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Loketh Latheliu
15-12-2006, 04:04
Does anyone play them? Do you think they're a good list, even though their equipment is a bit crude? I'm kind of curious because my group is starting a campaign and I already made the bitz order. What do you think about the inhabitants of the Wastes and deeper? I've also posted my current list, so feel free to crit.
BTW, do you roll on the advancement table at the beginning of the campaign or after the first battle?


Raghand (Scavvy Boss)- M-4 WS-4 BS-3 S-3 T-3 W-1 I-4 A-1 LD- 7
Equipment- Scatter gun, autopistol, maul (free), sword, frag grenades, tox bombs*
Cost- 214 pts Exp- 61

Guk (Scaly)- M-4 WS-4 BS-3 S-5 T-4 W-2 I-2 A-2 Ld-9
Equipment- spear gun**, maul 2x
Cost- 175 pts Exp- 61

Jo (Scavvy)- M-4 WS-3 BS-2 S-3 T-3 W-1 I-3 A-1 Ld-6
Equipment- Scatter gun, maul (free), stub gun, pocket of nails
Cost-44 Exp: 26

Mag (Scavvy)- " " Exp: 24

Rag (Scavvy)- " " Exp: 21

Mo (Scavvy)- " "
Equipment- Autogun, maul (free)
Cost- 49 Exp- 26

Ack (Scavvy) " " Exp: 24

Rac (Scavvy) " "
Equipment- massive axe, maul (free), stub gun
Cost- 48 Exp- 26

Smak (Scavvy) " "
Equipment- sword, maul (free), stub gun
Cost- 48 Exp- 21

Ruk (Scavvy) " "
Equipment- maul 2x, sword, extra arm
Cost- 60 Exp- 21

Muk (Scavvy) " "
Equipment- maul (free) claw
Cost- 30 Exp- 23

Luk (Scavvy) " "
Equipment- maul (free), knife
Cost- 30 Exp- 22

Luckie Muk (Scavvy) " " Exp- 21

Mukky Luk (Scavvy) " " Exp- 21

Stash: 95 creds

*tox bombs- a good choice or a point sink?

** or should I take a scatter cannon?

Whew! That took me a while! Enjoy...

15-12-2006, 04:31
i use the dogs for mordheim and was planning on using the models for my mordhiem pirates. i know this seems like its just a garner for posts, i want you to know what i think.

since youve already made the bitz order, then according to you, they are a good list. i think they are without even looking. you should never play a game just based on what other people think or what you think others...think. play with what you think sounds and looks cool, and you'll be fine.

14-01-2007, 16:32
I play scavvies all the time, I love em. Your list looks okay, but I try to stick to sutopistols/stub guns and mauls for most of my scavs , with a few guys carrying shotguns. I always give my leader a sword, autopistol and shotgun. Tox bombs are okay but only give them to your leader to bgin with. Scalies are awesome, the only downside being they are expensive. Take two if you can.

Don't go for the mytants unless you really like the models, they are not that effective.

I try to keep my gang small to begin with so that I will be able to keep them all under my boss' command and have some creds in my stash to pick up some rare trade items.

Go for the zombies over the dogs and ghouls, you get more and they are better meatshields.

Loketh Latheliu
15-01-2007, 20:51
@ Chrome: Shotguns are not an option for Scavvies, according to the new rules for 'em. The reason I took only one scaly was so I could take four more Scavvies (strength in numbers). In the future, I'll get another when I rack up more credits.

15-01-2007, 21:16
Scatterguns with Pockets Full of Nails are awesome! They are great at blasting folk out of cover. You can even model them as Sawn-off Shotguns if you miss having access to proper Shotguns.

callum in hat
18-01-2007, 15:06
definately go for one spear gun and one scatter cannon

Loketh Latheliu
19-01-2007, 05:43
Thanks for the replies, guys! When I stock up enough creds I'll be sure to get a scatter cannon.

Lord Humongous
19-01-2007, 20:23
I played scavvies under the old rules, and loved them. At the start, I only used one scalie, with the scatter cannon, which I really liked. Str 4 blast template, might still hit if it scatters- very nice. Its quite easy to hit with, basically like having a move or fire grenade launcher.
The spear gun seemed to hard to line up shots on multiple targets with, but some folks love it, so it must work. It certainly will hurt anybody it hits, just not sure how often you will shoot / hit with it.

The only bad point I see on your list is a couple of stub guns. They just aren't worth buying, especially for scavvies- can't hit anything dependably. Take auto pistols instead, if at all possible; the +2 at short range makes them FAR superior to stub guns, and the lack of a penalty at long range means you still have SOME chance of hitting.

I never used tox bombs. Seemed a point sink, and quite unlikely to actually help you win any games.

I think you'll find you need more guns in general, but you may get by... just watch out for those break tests from one guy going down within 2 inches of another!

As for advances- you roll after the first game, because its part of the post battle sequance. Nobody should have enough XP before that to get an advance, anyhow.
And keep in mind that just because you have "ganger a" represented by a model with an autogun, and "ganger b" has a sword and maul, doesn't mean they have to stay that way. If A gets a WS advance, and B gets a BS advance, switch thier gear, and swap which model represents which fighter. This is VERY important with a scavvie gang. One of the main benefits of playing scavvies is you'll have a number of guys earning advances pretty quickly, and if you don't optimize the equipment people use to match their advances, you loose that advatage.

Loketh Latheliu
21-01-2007, 00:36
Thanks! The reason I hadn't taken autopistols were because they were more expensive than stubs, but you have a very convincing arguement.