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14-12-2006, 11:50
Hi Everyone,

Am feeling very indifferent about the hobby at the moment. It is quite normal for me to go through phases like this especially around the release of a new rules set as the effort of getting up to speed again is just too much in my mind.

Normally I would just step back from the hobby for a bit then come back and get a new army to add to my collection, but this year decided to enter the GT and have qualified for the final, a bit of a miracle considering was first games with 7th and only read the rule book to page 30 before I started. So to avoid wasting my ticket and just not being interested in playing. Therefore am trying to get myself back into the hobby in a short time scale.

So Warseer my question does anyone have a good idea for motivating yourself back into the hobby. Am thinking of getting a new army for the final (start of feb) and painting it up (Well dodgy_ed will paint most of it lol) but I just havenít got the thrill I normally get when I am designing a new army. Even my Dwarfs have lost their passion and they are my Warhammer love affair being my oldest and biggest army.

P.S. If this is in the wrong place, my apologies please feel free to move

14-12-2006, 12:07
If you can get to the final without breaking a sweat it is not a big enough challenge for you. Set yourself some tough army restrictions. A really tight theme which really limits your options. I came up with a 'mobile' dwarf army...not got the list in front of me but I think it only had Rangers, Miners and Gyrocopters in it. That was a whole new ball game for Dwarves.
I have also tried armies restricting choices based on miniatures. For example I have an Orc army composed entirely of Brian Nelson gribbley Orcs...(the old big uns, the Boar boyz the shaman and the Boss). Another is only Perry savage Orc figures. Boyz with clubs, spears, bows and boar boyz. I have a dwarf army which is all Perrys bretonninan looking Imperial dwarfs. Etc.
I find tight theme is really rewarding. Writting the list is a new challenge, Collecting the mini's is often a challenge (e-bay), having to convert stuff to expand your choices, the whole back story to explain the list and the painting. Themed armies are so much more fun.

Of course you will never win a game!

I had another thought. Enter the UK Doubles. Thats supposed to be great fun. You and a mate. 750 points each. Different scenarios for each game.

14-12-2006, 12:43
All I can do is agree with Harry. Find a theme you enjoy, however subtle or blatant, whether in army selection or modelling or both. Then run with it through the whole army.

14-12-2006, 12:46
yer I have played the doubles a couple of times. Me and dodgy_Ed normally go for our comedy armies in the doubles. So far we have a Rork's Drift force and the drinking Lizardman army were our last two sets. I do enjoy the doubles tournment and the drinking that comes with it. Was absolutely hammered on for the GT and almost missed the start on sunday as it is brought forward by half an hours!

I like doubles as it has a randomness that the larger points limits knock off and leads to a more fun game mentality. Was thinking of going for a very different playing style to my normal for a challenge, I qualified with Dwarfs, Lord, BsB, runesmith ironbreakers, warriors, crossbowmen and 3 war machines. So am thinking of going with Tomb kings chariots and fast attack or beastmen with no shooting at all and a fast flowing advance (have never played them before and except for brettonians is the only army I dont have a 2000+ army for lol which makes for a challenge)

Danger Rat
14-12-2006, 13:58
I agree with Harry set yourself a challenge or a very tight theme. You've done the hard part by qualifying so just enjoy the final

Brother Ranz
14-12-2006, 20:25
Choose Evil. Play something different from Dwarves, like Dark Elves.

Count de Monet
14-12-2006, 20:59
Go back to your first love, the Dwarves.

Give yourself goals each game that only you know and care about, like "all my slayers must die" or "I will completely destroy/rout at least one unit using only warmachines".

Make a fancy Book of Grudges to take with you - if you have a display base for the army, work up a slot underneath the Book can be slid into. Each game, take it out and ask the player's name, and what he calls X character or X unit. Write that down in the Book, and announce to your opponent that you intend to kill that character or unit. Not only will this be fun for you, it may completely throw some opponents off as they scramble to adjust their battleplan to deny you killing that unit. :D

Get a beer stein and use it as a dice roller.

14-12-2006, 22:33
One thing that helps me is to actually play.

Sounds crazy but I find that after a weekend of fun games against friends I'm more energized (pre and post) to paint and play.

If I haven't played in a while that energy is lost.

Big issue seems like your army has lost it's challenge. You must be pretty darn good at it (wait a second was this a thorek list and you are feeling dirty afterwards?. . . ) Lets face it some lists aren't as much fun to play with on either side of the tabl..

Either switch lists to something with different tactical challenges (fast cav dark elves, combat chaos etc.) or force yourself to take a different approach.

15-12-2006, 04:09
As said above my list is a regular Dwarf list with a Lord and about 70% combat troops and combat characters with 30% missile and artillery so not feeling too dirty about my Dwarfs. I like my Dwarfs, but do generally play a new army for each tournment I play so not sure if it is lack of army challenge the last tournments I have played are;

2 years ago
Dwarfs GT Qual (3 wins 3 draws)
HE Sea Patrol GT Final (3 wins 3 Draws)
Empire Carnage (4 wins 1 loss)
Doubles Empire and Lizardmen (7wins 2 loses)

last year
Tomb Kings Carnage (4 wins 1 draw)
Doubles Lizardmen (7 Wins 1 draw 1 loss, -20 points for list mess up lol) Think thats right doubles tournoies are always abit of haze of drinking

This year
Dwarfs GT Qual (3 wins, 1 Draw, 2 loses) Luck was a shocker; terror paniced my army in 2 games and my units ran off the board lol

I think the problem is not enough games :( I work a lot and cannot make the veterns night at my store due to work commitments so only really get time to play in tournments and not enough time to enjoy myslef.

I just dont feel that excited feel for the tournment that I normally feel when preparing. On a note I normally play a semi restricted army in that I dont really do cavalry or flyiers. My Tomb kings were a change from this but normally I play all infantry lists regardless of the army. I have lists for virtually any army in warhammer and they are alll infantry based. The Tomb Kings were my escapism army having no ranks, no hard hitters and being very light on Characters. I loved to play the different army but the amount of rules disputes caused was a heavy. I was using a unit of 5 chariots lead by a Tomb king in Chariot, and having a unit 12" wide caused a lot of problems that I dont want for the final.

15-12-2006, 05:48
demand a championship from yourself. Or create an anarchists army.

15-12-2006, 06:17
All skirmishing duellist DOW army.