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16-12-2006, 17:55
Hey guys, I've been in the process of cleaning out wargaming stuff for awhile now. I have had so much stuff it wasn't like I could just get rid of chunks of it. So I spent a lot of time going through each one, deciding if it was worth keeping, and if so, what part of it to keep. I've been playing just about everything since Adeptus Titanicus (which I still have), and thought about posting what has stood the test of time for me. Believe it or not, most of these games are Games Workshop games, so while I do bitch and moan about them sometimes, they certainly lead the way in terms of products. That isn't to say that all of my favorites are Games Workshop games. . . so here we go:

Man O' War - I am sure you have heard it before; "Man O' War is the best GW game ever," and to me this could be engraved in gold. Just about every time I open my Man O' War game box I get goose bumps like I did the very first time I opened it. The game mechanics are so amazing that you can play a series of games over and over again with the same 1000 point fleet (which might only be made up of 10-12 models), and never have two games alike. The scenerios are generic and very fun to play, and the game's fluff is well written and fun to read.

I can completely understand my GW would never re-release this game, nor release one like it (they could never top the original), but if I had to give up all of my games except for one, this is the one I would keep. Hands down.

Warhammer Quest - I consider myself very fortunate not to only have this game, but so much else that was released for it, and I still have a lot to get. The main box set is probably one or the greatest gaming sets ever released, and it the most sought after game released by GW. The rules are so comprehensive that you can pretty much pick off any WFB miniature off the shelf and incorporate it in the game. I grew up playing D&D, so I have extra fondness for the hack and slash, but also the deepness the game allows you to get into. I really put this game right after Man O' War in terms of getting the most out of a game.

Sadly OOP, but understandably so.

Epic Space Marine/Titan Legions - I've played all four versions of Epic, starting with Adeptus Titanicus/Space Marine, and I have to admit that for the simplicity, color, and what is available, my favorite is the 2nd version, Epic Space Marine/Titan Legions. If I have to pick up a game to introduce a person to table top gaming, this game is usually it.

Adeptus Titanicus was simply amazing for it's time, but was TOO detailed and games took several nights for our group to play out. Epic 40k was ingenius (I loved this game), and it came with the most comprehensive Army Lists ever released by GW. You could very well play Epic 40k for the rest of your life, and never get bored making new armies from your bitz box. The problem was that despite the initial simplicity of the game, it is actually a very complicated game, and one that could be over in a turn or two if you make a major mistake. In addition, you could make detachments so big that the game board typically looked like bands of roaming mobs, which I never liked. I prefer small detachments. Plus with so little fluff, new players really have no idea what they are playing if they didn't know the 40k universe.

And finally, Epic Armageddon. I was actually on the play testing team back when Jervis first went online with it (as I thought it was an honor working on Epic, the game that got me into gaming to begin with), but I have not been happy with the turn out. I find the army lists to be boring, and once I make up one, it rarely changes because there is not much else to tweak or experiment with. In addition, while I admire the "fan support", I prefer official rules and new releases of miniatures. I really don't have much to choose from in Epic A, especially compared to the other systems, and that simply bores me. Maybe 5 years from now I'll go back to the Specialist Games site and see what has been added, that is, if it is still up.

So while I know all the issues with Epic Space Marine/Titan Legions, there are just so much to play, explore, and dig up on Ebay that it is still fun to play and get into. Now I say that as a veteran player, I don't recommend a newbie trying to get into it on his own. This is just what is staying in my closet.

Vor the Maelstrom - When I first saw Vor, I thought it was crap. After I got around to buying the box set I eventually sold it on eBay. It wasn't until I picked up a bunch of Forcebooks for the races for dirt cheap did I realise how ******* amazing Vor was. It had great skirmish game mechanics, but I thought the rulebook included some majorly lame races.

Each of the Forcebooks changed my mind about every race I initially didn't like. A total of six were released, and I own armies for each race. Usually the Union is everyone's favorite, but I even love the Growlers, something I thought I would never say, as well as the Neo-Soviets, Shard, Pharon, and even the Zykhee. My Vor collection is one of my favorites, but I say that owning everything. Until you read the Forcebooks you wont see this game as I do. Most of my armies only contain 10-15 miniatures too, so skirmish is the key word here. I love this game.

Trinity Battleground - Not a lot of people know about this game. It was released by White Wolf (better known for their Vampire RPG) and was only on the market for 6 months. If you can find one on eBay, I recommend you pick it up. It will probably be dirt cheap. It is one of the nicest games I have ever played. I have bought all of the Trinity miniatures for the game, but you could effectively pull any miniature fro your collection and use it in the game, as you build each character from scratch and equip him as you wish.

Where in some games I never get tired making army lists, here I never get tired of making characters. Generally you play with 3-5 individuals and MAYBE a support squad or two. The terrain that was included is awesome too.

Check out more on this game. If you are looking for something new and don't want to spend a lot of money, look for this on eBay. Ten times the game for the money you'll spend.

Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition - I know talking about your favorite version of 40k is like talking about Epic, but as I have played all the versions of 40k, I have to admit there is something out 2nd edition that I love.

When it first came out, 2nd edition was the game box I had waited all of my life for and didn't know it. I played this version more than the rest, and can see why GW went the direction it did for 3rd edition. Truthfully I like 3rd and 4th editions, but what I love the most about 2nd is the color and character. Plus I can play relatively small games that are character driven, something I appreciate as I don't have to spend $400 on a new army. 2nd Edition does have its flaws on game mechanics, but what most people dont realize is that you can crack EVERY GAMING SYSTEM. I eventually got board playing 3rd because I found myself doing the same thing with the same miniatures everytime. I still love the random mission cards and victory point system in 2nd edition. Now I know the game comes across as a cartoon compared to the newer darker and grittier 40k, but there is something MORE FUN about 2nd.

Necromunda - This is the first edition, with the box set. I haven't played the more recent Specialist Games version, as I kind of have all that I need in this set. Great for its time, but not so much practical now because of all the time you need to play your gangs and watch them evolve. Necromunda is only really good when playing a series of games, as it is kind of a story being told of a gang. Games played here and there don't get enough out of the game. I really doubt I will play this game much in the future, but it is still fun to read through and paint up for. That is the only reason it makes this list. If it were based on games that I only would play, I don't think it would be on it, I just don't have time for it.

Warlord - I love this game. I love character-driven games as opposed to mass armies that are bunched together on a 4 X 4 gaming table, and Warlord is designed just for that. I don't have time for big games so I like to have everything wrapped up in an hour or two. Everything I have for Warlord still fits in the original starter set (I expanded on the Necropolis and Crusader armies included in the game), and that is a big plus for me. It is simple enough to introduce new players to, yet still be FUN for me. The coolest aspect is how characters with multiple wounds actually have their stats go down as they get wounded, so Gerard isn't the same badass he was with one hit point as he was with three, which is very realistic.

The only thing that hurts Warlord is the fluff. There isn't much to read up on the world of Taltos and it is a shame it wasn't developed as well as GW games are. If Warlord was a GW game set in Warhammer, everyone would be playing this game. It'll probably be sitting on my bookshelf for the rest of my life, since it is so compact.

When I have to clear out more space these are the guys below will probably go . . .

Mordheim, Space Hulk, Battlefleet Gothic, Bloodbowl, Hybrid, 40k (besides 2nd), Warhammer Fantasy Battles (6th), Flames of War, Warmachine, Warzone, Void 1.1, Warmaster, Adeptus Titanicus, Epic 40k - All these are other games I own, have sizable forces for, and used to really like. I guess I have played all there is to them and feel that I'll never whip them out again to play with against friends.

In the case of Warzone, I don't know why I still own this game, and the version I am talking about is 2nd edition, which at the time, was probably the greatest box set ever released. Once I got into it I just thought it was so cheesy (I own Captial, Imperial, Bauhaus, Dark Legion, and Brotherhood armies). I love the idea of Demons shooting guns (how cool would it be for Khorne Bloodthirsters using Assault Cannons???), and most of the Brotherhood, but many of the armies are just retarded (especially Capital - and as an American, just think this army blows), with some of the WORST miniatures ever released for a game. There are so many that I am shocked they made it to the production line. Just flip through an old catalog sometime. Nevertheless I keep it because of the WWI feel it captures. There is no other game like that. Warzone to me is a near hit. If they stayed with that WWI look and didn't release so many bad models, I would have played it more. Not bad enough for me to throw out, but if I had to really really really make space this game would go.

I used to really like Void 1.1, and I am a fan of the original rulebook (even though I keep everything in the game box) and honestly feel that is all you really need for this game is the original rulebook. I have everything btw, but only because I paid next to nothing for it all when people were dumping it all on eBay.

I would never buy Void 1.1 at full price, but it is one hell of a game at discount prices, and that is the difference. I've built nice 500 point armies for each race, and with a few extra models here and there like the silly Korvus, and I really like all that I have, but it is only because I paid 1/3 the price for it all. I guess my long term feelings of the game match the general interest for it by other gamers. But definately go my money's worth.

A note on Flames of War. I love WWII, and built many many 1/76 and 1/72 models for years, so working on 1/100 Flames of War miniatures for vehicles that were never made in small scale before is a real treat. That is the main thing for me though, as I haven't been too fond of the game and game play. Everyone pretty much moves forward (usually in the open) and meets at the center of the board as one big mob. I just can't stand games like that. But nevertheless when I get a fix for building a WWII model, it usually is a Flames of War purchase.

Mordheim, Space Hulk, etc are all great games, don't get me wrong. But I have actually worn them out, and that is what sets games like Man O' War apart from these guys for example. How many times can you re-invent your interest in the same game, without changing anything? It is very rare thing.

When I open a new game, it is like taking a look into a new universe. If the system allows it, you could play it over and over again without changing anything. Sometimes systems get cracked and they need an overhaul, and when you find a game that doesn't need it, it is a nice thing.

There are some games that I own/owned that I didn't mention at all because they already ended up in the garbage, or are on their way there, like Starship Troopers, Gangs of Mega City 1, GROPOS, Rebellion, Axis and Allies Miniatures, Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures, etc. Believe me I have played just about them all, so I credit Games Workshop for keeping my interest for so long. . .

Lord Humongous
16-12-2006, 21:50
I'm a Vor fan too. I never considered how important the force books were. Indeed, judging Vor by its main rulebook armies is like judging 40K by the 3rd edition rulebook army lists. I'm glad to see it ranks up in the list in terms of play-value.
Growlers are my favorite army too, and was also the game designers personal favorite. From what I saw, all of the forces that had force books released were about equally popular, with the Shard and Pharon not being out long enough to establish a solid share of fans (they were also perhaps a bit rushed in production). I've got a large army of custom "Warpfang" growlers, and a good sized whack of shard, and thought both were a blast.