View Full Version : The Altdorf Steam tank: Battle report!

Daemon king Mad Dog
16-12-2006, 18:26
The mission, the imperial forces must get the steam tank off the other side of the board, they have 2 hours to do this, if they fail then the evil side wins!

Army list: Impossible to determine. Mine was a single unit fo warriors, a thane, and a cannon (We didn't need more)

The Ambusherers went first and surged forward. the dwarves and men also advanced, cannons fired but not many evils fell. Then the dark minion of Games Workshop came, and claimed, "The First Master of evil to pluck an imperial soldier from the ranks will be given a shiny groat!" then the beastmen charged my dwarf unit with the thane, although the beastmen were repulsed and over run, the dwarves crashed into the gaint! after a couple of turns of bitter fighting (While the other armies advanced and a large battle developed around a lake, as the main elements of the armies closed in together) the beast lord and a chaos spawn (there were 10 taking the feild!) charged the warriors. The warriors held for a further 3 turns, takign a woudn off the gaint and 2 off the beastlord. The warriows were then run down by the gaint. Who then accidently charged into the gaint slayers, do the maths. the gaints fell backwards onto a single beastman, who survived! the dwarven cannon took aim, and blasted an ogre. The spawn then charged the slayers, who killed it. with ease. But games workshop staff would not suffer the death of the so far indestructable of all the games it's been in, Kurdos! in comes Kurdos the second! a few turns of fighting saw the beats lord killed and the steam tank raging forward almost at the edge. Now for the best moment of the game. An empire cannon took aim at the dark elves behind the steam cannon. guess range: 48". Direct hit. Artillery dice: 6" Direct hit. On the rear of the steam cannon. 2+ to wound. 3. How many wounds (Good players thinking one, evil players chanting six) rolling rolling, cocked. Re-rolling... 6! The entire evila rmy had spent 7 turns trying to take it down to 9 wounds! now in a single turn we'd reduced it to 3! Elsewhere after an hour of fighting, the first man of the empire fell, who kileld it? the cowardly dark elf of course! A shiyn groat for him. 2 shiyn groats from the school of engineers for the power of that cannon as well! Kurdos the second killed some elves when boom! direct hit by a dwarf cannon, = 1 dead Kurdos the second. definatly dead this time. beats men managed to sneak past the slayers and attacked the artillery line, only defneded by a unit of elves, who fell quickly, then the dwarf cannon was charged... the steam cannon was on one wound and 14 inches from victory... the good players decided to risk it... a bad risk, the steam cannon broke down!!

16-12-2006, 21:34
Not completely clear, but still useful. Also steam cannon can be destroyed!

Daemon king Mad Dog
17-12-2006, 19:51
The Steam cannon was in the end destroyed (As the weird steam point stuff) but for we we said it had broken down and they called for the AA!

And it's not clear cus i wasn't really aware of what was happening apart from in the main part and my own part.

Howdya like the cannon firing up the steam cannons ****?