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13-12-2006, 22:27
As a few may know, i have recently embarked on a pirate themed human army, the only problem is i dont really know if i want to do Dogs of War or Empire, both have thier Pro's and Con's for a pirate themed army
Empire Pro's-
Cannons are Special
Good Selection of Items for leaders
Militia make good R'n'F
Access to Handgun
Access to DoW anyway.

No real foot soldier with Pistol
Little Diciplined for Pirates (Militia)

Dogs of War Pro's-
Duelists as Core with pistols
Slayer Pirates as Special (be a nice addition)

Cannons are Special (Competing with Maneaters)
No R'n'F
Heros are poor

I'm sure there is alot more, but that is all i can think of at the moment, anyone have any suggestions and reasons to back up why i should go either or? I was considering making this Pirate themed army a branch of my soon to be Empire, if i follow the Empire rout, seamen (haha...) recruited onto land to fight. Help!

13-12-2006, 22:32
Don't worry about the no troops with pistols. Use Free companies with some miniatures using pistols. That's what I do with my free companies.

13-12-2006, 22:48
that was teh initial plan, might get some DoW with pistols, the problem with this army is rare choices... say i go Empire, the Maneater takes up 2 (hes so cool though!) those Duelists take up another 1, slayer pirates will take another and so on

13-12-2006, 23:35
In DoW cannon are rare choices. No competition I do believe. DoW seems like the natural choice.

14-12-2006, 08:57
Dogs of war work much better for a pirate like theme that is competetive and not just another gunline can send you a copy of mine if ya want

14-12-2006, 09:09
I would go Empire simply because its a more supported book so you can always switch up later on. Duelists with pistols aren't as good as they used to be in 6th ed. Pistol rules got nerved and Duelists with pistols didn't get any new rules or point adjustments to make up for it.

14-12-2006, 13:26
Well for an Empire List i could have:
Possibly Swordsmen (Conquestadors?)


Dogs of War (man eater, duelists maybe, slayer pirates)

In a Dogs of War army:

Duelists with pistols, or extra hand weapons

Slayer Pirates


So looking at it this way, i think i might just do empire

14-12-2006, 14:39
I think empire is more flexible in the long run. DoW are interesting choices but you have more room to adjust the army over time with empire.

I think you could make some very cool conversions for the various empire troops types to be pirates, and let's face it the empire militia plastics don't take much to convert to pirates.

However I have no idea how much the new empire book is going to change your options (not much I suspect.)


14-12-2006, 14:43
Well the plan this weekend (if i get cash) is to get another militia box set, a cannon, and a man eater, to that should give me a fieldable 500point force i could guess, not really legal yet though (2 rare and a special :( )

Count de Monet
14-12-2006, 14:46
Four words: Pirate Ship Steam Tank. ;) <---(eyepatch)

To save your Rare choices as Empire, just field a unit of regular Bulls/Leadbelchers/etc. and just model them as "Maneaters", using non-maneater stats.

14-12-2006, 15:26
tempting, the main reason for having the man eater was the fact he was immune to psycology, tough and stronger than bulls, but above all else, he looks piratey! but i might when there are 3+ of them start actually fielding them (hardly worth 2 rare slots for a <100point model)

Lieutenant Frederic Henry
14-12-2006, 18:09
Empire can represent pirates very well; even their RnF. Pirates were never aversed to using bill weapons aborad ship, and in fact, bill hooks (the predecessor of the halberd) had been an on-ship tool for hundreds of years, so you could include halberdiers. Pikes were also used aboard ships as that time, so Spearmen or DoW pikemen (without shields of course) are equally appropriate, so long as they are suitably converted. Same goes for halberdiers. Swordsmen could just be pirates with swords and bucklers. The militia sprue can accomodate all of these troop types, if mixed suitably with Soldiers of the Empire sprues for some weapons, etc. Just be sure to make your halberds look suitably brutal.
Pistoliers could be fluffy; sort of like the pirate captains retinue, or pirates that mounted up to raid inland.
Even a wizard could work, if you make him look like a shaman, or some such nonsense.

14-12-2006, 19:02
I think Maneaters and other ogres take up special slots in DoW armies.. which is a bonus to them.

15-12-2006, 07:40
I think Maneaters and other ogres take up special slots in DoW armies.. which is a bonus to them.

Yeap, if you read the rules it gives the exception Maneaters count as 2 rare slots as a Dog of war unit in other armies. It then says ANY OGRE UNIT WITH THE DOGS OF WAR RULE COUNTS AS A SPECIAL CHOICE, p67 not giving the same exception you would expect if they were to be counted as a rare choice.

the anti santa
15-12-2006, 08:40
Surely Leadbelchers as a special choice would be a great addition to DOW as well, lets you have even more gunpowder and they can fight in combat too so you avoid the dull gunline list.

They even have heads with eye pacthes if memory serves.

15-12-2006, 10:43
Completely altering your army composition but there was an article in White Dwarf a while back about a Zombie Pirate army...

But back to the topic at hand. I'd have thought pirates could pretty much use anything from the Empire book being as they're most definitely not averse to stealing or bribing to get it! Horses might be a little far fetched due to difficulties transporting them but everything else should be pretty much fair game!

15-12-2006, 11:13
yeah i remember that Zombie pirate list, i was SO tempted to, but i didnt really want to, this army will probably be used in an april tournament so best keep it legal, and as for the DoW idea once again its tempting, with leadbeltchers as fire units, but to be honest, they are awful i find, they rarely hit anything (roll scatter and get say 6, then roll to hit, then wound yes?)
tha nks for this help, but i recon Empire are the way to go for the time being

15-12-2006, 11:21
@Steel_Legion. You roll artillery dice for how many shots you get, then you roll to hit for them. And misfire make the unit take d6 st4(I think) so some hits are bound to hit and kill.

15-12-2006, 11:26
@Sherlocko ;Thanks!, but they cost alot of points, the range is pretty poor aswell (played against then a few times, they CAN be good, but more often that not i dont give my opponent time to make good use of them, blasting my dawrves or bretonnians to small bittys...