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15-12-2006, 23:51
I'm fighting a 3000 points in the morning against Orcs. Do any Chaos players have any tricks up their sleeve for fighting the Green Menace?

15-12-2006, 23:59
When they shout Waaaaagh. Run away.

16-12-2006, 03:01
Hell Cannon and a Greater deamon + a normal 2000 point list mill make short work of those pesky green skins.

16-12-2006, 03:15
Like someone mentioned, the hell cannon is very useful against the greenies.

What sort of chaos are you playing and what sort of greenies you are facing would be helpful.

16-12-2006, 08:23
Undivided Chaos is what I shall be playing as and I shall be facing an unknown Greenskin horde. I will be taking my Hellcannon along. I do know he has a Giant & possibly Grimgor.

16-12-2006, 08:53
I won´t fear the giant, I would fear the orc hordes instead. Don´t miss static combat resolution, they are plenty of it and you won´t be able to do THAT many wounds more than he does to break them.

16-12-2006, 15:05
Well, I lost. Consolation prize is that I killed Grimgor.

16-12-2006, 21:38
Well, I lost. Consolation prize is that I killed Grimgor.

Tell us more. If not a complete battle report, what was the event that mostly influenced your loss.

17-12-2006, 12:08
Thinking back there were several things which influenced this battle;

I became fixated on killing Grimgor, losing two Chaos Warrior units in the process
I forgot I had dispel scrolls
My Chaos Ogres didn't get into a fight

Magic & Deployment lost me this game, I have no doubt about that. My enemy had more dispel dice than me because of the Totem of Mork and he managed to kill all my Sorcerors in a single turn. When they were there, two moments were apparent that I could have been saved by the Dispel scrolls I had purchased, though stupidly I had forgotten.

My Chaos Warriors performed magnificently too. This was actually my first large scale battle since the introduction of the new Warhammer. We forgot a few things along the way.

My Knights simply bounced off the enemies Giant after bringing it to one wound. The Giant was subsequently killed by a small unit of Marauders with Great Weapons.

This all being said, my Hellcannon performed admirably.His highlight was eating a Savage Orc Boss as he tried to stop it killing his Goblins. This was quite amusing in itself as I sacrified my Marauder Horsemen to bring the the Savage Orcs away from my battleline then realised they were infront of my Hellcannon, who subsequently decided they looked like lunch. The orcs didn't know what had hit them as they were literally pulled apart.

Invincible character syndrome struck as a Orc Shaman refused to die until I literally singled him out with my Chaos Lord. My ord actually fought off two fully ranked Orc units for 2 turns before being chased down and having killed a lot of their number. I was most pleased.

If I could do it again, I would probably show them Savage Orc boys how many attacks a full unit of Chaos Knights can throw out in a single turn. Watching them massacre my poor Ogres and Marauders made me realise how good they can actually be.

Having learned these lessons, I'm going to be heading off to GW on Wednesday with optomism. I will be making a purchase of a large block of Marauders this week sometimes (a present to myself, from myself for Christmas). I have learned what was good (Screamers, Hellcannon, Marauders) and what was bad (Forgetting about things). A smaller battle should help me refocus and return to the glorious path of light.

warlord hack'a
17-12-2006, 14:49
about showing scg orcs how good your chaos chosen knights of khorne are, if you have 5 of then and he has 28 in 7 wide, big uns armed with spears then statistically that shoudl end up in a draw when you charge. Which is not a good thing as you have a higher initiative and will have chewed through an entire rank of svg orcs. However, there are things in an O&G force that LOVE chaos knights: wolfriders, spiderriders (come to tha forest) and fanatics.

But true, if you get the charge off then even svg orc big uns will not hold, espeically when you include the warbanner or something to give you a bit more static CR.. BUt beware of the new fanatic rule: if you end your move on one you get not 1 but 2d6 S 5 hits (unfortunately only with -3 Armour save..)

That hellcannon sounds horrible..

17-12-2006, 14:49
Hell Cannon and a Greater deamon + a normal 2000 point list mill make short work of those pesky green skins.

It would also be an illegal army ;)

Greater Demons can't be in any mortal army of less than 3000 points, and a hellcannon uses up two rare slots in a non Archaons Horde list, which Demons cant be part of in the first place.

17-12-2006, 15:07
The problem being?

In 3k, you have 3 Rare slots and 2 Lord choices

Lord of Chaos
Greater Daemon

Normal 2000 pt army Core and Specials (spend a few more points to get the 4 core needed)


17-12-2006, 17:40
Thats all well and good but I do not own a Greater Daemon.

17-12-2006, 20:58
If you did a couple of mistakes, you still know you can beat him if you will be more concentrated next time. It happens so many times to me...