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14-12-2006, 15:31
Iīm not bog fan of MEQ gunline, but somehow i have managed to get one. I started 40k with Orks. Oh boy they weīre something... didnīt want to continue however with them after a year; too many costly metal figs, age old codex and the non-exisatent presence of almost half of their models made me feel disturbed. At the same time the new marines weīre released. The new smurfs with gold detail. They looked cool. I didnīt want to make a common army, something special. Got a crusader and planned for buying close combat termies. Then, after painting my first squad, I noticed
" hey, Iīm playing the most hated and common army with no special features of any kind even allowed, am I nuts?"

I would like to improve it somehow to a more rare one. Iīd like to have rhinos, but I find no useful tactic for them; my marines can shoot in any case in the 1st turn, and those vet sarges w/ pfists still see combat.
Now iīm feeling quilt, i havenīt lost a single battle with them.

Here are my models at moment:

30 tactical marines (2 misslaunchers, 2 lascannons, 3 plasmaguns, 3 meltaguns)
comm squad, commander
sniper scouts
Crusader ( used very, very seldom )

Iīd like to have a mobile list with something special. Maybe allies? or complete new chapter and repaint?

Any comments/ suggestions?

Thank You

14-12-2006, 15:42
Try using traits, specifically the one which allows your marines to take pistol/CCW, mount them up and have a combat force. Or, drop your heavy weapons, and try using the trait that allows an extra special weapon - you already have hidden power fists, so CC is covered, so make a "Close range fire fight" style army, all mounted.

14-12-2006, 15:52
Not sure whether this should be in tactics forum...

Anyway, don't worry about how unique your force is. People hate Marines because most players who use them have cheesy lists. As long as your list isn't, there should be no problem. And if your opponent still doesn't want to play, he's probably not worth playing against either.

For a mobile chapter you could go Speeder-heavy, or use lots of Bikes. Since you have neither, maybe lots of Infiltrators? Or you could adopt the Rhino Rush combined with TYBB trait.

Just make sure you're a fun person to play against, and you can't go wrong!

14-12-2006, 15:57
What do you mean by "hidden Power fist?"

14-12-2006, 16:06
Powerfists on non-independent characters or walkers.

14-12-2006, 16:11
The problem is that iīm collecting Ultramarines which for fluff reasons canīt take any traits

14-12-2006, 16:13
O damn you're right. Stupid Ultramarines, why do they restrict themselves in their options?:rolleyes:

14-12-2006, 16:17
If you aren't enjoying your army, try something different, doesn't matter what.

Don't like shooting with marines, then load up on Drop Pods or Rhinos and head for the enemy. Take combat troops (Assault Marines, Veterans, etc), take unused units (Scouts, Bikes, 'nid Hunters, Honor Guard).

Try for a mobile firepower/mechanized list and make it pure Codex (5 or 10 man squads, nothing more) as the smurfs should be. Even Ultras have tons of options, just keep things fresh.

Count de Monet
14-12-2006, 16:20
If you want something special and rarely seen, why not try some of the Ultramarines-only guys, like throw some Honor Guard in, or a unit of Nid Hunters?

If you don't use the Rhinos, maybe convert them into things like a Whirlwind and a Vindicator?

14-12-2006, 16:59
I like drop pods
resons why I donīt have them:
1.) they cost something like 150 €
2.) i donīt know (anymore) where to get plasticard
maybe I should try to find some and make 2-3 pods

Iīve planned to take two 5 man assault squads and a couple of rhinos
I could maybe put those heavy weapons in a single devastor squad and make those tactical squads anti- infantry/MEQ. Honour guard begins to tempt me - I had already forgotten they existed!

Thanks folks! This inspired me again

15-12-2006, 14:52
If you don't like the UM options, then cut your losses and start over. You've only painted one squad so strip them and start over.

If you like DPs and can't deal with the cost of FW. Try the PVC drop pods. I made two of the foam core/plasti-card pods that I now use for dreads and 5 of the PVC variety for troops. The PVC are very easy to do, look decent, and are far more economical in either/both time or $$$. You can find them here (http://www.minivault.com/ModelingDropPods.htm).

Grand Warlord
15-12-2006, 15:24
You could always say due to circumstances that are classified +insert color+ Inquisition restriction they have had to adapt to new battle tactics ... like the nid hunters and thus still be Ultramarines with the traits ... dunno if that could ever really happen but ... if it makes you feel better ... :)

09-01-2007, 07:02
thewarstore.net sells a cost-friendly alternative to the FW drop pod. It's from an Aussie company calle the CNC workshop. You might try them.

09-01-2007, 07:24
Use command squads, they're always fun and make the game more challenging.

Also, use their honor guard. Cool models, and you can attach them to squads.

Then you'll really be ultramarines ;)