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Angelic Diablo
17-12-2006, 14:00
I am thinking of starting LOTR but do not no much about what to collect, what kind of game it is and so on?

any help would be great thanks.

17-12-2006, 16:52
LOTR the rings has a wide range of models and armies to choose from. If you've read the books or seen the films then you may already have some idea of which armies appeal to you. If you haven't then a browse on the games worshop website should fill you in with some basics.
It's usually a good idea to pick an army that you like the models of as opposed to one that you just want to win games with. If you like the models you'll be more inspired to paint them and make them look more impressive.

Hope this helps and welcome to LOTR

Some guy (UK)
17-12-2006, 18:29
I don't feel like writting much, but I will this: there is no squad type movement in LOTR: instead, each individual model is moved individually. I believe that is the key difference to the Warhammer members of the GW family.

19-12-2006, 19:34
Here are some of the main points for LOTR:

- It is a skirmish style game, meaning models all operate independantly. This allows you to make your own formations, use the number of models you think most appropriate, and can lead to "clogging" when you don't move your troops effectively.
- The game works on priority instead of standard turns, ie you move, I move, you shoot, I shoot, we fight. This can mean that perfectly positioned troops can find themselves immediately out of place when your opponent reacts.
- Numbers are vital in LOTR. In general, a force that is significantly outnumbered will lose, despite strong characters. If you throw a big burly hero like Gimli or Elrond up against 12 Goblins, the Goblins will generally win. I've seen Aragorn and Boromir both pulled down in fairly short order by a horde of Orcs or Uruk-Hai when they were sent in alone. They are far better used as leaders and support for your troops, where they can control priority and force decision points. Similarly, a force with little or no leadership can find itself consistently outmaneuvered and having the game dictated to them by a force that has quality heroes and a decent number of troops.

As for individual armies, it's really up to you for what you want to play. Pick an army you like the look and/or background of and go with it. You don't need a Good and Evil army if you don't want them both.

For getting started, the starter box is great if you want to play Goblins or use members of the Fellowship. It's also great if you are going to play an army whose rules are in a supplement, like Easterlings or Wood Elves, since you don't need the big book. Otherwise, I'd say get the big book and one of the legion boxes and expand from there.

Here's a breakdown of what I consider the strengths and weaknesses of some of the major armies.

Elves: Fantastic elite troops. High fight values and best archery in the game. They can be heavily armored, lightly armored, or not armored at all. However, they are individually points heavy, so you can find yourself seriously outnumbered if you're not careful. Unless heavily armored, they are a bit fragile, a serious problem with their lack of numbers. Some of the most points effective heroes in the game (Elladan and Elrohir spring to mind, along with Legolas).

Dwarves: More great troops with high fight values. They are somewhat slow, and their archery is powerful but short ranged. These guys are extremely durable with the only Defense 7 basic troops in the game. There is not a lot of variety in the force, with only two troops types. Numbers can still be a problem, however, and a lack of spears means you have to rely on toughness and your stronger elite troops (Khazad Guard) and heroes to break other guys lines. Incredibly tough heroes with some really good options.

Gondor: Your basic men, though heavily armored. Standard fight values and ranged abilities, but with a huge variety of troops. More lightly armored Rangers with better archery and fight values are there, as are fearless Bodyguard units, plus Knights and perhaps the best warmachine in the game, the Avenger Bolt Thrower. Apart from heroes, they are all normal strength, which can be a problem against heavily armored foes. They are a mid-points army, so will be outnumbered sometimes. They have a huge variety of heroes, including Boromir and Aragorn the King.

Rohan: A more mobile, less armored force of Men. Some of the most flexible cavalry in the game, Riders of Rohan. The best forces combine Riders with foot soldiers to bulk out their numbers. They have a lot fewer options than other armies, but have a number of good heroes, including one of the most useful combinations in the game (the Royal Standard of Rohan combined with very cheap heroes). They do lack any hero with the striking power of an Aragorn or Gil-Galad, but they get the job done.

Hobbits: A horde army. Individually these are the worst fighters in the game. They are slow, are easily killed, and have low strength. They do have very good archery and every model can throw stones. The effectiveness of this army has been seriously compromised due to model caps (50 Goblins vs 50 Hobbits is a sure win for Moria). I do not recommend this army for beginners.

Moria Goblins: Another horde army. They're not too tough and are cowards, which means when they are reduced below half they will dissolve without a hero or shaman holding them together. Trolls are tough and deadly but can fall easily to numbers and a hero. Heroes are essentially Might storage with a little better leadership. Shamans are very important for holding the army together. Should NEVER be outnumbered.

Mordor: Orcs are essentially faster Goblins, but there are a lot more options for Mordor. Their Trolls are meaner and tougher, Warg Riders are some strong but delicate cavalry, and there are still Mordor Uruk-Hai and other nasties. A couple of their heroes are pretty good, and Ringwraiths are perhaps the best supporting characters in the game. If you're outnumbered, you're in trouble.

Isengard: IMO, the best basic troop army in the game. Heavily armored, very strong, and with good fight values, the Fighting Uruk-Hai are the best there is. Put most of your points into troops and you won't even be outnumbered. They also have some EXTREMELY strong heroes with Strength 5 (almost Trolls!) and a fantastic leader and mage in Saruman. This is a very popular and tough army.

Easterlings: The Evil Gondor without all the extra options. Basic men, heavily armored. They have some very good cavalry which should not be sent out on its own. Normal heroes, but also has access to Khamul, a combat oriented Ringwraith.

Haradrim: Lightly armored men with a really, REALLY big Oliphant. They don't have a lot of options, but their archers are quite good with poisoned arrows and some very nice cavalry. The Mumak is perhaps the most feared model in the game, but can be easily outmaneuvered in objective based play. There are several interesting, characterful heroes.

There are lots of other minor armies for both sides, but those are the biggies. Check out the GW website for a more complete look at them.