun experience a while ago. I was playing 3 player FFA fight to the last man. My friends were playing black templars and the tyranids. The best part of the match was when I blasted apart his LRC with a rocket launcher. To do that, I rolled 3 consecutive 6's. I am planning to post a battle report on this sometime soon, I just need to get it written up. Keep watching for a game with SM VS. Nids VS. Black Templars. It sure was a good match! (but mostly only for me!)

14-12-2006, 01:24
The most funny moments i had was in 2nd Ed.

-The pilot of a landspeeder is teleported by the wraithcannon to a nearby building, just to be crushed by his own landspeeder coming in flames in his direction.

-The "malfunction" card, i used 3 times in 3 seqeuntial games and destroyed the assault cannon of the dread of my friend... and the explosion ALWAYS made the dread explode too... when he stopped to use the dread, i used in a terminator whith asscannon and killed it. 4 Games, 4 malfunctions.

-Abaddon, as the only survivor of a full chaos terminator army with only one wound left charges Bjorn and the explosion kill EVERYBODY (the SW were all packed near, and they didn't receive a single casualty until this moment) just a grey hunter survive the damm explosion (2nd ed the vehicles tend to make a good BOOOM! :D )

-A Chaos Terminator takes: 3 lascannon shots, 5 multimelta shots, a full 10 hits from a AssCannon, and a melta missile (Yup we taked notes of the shots, it was just unbeliavable) and then he charges a lone ultramarine and DIE!

-Necromunda Orlock juve kill entire scavvie gang, with his BARE HANDS! (And i mean KILL, the 61-65 result in the wound), he earns, with merit, the killer reputation.

14-12-2006, 02:01
OMG Kagerum, I'd heard second edition was crazy...but... those were just ridiculous!

One of the funniest games I ever played was in third, in a jungle. It was 1v1v1, and on my turn 4 out of 5 plasma weapons kills the owner, my assault cannon JAMMED (three ones!)(Yahtzee!). My opponent, laughing, then proceeds to move his assault squad into the jungle, and after the smoked cleared, 4 out of 10 were standing (Double Yahtzee!).

I an unrelated game, the first shot of the game, from me, was an autocannon to an eldar war-walker, which then proceeded to explode, and kill half of a tactical squad standing next to it, half the guardian squad next to it (which then fell back off the bored), and took out a terminator.

Of course, none of them beats the time my witch hunter inquisitor was hiding inside an immobilized land raider from a slaaneshi lord. (...and he bravely ran away.....)

14-12-2006, 02:12
Haha, Witch Hunter Inquisitor: I DON'T WANT AIDS!:cries:

My friend has the best luck with destroying tanks. He took out a Leman Russ with 3 Ratlings (from the side) and in another game destroyed a Land Raider with an ork rokkit!

It's unfortunate that the only thing I can roll with certainty is ones. Man I hate it when the raider my Incubi are on crashes...it's always painful removing 3-5 Incubi because I failed that many 3+ saves. I just wish I could forget the day I played my buddy's Deathwing army... :(

Captain Jeffrey
14-12-2006, 02:12
Yeah, it's fun to go "YAHTZEE!!!" when triple 6s come up.

Happens all the time in Space Hulk when a Genestealer attacks.


UH OH! Decapitation attack! :D

This happened once also when that happened- And then the damned Terminator Sergeant rolls a 6 and kills the Genestealer because his Power Sword gives him a +1 modifier, and there's no way to roll a 7 on three six-sided dice. ;)

Then he parries one of the sixes (forcing me to make one re-roll) just to add insult to injury. :rolleyes:

14-12-2006, 11:08
I have an opponent called CENSORED who rolls so many sixes you wouldn't believe it. The first shot fired with his new space urine codex was with an asscannon. you guessed it. 666 the number of the beast. Air guitar wig out. Funniest thing I ever saw was captain chenkov in cc with dante. Chenkovs displacer field plonked him on the roof of a leman russ. Dante consolidated up there too and in the next turn, the russ drove off with the both of them on top!

14-12-2006, 11:46
My most hilarious moments was my Nids vs Eldar
I charged hes 6 Striking Scorpions with my 12 gargoyls, ondly 1 goyle made it to CC.
The Striking skorpion swings, hits and wounds, the gargoyls makes the save (6+). The gargoyls hits, wounds and he fails his save, he rols 12 and start to run then my gargoyls runs over them.
Then he saids -atleast i dont play with a cheat army.


14-12-2006, 12:10
Capt'n Jeffrey and his short posts :D

I played with my Space Wolves against an opponent with Black legion.

He summons a Bloodthirster. It eats itself through Grey Hunters and HQ character. I manage to bring it down to 1 wound. It stands in the open, has to go after the nearest enemy model, which is my Vindicator, which has lost it's cannon. Bloodthirster says: "RRRAAAAAARRRRGHHHHH!!! I will tear you apart!" charges the Vindicator, it attacks, penetrate, effect 6, vindi explodes. I roll a 4+ so it is wounded, my opponent misses the 3+ armour save.
Bloodthirster says: "Ok folks, my job here is done, I'm going home." :D That was a hillarious moment :)

14-12-2006, 12:24
Once I had a Emperors Children Rhino loaded with squad come tearing into the middle of my force with guns blazing. During my next turn I hit it with 3 squads of 6 genestealers for a total of 18 total.

The Rhino ends up exploding and no joke 16 genestealers die in the blast. The emperors children come strolling out of the wreck and sonic blasters my 2 remaining genestealers to all hell(3rd).