View Full Version : wraithlord pondering..

16-12-2006, 17:23
i'e recently bought one of the gorgeous new wraithlord models, and after drooling over it i started to take it off the sprues, clean it up etc. Thing is i've been sitting there for like 2 hours with blue tac just playing around with it and i can't decide how to pose it!

i'm after a wraithsword brightlance combo and want it to look a bit more dynamic than the standard pose on the front of the box. i have sen the poses on the gw site which are nice (except the running one, is it just me or does that look really lame?) and needless to say have a few ideas myself. but i'm still looking for more inspiration!! so i was wondering if any of you guys had some ideas or pictures of your own that i could drool over before i bite the bullet and actually put glue to plastic!


16-12-2006, 17:30
Just hit google images for stills from samurai movies. There's your inspiration ;)