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15-12-2006, 13:12
Battle Size: 1500
Battleground: Kingston upon Thames - UK
Mission: Recon
Level: Gamma

Eldar forces:
- Avatar
- Farseer (doom, fortune, s.stones, runes of witnessing)
- 10 Banshees (inc. exarch, Executioner, war shout, acrobatic)
Wave Serpent (s.stone, vectored engines, TL shuriken cannon)
- 11 Guardians Defenders (scatter laser, inc. warlock, conceal)
- 6 Guardian Jetbikes (1 shuriken cannon, inc. warlock, singing spear, embolden)
Fast Attack
- Vyper (2x shuriken cannon)
- 7 Warp Spiders (inc. exarch, hit&run, powerblades, double spinner)
Heavy Support
- Wraithlord (missile launcher, bright lance)
- Fire Prism (spirit stone, holo field)

Orks Forces (sorry I don’t have the list or the Codex for the options)
-Warboss (mega armour, power klaw …)
- Painboss? (with bike, power klaw, TL autocannon)
-20 Skarboys (with big shootas, nob with powerklaw)
-3 bikes)
-6 Kommandos (with 1 big shoota + …)
-20 ??boys
-2 Killer kans
-1 Killer kan
-1 Battlewagon

Eldar win choice deployment zone and Orks deploy first.

Deployment Orks
The Killer Kans take the front centre of his deployment zone and the Battlewagon hides behind a hill in the right flank. The Warboss and the ??boys go in the wagon. The Skarboys and the bikes with the Paintboss take the left flank.
Kommandos infiltrate just behind a forest close to my deployment zone on the right flank.

Deployment Eldar
The Fire Prism goes hiding behind a forest in the right flank of my deployment zone, opposite the Kommandos as it will turn out, with the Vyper and the Jetbikes.
The centre of the deployment zone is commanded by a hill and the Wraithlord, the Avatar, Farseer and Guardians crowd the area behind the hill.
On the left flank the Warp Spiders take position inside a flooded marsh area while the Wave Serpent with the Banshees hides behind it.

Setup scheme: Orks are blue, Eldar are orange

Eldar player wins roll for first turn and decides to go first.

The Farseer fortunes the Wraithlord.
Wraithlord and Fire Prism take firing position on the hill. The Wraithlord destroys the big shoota of one Killer Kan while the Prism fails to deliver a dispersed shot on the Skarboys.
The Avatar with Farseer and Guardians move towards the Skarboys and the Guardians shoot the scatterlaser killing one Ork.
The jetbikes and the Vyper run behind the hill in the centre of the deployment zone.
The Warp Spiders jump out of their hiding place and deliver a deadly round of deathspinners shooting to the Skarboys killing 6. The Wave Serpent with the Banshees moves towards the centre of the field and kills one more Skarboy with the TL shuriken cannon.

Scheme: blue arrow = movement; red line= shooting; light blue arrow = carge; red blast = damage from shooting; light blue blast = damage from close combat; yellow blast = effect/situational


The Battlewagon surges out of cover and delivers a insane amount of shooting towards the Wraithlord, but T8 and fortuned AS3+ prove too much to breach.
The Killer Kans shoot with everything they have at the Wraithlord but fail to score any wound.
Under the coverage of the Heavy Supports the Kommandos start moving through the forest to reach the Eldar deployment zone.
On the other side of the battlefield, the Skarboys are not shaken by the losses and move towards the Warp Spiders. While thei’re too far for a charge they content themselves with some round of big shootas, but at no effect. The bikes instead thanks to their higher speed get in charge range and massacre the Spiders (4 wound to 1). The only thing that saves the Eldar from total annihilation is that the boss does not reach them (out of bas contact) in time before they activate the warp jump generators and get out of trouble.

Scheme: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o153/Giltharin/Battle%20Reports/2006-12-14%20Eldar%20Vs%20Orks/Slide3.gif


The Farseer fortunes the Wraihtlord and dooms the Ork bikes.
All the Eldar forces converge on the bikes, out in the open and also the Banshees leave the shelter of the Wave Serpent to lend a hand. It turns out it’s not needed for the massed shooting of the other units wipes out the Ork bikes in a cloud of shuriken disks and laser shots. The Wave Serpent and the Guardians also manage to score two more wounds agains the incoming Skarboys and the Wraithlord to destroy the Battlewagon leaving only a smoking wreck and confused Orks. The Fire Prim misses again its shot at the Skarboys and the Banshees, lost their primary target, run to charge the Skarboys desperate for a killing, but the Orks are too far away, for now...

Scheme: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o153/Giltharin/Battle%20Reports/2006-12-14%20Eldar%20Vs%20Orks/Slide4.gif


While the Warboss and his mob reorganise themselves among the wrecks of the wagon, the stealthy Kommandos keep a good pace through the woods. The Killer Kans surge forwards in search of Eldar blood but again their bullets bounce against the armour of the Wraithlord, the only Eldar in sight. On the left flank the Skarboys smile, moving towards the Banshees, the manage to put out some shoots before charging but the aim is made inaccurate by the speed of their run. Finally they get to charge, but the Banshees are not taken aback. The Eldars cut viciously down six boys before the rest of the mob gets to repay them with the same currency (tie 6-6).

Scheme: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o153/Giltharin/Battle%20Reports/2006-12-14%20Eldar%20Vs%20Orks/Slide5.gif


Again the Eldar find themselves with local superiority on the left flank, the other Orks to far away to help the Skarboys. The farseer dooms the Skarboys and fortunes the Wraithlord.
The Jetbikes and the remaining two Spiders close the gap with the ongoing close quarter fight between Banshees and Orks. The Wraithlord takes position in the valley between the two hills to cover the advance of the Guardians and vaquishes a Killer Kan with its heavy weapon. The Guardians avant –guarde reaches the top of the second hill for a clear shot on the Orks that are emerging from the wagon without success. Also the Fire Prism moves to take a clear shot at the big mob. Finally his targeting arrays do their job and a blinding flash of laser power explodes among the Orks, killing 12. In the meantime the Vyper flights at maximum speed to close with the enemy deployment zone. The Spiders and the Jetbikes charge the Skarboyz but the furious retaliation of the Banshees leaves them without opponents to strike. The Ork nob that leads the mob though has three Banshees within reach of his power klaw and cuts them down with little apparent effort. Though alone among so many enemies the nob shouts his defiance and readies him for another round of combat.

Scheme: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o153/Giltharin/Battle%20Reports/2006-12-14%20Eldar%20Vs%20Orks/Slide6.gif


While the last survivor of the Skarboys is overcome by the tide of Eldar bodies that oppose him, the Killer Kans finally see a good opportunity. The move fast and charge the Fire Prism, but the skimmer only suffers a crew shaken, thanks to the holo field and spirit stone that protects it. On the right flank the Kommandos are nearly inside the Eldar deployment zone and the Boss with his mob seeks shelter in the forest.
As also the last assault of the Kans fails, the Warboss calls a tactical retreat to reorganise his forces and return to bath in Eldar blood.

Scheme: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o153/Giltharin/Battle%20Reports/2006-12-14%20Eldar%20Vs%20Orks/Slide7.gif


15-12-2006, 13:22
Interesting read. A few points, if you are 24" away with your WSpiders, how did they shoot the orks in thier own deployment?

Why only 3 turns?

Shadow Lord
15-12-2006, 13:25
Nice battle report! Good work with the diagrams, it made it all more clearly. What are your thoughts about the Fire Prism: it first underperformed but it ended the game with a nice kill-rate (12 death Orcs in a single blast!!)
Do you think it's worth it's points?

15-12-2006, 13:29
Interesting read. A few points, if you are 24" away with your WSpiders, how did they shoot the orks in thier own deployment?

Why only 3 turns?

You may have a point. We used the full 15" of our dep zones without checking for the 24" distance. I'll make a point of remembering it next time. At the end of turn 3 the Ork player called the game.

For Shadow Lord, I used to field the FP even before the last codex and always found it very useful. Mainly because of 60" and 12" you can manouver a lot while keeping the enemy under fire.


Shadow Lord
15-12-2006, 14:00
Would you consider taking two with the twin-linked ability and the upgraded blasts or do you think that 2 are a waste of points/tactically unwise?

15-12-2006, 14:50
I would consider two, both fully geared up with SStone and Holo Field so to use them separately or linked. The only problem is I don't have the models. But then again, there's little units in the new 'dex I would not consider to field, better none.


Shadow Lord
16-12-2006, 08:46
I know the feeling. each time I enter my local shop I wonder what I'll be needing next...mmm...maybe I'll take a second Wraithlord...or no wait ...I NEED Shining Spears and an Autarch on a bike and some Fire Prisms...and hey those War Walkers would really come in handy...and...and...and so the endless cycle of choice renews itself every time I enter that damned store!!:confused:

16-12-2006, 09:54
why 15" deployment and not 12", seems a bit extremem and advantagious for the eldar to me...

16-12-2006, 09:57
why 15" deployment and not 12", seems a bit extremem and advantagious for the eldar to me...

That's a requirement of the mission, not our choice.

16-12-2006, 15:01
Wow, very thorough report; to the point, and the diagrams work!

Goq Gar
16-12-2006, 15:55
Not enuff boyz for da fight!