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13-12-2006, 19:46
After 5-odd years of loyal service, i've decided re-paint my tank company in nicer, much more agreeable colours (grey if you must know). I've also decided to give each tank a name. But with 12 tanks this is no easy task.

So, i ask, what kind of names do imperial tank crews give their tanks?

I thank thee for any help provided.

13-12-2006, 19:53
Name them after girlfriends or other graffiti from the home planet and such. Good examples would be the nose art from WWII bombers.

13-12-2006, 22:46
Being a former tank crewman (M1 and M1A1) we named our tanks after what mattered to us or what we wanted to express to someone else about the character of our crew. My 1st tank was named "1-800-Waaaahh!" (although I should name my looted ork tank "1-800-Waaagh!").

My second tank was named "Scorpio Rising" (I am a Scorpio by the zodiac). Of course there where enough references to Metal Music songs (Creeping Death, The Trooper, The Sentinal, etc.) and some named after wives/girlfriends of the tank commanders.

The names were stenciled on the bore evacuator (the bump in the gun tube).

Maybe Google tank images and see what others have named thier vehicles.

Another thought could be to find something historical, mythological or literature based that has twelve characters/planets/items/creatures/divisions, etc and name them after those. Roman or Greek gods is one idea. The Twelve Apostles (if you're religiously inclined), the signs of the Zodiac.

Good Luck!

Gutlord Grom
13-12-2006, 23:35
Read Honor Guard by Dan Abnett to get an idea.

14-12-2006, 00:22
The Imperial Armour book (the first one, before they went to the extortionate hardbacks) gives: Emperor's Loyal Shield, Iron Duke and Old Relentless.

There is, of course, the option taken when I ran out of names for the Battlefleet Anargo escorts, which was to start using the first names of various characters related to the X-Men...

14-12-2006, 00:37
Make them sound gothic, religious, and intimidating.

Off the top of my head I can think of:
The Emperor's Redemption
The Emperor's Wrath
...The Emperor's <insert other scary word here>
The Reaper

Or maybe more light hearted if your Imperial Guard had a lighter indoctrinations :P

Ace of Spades
Old Faithful
The Bucket
Leaky (not a good one for a Chimera :P)

Naming them after Gods is a good idea...but BLASPHEMOUS! Perhaps after primarchs? Though that doesn't work so well, seeing how the Leman Russ battletank was named after Leman Russ...

You could just put two words together that describe the tank too...much like Fireknife...but more like...Bluntforce...or something.

Jacking X-Men names is a good plan too though =D
Wolverine, Gambit, Juggernaut, Apocalypse, Archangel...I like it.. :p

14-12-2006, 00:39
Yeah thats right I'll be that guy for this thread.

Name a hellhound "The Burninator"


14-12-2006, 01:32
Jacking X-Men names is a good plan too though =D
Wolverine, Gambit, Juggernaut, Apocalypse, Archangel...I like it.. :p
Gave me the Madrox, Lenshier, Munro, Xavier and a couple of others.

14-12-2006, 02:13
Here's what I've named the various tanks in my army, maybe it will inspire you.

Wave serpent: ' The Black-Ash Inheritance'
Falcon 1: 'Jotun'
Falcon 2: 'Insipid 2000'

And yes, they're all named after pre-Clayman In Flames songs/albums.

You might try that, just naming your tanks after your favorite bands/songs

Anvils Hammer
14-12-2006, 03:09
there are so many posibiltys, many of which are suggested already.

the suggestion to read "Honour gaurd" is particularly good, its got loads of good tank names, and is also an awesome book!

In my IG army I have two demolishers, named "Deus Mortis" (god of death) and "wrath of Sethra" (sethra being the regiments homeworld).

good luck, tanks rule!!!

Col. Dash
14-12-2006, 04:06
Hmm the tanks in my IG force are named after old bradley's I was in or tanks I have seen while in the field or spoofs of them. "Widow Maker" "Dirk Digler" my bassie is called "Big Dirk Digler"

26-04-2016, 12:26
Anything in Latin. Especially in 40k "high gothic," Latin sounds good. Choose a random word and throw it into google translate.

26-04-2016, 13:00
If you're so inclined, you could try using the XCOM: Enemy Unknown system, where there are two big lists of words, one for the front and one for the back, which randomly spits out operation names (I.E. Operation Purple Doom, Operation Winter Lampshade). I'm sure you could probably find a similar program online that would do that for you - failing that, use it as an excuse to play XCOM and find some good titles!

26-04-2016, 23:09
My first tank was christened "The Merry Maker." It had a sister tank looted into my friends ork army named "Honey Bunch." Hope that helps.

27-04-2016, 05:22
I tend to go with common themes for groups of vehicles- all my Storm talons are named for aquatic predators (orca, mako, moray, shark) (that are short enough to paint on the nose as well).
A trio of Vindicators is Linebacker, Blockbuster, and Cratermaker.
Whirlwind Squadron is Hawkeye, Dartmaker, and Iron Rain.
My two Sicarans are Everest and Denali
A Hydra squadron is Daisy Cutter, Tree Trimmer, and Sky Sweeper.

27-04-2016, 19:24
In my first army (salamanders over ten years ago) I named the vehicles after the planets in our system. The only Dread was named Mars, because it fits a close combat robot and because dread nameplates are tiny. The Rhinos were called Mercury and Neptune, the predators I don't remember. My first Landraider was called Saturn. After that I grew tired of planets and named the my LR Crusader Charon, which I also find fitting.

In my current Astra Militarium army I don't use a lot of GW stuff so I don't have a lot of nameplates on my vehicles. But my Hellhound I named Rapier, inspired by my favorite video game Wipeout.

Two general hints:
-Pick a name, write it in a word document, choose a font that you like and replicate it on your nameplate.
-Keep a cotton bud and some airbrush cleaner or a window cleaning agent with ammonia close by. That way you can gently wash away your mistakes. You'd better seal the vehicle first so you don't rub of the paint from the nameplate itself. I do this a lot. Not just when painting nameplates. I don't know why I've never heard anyone else using the same method. It works amazingly well.

27-04-2016, 20:26
Please, please let there be an Ultramarine player out there who's painted 'Mary Sue' on the nameplate of their Predator.

27-04-2016, 22:03
My tank names, off the top of my head:

"Rainmaker" and "Dictator" - Griffons
"Redemptor", "Crucible", and "Old Sparky" - Hellhounds
"Fist of Fury" - Leman Russ
"Snake" - Chimera