View Full Version : Wanting to get back into fantasy with Lizardmen

17-12-2006, 16:47
I think it's time I returned to the spawning pools.

I have my perfect army for 40K, now it's time to get back the lizardmen.

I used to play the lizzies back in 5th and 6th edition. Saurus were hard as nails, skinks incredibly annoying and the salamanders were just evil.

So, I want to make a 1000pts and a 2000pts force. What should I take?

Last time (from what I remember) I had:

2 skink priests
2 blocks of 20 saurus
2 units of 20 skinks
3 kroxigor
2 salamanders
10 cold one riders

18-12-2006, 09:40
That looks pretty solid, actually, without being a tedious army of Nowt But Skinks. You might want to split the 2 units of 20 skinks into 3 units of 13 or something along those lines, since units of 20 skirmishers my be a bit unwieldy and they can't march within 8" of enemies now. Also, the priests will need a hiding place now that characters can be picked out, so a small bodyguard (meatshield) of skinks would do the job.

I guess that your old army totalled around 2000 points, so if you want something similar you don't need to change much. The only thing I'd recommend is a Saurus hero, especially to lead the 1000 point army. Otherwise you're stuck with a leadership 5 general.

18-12-2006, 13:58
I think you have too many points tied up in Cold one riders, which will go stupid at the worst moment every game. You can get away with 6-7 and not notice a difference of that much.

Also, 20 skinks in a unit isn't as good as 2 smaller units.