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okay, maybe not the most important part,
there will be no debate about the importance :skull:
all violaters of this rule will be firmly e-spanked :skull: :skull: :wtf:


what kind of fluff do you make for your army, how do you make it, and do you model/ paint consistently with your story.

basically I am asking for guides, musings and ramblings on how to write good fluff

whew, that got a little complex, if you think my spelings are rong and are from america, then i am british. If you think my spelings are rong and are from britain, i am american

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Save that both sides of the ocean use 'w' when they spell wrong. :D

Slaaneshi Slave
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For what it's worth, I don't bother with much background for my armies, other than what is needed to explain the iconography or colour scheme. Turn up, roll dice, go home...

16-12-2006, 04:08
You can fluff up your army however you like, there is no rong way :D

What army do you play and what sort of fluff are you working on currently? A little inspiration is all it takes to make a massive library of background.

16-12-2006, 06:52
My Space Marines are Raven Guard 4th company under the leadership of Captain Tsume who is always accomapnied by his elite Tengu Guard (who you can tell because they fly on giant black wings).

My army accounts for (I believe) 5 of the Tactical units and 2 of the Assualt in addition to the elite guard...

My Orks are a FreeBoota Pirate crew who is led by a GIANT (Ogre-sized) WarBoss, although it is really the rather unusually well-dressed Snotling who sits on his shoulder who is giving the orders, not that anyone knows that.
I have been considering using Hobgoblin models for a rare Ork strain called only 'Zneeky Boyz', although I must throw them into an actual fantasy army instead.
The army is a rather extreme hodge-podge, as you'd expect from a Pirate crew, but I have Orks from every edition of WH40K in this army and even the shrimpy GorkaMorka Boyz. They also have no shortage of vehicles with 3 trukks and a stolen umm... forgetting the name, the BIG tank with the ordinance blast gun? Devastator?
Anyhow, the crew calls themselves the Flaming Skull Klan, they all wear orange to be able to tell themselves from any enemy Orks who might be around. As you might expect from a crew with that name, they have no shortage of Burnas.

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My phoenix legion is a scattered space marine chapter using stealth and observation to complete their objective, preferably without a fight. Since their distrastrous defeat against an orc horde on Manda 4 they've lost most of their equipment and most of their companies save the first and ten.

Instead of rambling on about it I'll say what I wanted... :D

I really loved the scout and terminators models. But for battle I really didn't want just terminators with a few scouts in support, I wanted the other way around.

I really wanted the 'special-ops' feeling of them, that they were using stealth and suberfuge instead of strength to get what they wanted. (The stabilization of the empire if anyone asks.) So I painted camoflauge on them, but of course not enough to distort their chapter colours. (Even with their "no-religion" attitude and the fact that they use carapace armour the marines can't quite abandon their fear of reprisal...they're torn like that. :D )

Where the terms fit in? I wanted the models alright? :p

But they fit in quite alright though, they're the "military police" so to speak and never reveals their faces. They recruit seemingly at random from the scouts and have no problem with blowing a leader making bad decisions into pieces...and they sometimes give very strange orders for some reason.

Yeah, a smaaaal steal from the DA, not too much though?

I for one was inspired by both the terminator movie (For the terminators duh...) and from games such as Delta force and all those movies using special forces. (Before they get killed by a rough-looking guy with an axe... :p )

Was that any help?

16-12-2006, 13:09
I come up with extensive fluffy backgrounds for all my armies, but I retcon them frequently. Specifically, I like to make use of OOP or old-school fluff and adapt them to the new editions. I also make army selections for fluff reasons, which usually results in an ineffectual or poorly-designed army, so I spend most of my time reconciling my choices with an army list that's decent on the field.

I'm a converter more than I am a painter or even a player, so I most definately make sure I'm converting/painting to stay in-line with my theme and background.

Shadow Lord
16-12-2006, 13:16
I play Noise Marines and there background is situated just after the Heresy so I've painted them Blue and Black with some tints of brazen brass. I wanted them to be still somewhat "neat" looking but already with a taint of Chaos. Fluffwise I'm trying to fit the evil apothecary, Fabius Bile, in there because of the awesome model and the insane rules he has. It probably doesn't fit the time-line perfectly but hey...it's a fantasy game, after all;)!

16-12-2006, 13:18
For what it's worth, I don't bother with much background for my armies, other than what is needed to explain the iconography or colour scheme. Turn up, roll dice, go home...

Sounds like a good plan stan. That is pretty much what I do, that is if I do not collect an official army. I simply do not have the imagination I used to have and cannot be bothered to write up pointless background fluff etc.

16-12-2006, 13:28
I find that most armie's background are that they are "Under Strength after suffering serious losses so have little equipment". Sure, it's quite fluffy to only use a few things, but it is very repetitive to play someone who says their army is "under Strength"
If you are going to play Warhammer you might as welll have a full compliment of guns 'n ammo.


16-12-2006, 14:26
Yar onglash iz zo bad yoo most cumfromm midatlantik ande therfur ar drownink. Damn you, warseer, look what your spell checker did to my otherwise perfect english!
I'm always a bit sorry to hear personal fluff (stop sniggering) dismissed. My first army was eldar, no fluff. Second was chaos, no fluff. Both of these armies do excellently. My third army was latd. Due to unavoidable financial restrictions, also known as being skint, I put this force together for very little. It ended up being so unusual I have written a fluff article about it. If you like, you can check it out on the site below. This army is a real tough one to use, it does quite well, but is simply not in the same (tabletop) league of my other armies. But, due to the fluff and its unique look, it is my favourite. Gogol Vox and the army of the black tabernacle will crush you all (eventually). There is still no definitive conclusion to operation san lucien. HOG 8 (heavy ordnance group 8) is still missing, presumed dead.

16-12-2006, 15:19
My sisters are leading a revolt against the Ultramarines and the cult of Guilliman in Ultramar. That kind of idol worshipping is what has caused the Emperor to remove his protective hand from that part of space, directly leading to the tyranid invasion.

So far I havn't modeled anything particular to this, it's just a way to justify fighting mostly Ultramarines and tyranids...

Acolyte of Bli'l'ab
16-12-2006, 19:03
Fluff is totally essential for me. The whole point of creating armies is for mythology for me pesonally. My necron army is lead by the C'tan The Worldkiller, a lesser C'tan that left the galaxy during the war in heaven seeing it as a pointless battle. He's now come back with legions of androids and immortals. The Worldkiller unlike other C'tans uses the cults that worship him to his own advantage and in the end may offer them conersion to become true souless necrons. Of course theres more to it than that, but I dont want to bore people...its probably only exciting/interesting to me.

Tanith Ghost
16-12-2006, 19:17
My biggest IG collection of all centers on the regiment known as the Vednika 47th rifles.

The 47th rifles have a long and proud history, marred only by their wild behavior when off duty. The regiment has never known cowardice, and the Commisars are there to inspire heroics in battle, or reign in the revelry in the wake of victories.

In overall command of the five thousand strong regiment is Coloenl Dren Dark. At 25, he is one of the youngest men to hold that rank, he earned it by courage under fire and ingenuity of the war winning type.
His Commisars and Catains, all older than he, respect his talent and courage and follow his lead. Dark is also considered wise beyond his years for his willingness to defer to more senior advice.

Though primarily a rifles regiment, the 47th has both an armored and an artilery section, as well as a large sentinal compliment.
Their fighting style is a mixed bag of all out agression, turtle-shell defense, and slow advance preceeded by kill teams raids. Losses happen in the guard, but the 47th take each soldier felled as a personal insult, exacting harsh revenge on the foe for it. When dead set on an objective, they have been known to blitzkrieg their way through superior forces to acheive it.

16-12-2006, 19:20
In the past I didn't care too much about background, but I've been coming around lately. As such, my army right now is a Witchhunters army representing an Adeptus Arbites precinct with attached PDF troopers. It's not the most effective force, but it's fun to play.

16-12-2006, 20:22
I havent played in ages, just rebuilding my army now. But my leader was Borglum Da Rekka, da Ubermech uv da 'Ooniverse. He wasn't a big mek, but he thought he was, which annoyed his mekboys to no end. They put up with him though because he was always very supportive of their efforts.

My fluff now is that, after spending time mired in fighting other Orks, Borglum is ready to start raiding again, with a small force of da boys he has managed to conquer. He's going to start attacking everyone he can find, and gain glory to draw more boyz to his side until there's enough to start a proper Waaagh!

Commissar von Toussaint
16-12-2006, 22:21
Fluff is a key element in the game. Without some background, all you're doing is pushing pieces and rolling dice. How dull is that?

My marines are from the Iron Defenders Chapter (14th Founding) and the force I own is the Third Company under Captain Whirlingdeath. His brother, Father Francis Whirlingdeath is the Chaplain.

These guys have found just about everybody and everything over the years (except squats, now that I think of it. I'll have to work on that).

My Imperial Guard are the planetary defense forces of the Chapter and often serve alongside them. Of course sometimes they double as the beleaguered defenders of some other world waiting for the marines/cavalry to show up. On even more rare occasions they play chaos/tyranid cultists that have defected.

My rapidly growing chaos forces are the retinue of Blaythor, Slayer of Worlds. Every game our group plays has background, a plot outline and then we work through the campaign. It makes the games much more fun and also provides a link between sessions.

Currently we're setting up our next campaign. It looks like it is going to be Chaos vs Imperial marines with possible guard support. The campaign before tihs was a fun little romp where a chaos lord landed on a planet in the early stages of a tyranid infestation.

So we had Blaythor fighting the tyranids for survival, while marines landed to hunt him down and ended up fighting the bugs. Everyone's schedule has been tight, but we're still looking forward to the 5,000 point concluding battle where the tyranids try to finish off Blaythor whilst Imperial forces try to hammer them into paste.

For a while (when I had time) I put the battle reports up. Here's the thread. (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30126)

17-12-2006, 00:51
these are all cool, but i have to know how did you come apon these flufs?

Acolyte of Bli'l'ab what ruleset do you use, and feel free to go deeper, i was intrested

My fluff while stillin progress, centers around my librarian
(To be built :rolleyes: )

A orky cruiser was ravaging the imperial world of Oculous, as loyal fleet elements closed in, a daring blood ravens strike force swooped in, using escorts to deliver pods containing 30 marines and one codicer Vaclaas. The valiant blood ravens defended the walls of the capital with the help of the 35th Oculous intruder battalion (maybe a future army). The orks (my next army) led by Classified level obsidian by order of the Ordo xeno were oddly honorable, not killing the wounded, and not killing civilians. They seemed more interested in an even fight, a real challenge. They were driven back (Details to be added) to their ship, which was chased away by a navy strike force. As they retreated the orks fired one salvo, every gun of the kill krooza blazing. The big mek of this war band, has the technical and surgical memories encoded within his mind, and should be considered a genius. With this combined knowledge, he synthesized orky virus bombs. As the sky coursed with energy above his head Vaclaas ripped off his helmet and looked up into the death of a world. A resolve gripped him; no child of the emperor would perish if he could help it. Vaclaas thrust his chainsword skyward, his eyes began to glow. Slowly rising off the ground the armor that sheathed Vaclaas was torn asunder, his entire body glowed. The Massive energy barrage stopped. Stopped dead. Vaclaas a low gamma psyker did something thought impossible. He held back energy that could kill a planet. No force in the universe could hold that much energy for long. The fabric of space and time bucked, the energies forming together into a tornado of plasma and light. Vaclaas shouted a word possibly enuncia and the energy was drawn into his sword, which bucked and twisted. His armor rose form the ground, darkening from sky blue, to near black. The librarian hung in mid air seethed in black holding a force weapon black as night. The worse threat however had just hit atmosphere hundreds of virus bombs hit the planet, of a yield thought to be six times that of an extermidandus (sp?). Vaclaas rose higher and sheer darkness cloaked his body. In the upper atmosphere the viruses changed. In an instant untold billions of viruses bacteria and paramecium shifted, elements changed, turned into rain, and into an odd pathogen that destroyed all the orkish spores on the planet. Several samples were obtained, it should be noted that no fungus will grow on Oculous as of yet Throughout the imperial fleet the astropaths were screaming, fifteen suicided and the sane among the survivors mumble things about a huge shadow of a raven in the warp.
Vaclaas collapsed to the ground, cloaked in sky blue, armor black as night, and holding the raven sword. Vaclaas disappeared soon after, along with the twenty two surviving Blood ravens. It is suspected through the webway. I Conjuncture that he visited the black library, for he reappears in history years later, with a fleet of ships of unknown design. Oddly he returned with many more marines than he left with, source of manpower unknown. For full details of Vaclaas’s return see file 3.2223.

whoa... if you are still reading, sorry about that it kinda got away from me :D
i wrote it just now, so C+C is welcome. Over christmas i will finish it and put it in the format of an =I= report

thanks to anyone who hung on through my butchering of english till the end.:D

random thought of the day: It annoys me that everyone who says they barely speak engluish has betterspeling and graamer then i :wtf:

17-12-2006, 01:17
My army's history is very important to me. It takes part in campaigns that are then included in the army's history. I even paint markings on to the armour of any Marines that survive all games in a campaign and / or perform heroic deeds, such as defeating a Tyranid Monstrous Creature, etc.

During the last Winter War campaign, my 1000pts Space Marines army fought most of its missions against other Imperial armies. As a result, I decided that they were puritannical in the extreme. An Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor joined them and they continued to seek out heresy wherever they went. As an aside, it was pretty much always the plan that they would be joined by an Inquisitor from one of the Ordos. If they fought mostly Chaos, the Inquisitor would be from the Ordo Malleus, etc.

17-12-2006, 01:33
I take Minis, Glue, Paint, and codecies, Blend well and add Fluff to taste. Then I bake on "Half Brain" setting for anywhere from 3 months to 6 years.

That being said, I once had a Tyranid army that had a whole backstory including Orks, The Imperial Guard, A Genestealer Cult, a Crashlanded Hiveship that splintered from Kraken, and a Desert color scheme.

Similarly I had a Nightlord army that involved it's leader being recruited from a group of Cultists 250+ years ago. That army has since been disbanded and reformed as a Killteam. Officially the army's Lord (The Herald of the Night) was killed during the 13th Black crusade while fighting on Cadia and has been replaced by a successor. But that's because I like my Chaos boys despite the fact I can't find a way to play them that really suits me.

My Orks are my newest and least developed Army, but then, there isn't much for me to develop. They're basically a small waaagh! (notice the small w) of Freebootaz that are drawn primarily from Deathskulls. Though their Warboss, Skarfang, claims he used to be a Morker Nob before "Good Ol' GorkaMorka rose up an carried me back to da starz!"

Wolf Sgt Kirke
17-12-2006, 04:20
I love fluffy armies but i'm not creative enough to do it from scratch so my IG are either tanith or from a regiment mentioned in the Ghosts books - my SW are based around the look and feel of Abnetts Lone Wolves - no tanks - lots of bikes kinda thing and grew from there.

thats what the novels and comics are for - inspiration.

kudos to those who can fluff from scratch - that sounds weird in my head - anyone else?:(

17-12-2006, 06:13
I'm buliding an eldar army that is lead by a farseer of Ulthwe and an Autrach of Altioc. They combined forces when the farseer came to the Autrach's army and warned him of a large scale necron force that would become a near unstoppable force unless they acted now.

That and I have an Iron Hands army that is supposed to be the ruling council of the IHs. see IA III for details.

17-12-2006, 09:20
My Tau Army is one of the ethereal Aun'El Fiotan, but mainly commanded by Shas'O Kyonas. The force is a army comprised only of Tau, so no Kroot or
Vespid. They are aided frequently by the Earth and Air Caste, and are known throughout the empire, as well as the Eastern Fringes of the imperium, as the most dangerous force in the history of the Tau Empire. Go Aun'Va

18-12-2006, 16:42
My sisters are leading a revolt against the Ultramarines and the cult of Guilliman in Ultramar. That kind of idol worshipping is what has caused the Emperor to remove his protective hand from that part of space, directly leading to the tyranid invasion.

I like this a lot, kudos BaronDG. :cool:

Like psykochiken, I often frame my fluff in the form of an Inquisitorial report. I wouldn't presume to advise anyone on how to write "good fluff". I'm sure mine is pretty awful to anyone but me, but like many people here I like to go into a lot of detail for my forces' background. I wrote about ten pages of background just for the human auxiliaries in my Tau cadre. I most recently added a couple of pages of biographies on the Tau commander and his fellow battlesuit pilots, but this was a few months ago.

When I was playing fairly regularly at uni, I'd write up little stories based on each game. It usually involved my cadre dropping on some Imperial research outpost in search of archaeotech, before being completely mauled by the defenders and running back to their ship with their tails between their legs. Such is my skill at playing 40k - I'll focus on painting and writing fluff thanks!

Recently, I've started painting up an Akkadian-themed Space Marine chapter (bronze armour, lots of power axes; hopefully I'll get round to having a crack at converting some robes, standards, spears and shields). They're supposed to be part of the fifth company of my as-yet-unnamed chapter, attached to an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor and sent on various special missions against human renegade strongholds on the Eastern Fringe. I'm in the process of thinking up some suitable names for marines, some character biographies, chapter iconography and history etc.

18-12-2006, 17:06
My Yarlenesh Craftworld are a sentinel craftworld guarding a world called Cuprium on the borders of the Tau empire which is home to a warp weapon designed by the old ones to destroy the Ctan. It fell into myth and is guarded by Yarlenesh for the fear of someone finding it.

They are close allies of the Tau empire and have been trading with them for decades. The 2 have a close, mutual bond and have come to each others aid many times in the past. Aun'agra and his Tau fleets perform patrols on the northern borders and have a base within several light years of Yarlenesh.

My main opponent operates his Chaos Legion: Arbatel's Lost. Janos Arbatel seeks to detonate the warp weapon on Cuprium for his own ends and Yarlenesh and their Tau allies have been fighting to stop them for 4 years. In that time the imperium has sent troops to assist but all have been destroyed. Fully 3 space marine chapters have been destroyed by the lost.
Arbatel seeks to

18-12-2006, 19:15
Fluff is all in all for my armies.
I don't like making dull normal armies but rather some interesting story that would give them a reason to have what they have and form unique forces. I'm also very fond of modelling, so having a good story to go with the models is a must.

At the moment I have 2 IG combat patrols and a 1500pts. chaos fleet for BFG.
All forces are very converted and growing in time. I have made full background stories for all of them.
I like the fleet story, as it actualy evolved through time. When a guy I know first introduced BFG to us, my friend had bought an Eldar fleed. I used the guys Imperial ships. In the end, he lost 2 escorts and I lost all apart from my command cruiser, which escaped at the very last second.
When I started my own fleet, I chose chaos and converted my Imperial admiral to it. He sold his soul to Slaanesh for a chanse to get revenge against the Eldar who defeated him.

I'll propably get more parts for the fleet and a 3rd CP (Tau Earth Caste combat engineers) next year.
After them, I have a ton of more armies in the works. All with fluff and plans for the models.

18-12-2006, 19:48
My space marine chapter is called the Bale Hounds (cooke for whoever can tell me where that comes from), and their basically a marine chapter created during the 17th founding, who spent years exterminating Hrud, fighting in tunnels and so on to the extent that they developed an aptitude for arming tactical squads with close combat weapons (take the fight to them trait). The chapter is not organised into companies, but into elements which are designed to be completely self sufficient (so a company will have terminators, scouts, tanks and so on) and operate in isolation for long periods of time. The chapter will not use APCs (as I will not pay 20 for a 50 point model), and relies on overwhelming oponents in dence terrain.

My sisters, on the other hand, are based on the millenium group, an order which believes that the end of the 41st millenium (the end of the 40's) can be traced to an ancient earth document known as the Bibbel, where the number 40 appears as a significant number, after which redemption of the human race always follows. They also look to the example of a man called "Oh Jasis" as proof the emperor walked the earth before his imprisonment in the throne. After such a long time, they believe the second coming of the emperor is inevitable. To that end, they are following prophesies laid down in the book to secure the rebirth of the emperor, not realising the book and the prophesy they are following was crushed by the emperor during the great crusade.

18-12-2006, 21:08
The chapter will not use APCs (as I will not pay 20 for a 50 point model), and relies on overwhelming oponents in dence terrain.
What about drilling "drop pods"?

As for the Rhinos, you should check different shops. My friend bought 2 old Rhinos for 5. Both were still in their boxes.